Heel pain when advancing. causes and treatment


Our legs are under tremendous pressure. When walking the weight of the body falls on them. This, as well as many other factors, can lead to heel pain. Sometimes the sensations are so sharp that a person cannot walk. The causes of pain can be many.

Heel pain when walking

Heel pain when walking may be different. In order to diagnose the cause, you should listen to your feelings and describe them correctly when you visit a doctor. The heel may be inflamed, but not swollen. The back side or the heel sole may hurt. In addition to pain, there may be other symptoms - tingling and numbness. It is important to consider the time and circumstances of the occurrence of discomfort.

Heel pain when advancing. Causes and treatment

Heel pain when walking can talk about inflammation, trauma and the development of many other diseases.

  1. Injuries and bruises. They may cause not only pain, but also swelling on the heel.
  2. Torn fascia. Pain affects not only the heel, but the entire surface of the foot.
  3. Heel spur. Acute pain occurs when walking and after a long rest in the direction from heel to foot.
  4. Arthritis. Problems with the joints can also affect the condition of the heels. In this case, the pain can always accompany: when moving and at rest.
  5. Heel pain when walking may occur due to pinching of the nerve.

Heel pain in the morning

In some cases, heel pain in the morning is associated with the heel spur. It develops due to age-related changes, overweight, injuries and a large load on the foot. From the periosteum in the direction of the foot begins to grow vertical growth. The pain is caused by the fact that it injures the tissues of the foot. Discomfort is aggravated in the morning after sleep. In order to diagnose a heel spur, it is necessary to contact a surgeon or orthopedist. They will write out the direction of the x-ray.

Heel pain in the morning can mean arthritis. The symptom usually increases, but may disappear with a foot massage.

In the morning, the heel can hurt due to plantar fasciitis. Fascia runs along the foot. With excessive load and flatfoot, it is strongly stretched and inflamed. As a result, pain occurs. During the day, she subsides.

Heel pains: causes

  1. With the pain in the heel associated manifestations of many different diseases. When walking, it occurs due to inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Unpleasant sensations affect the area of ​​the sole or part of the foot above the heel. The inflamed area may turn red. The patient is difficult to stand up.
  2. Causes of pain can be associated with wearing the wrong shoes. Because of her load on the foot increases. In addition, the position of the leg may be deformed. It also causes discomfort and pain.

Heel pain when advancing. Causes and treatment

Heel pain: treatment

You may refuse other methods if you try modern SOSU pedicure socks. After 5-7 days of using socks you will forget about cracks and gods in heels.
  • First you need to remove the pain. If it is caused by an inflammatory process, then “Fastum gel” can be used. When the discomfort subsides, you need to think about the convenience of your shoes. Inductors and orthopedic insoles are excellent for reducing and redirecting the load.
  • Treatment depends on the severity and type of illness. When the heel spur is prescribed fizheoprocedury, injections and rest.
  • For problems with the Achilles tendon, anti-inflammatory drugs, tendon fixation and procedures to strengthen it are used. You can relieve pain by wrapping the foot tightly with a bandage and applying cold to it. Doctors recommend doing cold compresses. Apply ice to the sore spot for 5-7 minutes. You can get rid of the pain with the help of foot and heel massage.
  • For proper treatment, contact a surgeon and orthopedic surgeon. Doctors should go to cases of prolonged acute pain, with constant discomfort in the mornings and after resting. Lack of timely treatment can worsen the situation.
  • In addition to treatment, you need to wear shoes with a strong back that supports the heel. The heel should not be very high (less than 5 cm) and steady.
  • Heel pain prevention also comes down to weight control. Every extra kilogram increases the load on the spine and feet. For flat feet, wear orthopedic shoes and insoles.

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Folk Heel Pain Treatment

Heel pain when advancing. Causes and treatment

Traditional medicine proposes to treat the pain in the heel with baths, compresses and natural ointments. Excellent helps propolis tincture. She moistened a piece of cloth, apply it to the sore spot and bandage the heel with a bandage.

Can help and tincture of sabinnika. It is sold in a pharmacy. The sabelnik tincture is used in the same way as the propolis tincture.

From the heel spur, traditional medicine recommends herbal baths. A mixture of ammonia and oil can be applied to the heel. 75 ml of alcohol is mixed with 1, 5 tbsp. l vegetable oil, applied to cotton wool and fixed on the painful area of ​​the foot. Alternating cold and hot foot baths can also help.

Heel pain can occur due to a variety of reasons. It causes joint disruption, stretching, inflammation. First you need to take painkillers. In case of acute pain, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a doctor can identify the cause and prescribe the necessary treatment.