Heavy sweating

Sweat from hot weather or heavy exercise is normal. Thus, the body tries in every way to normalize body temperature. But strong sweating in women, the causes of which are unknown to us, can bring many problems. Sometimes it is a sign of a disease of internal organs or a reaction to stress.

Constant smell of sweat - an annoying little thing or a signal of danger?

Persistent smell of sweat

As a rule, a person sweats at high temperatures or as a result of strong physical exertion. In principle, this is a normal process of thermoregulation, which protects the body from overheating. In addition, along with sweat, the body gets rid of salts, fats, toxins and other unwanted substances. So sweat an hour or two in the bath or the gym can be a very useful exercise.

However, the problem of excessive sweating may not be related to external factors. In such situations, it is necessary to look for the cause of this phenomenon. Of course, there can be a lot of reasons for sweating, but we’ll look at the most common reasons:

  • Strong emotions - from anger to big love - can make us sweat well. Emotion often activates the sweat glands on the palms, armpits and on the soles of the feet.
  • Even the slightest fluctuation in the hormonal background of a woman leads to sweating. And there can be quite a few reasons for this phenomenon: from disorders in the endocrine system to the period of menopause. By the way, a surge in hormones is a common cause of sweating at night in pregnant women.
  • Some medications, such as Ibuprofen, can lower body temperature. Others, including antidepressants and blood pressure stabilizers, will make us sweat harder.
  • Foods such as caffeine, hot spices and spices, activate the same functions in the body as exposure to heat.
  • Do not be surprised, but vegetative dystonia can also cause excessive sweating. The thing is that the heat exchange process itself is disturbed, and the vessels may not expand or narrow in time.
  • Hot flashes are quite common in infectious diseases, especially if they are accompanied by fever.

Frequent and profuse sweating can also become a symptom of serious diseases of internal organs and connective tissues. However, in such cases, sweat is not a characteristic, but rather an attendant symptom.

It is also worth mentioning the possible hereditary predisposition. If a family, mother, grandmother, father or great-grandfather suffered from a similar phenomenon, most likely, their children will also change their undesirable heredity.

Medical problem solving

Frequent and profuse sweating

Regardless of the possible causes of sweating, few of the fair sex agree to put up with unpleasant odors of sweat. The good news is that modern medicine offers several ways to solve a wet problem. These include:

  • Drug therapy. Prescribed drugs from the anticholinergic group, which reduce sweating. Most often they are used for disorders of the central nervous system and hormonal disruptions.
  • Electrophoresis. A special device destroys the sweat glands with a safe electric current with minimal soft tissue damage. It is effective in treating excessive sweating of the soles of the feet.
  • Botox injections. The neural connection between the sweat glands and brain cells is blocked.
  • Surgery. It allows you to destroy part of the nerve endings of the sweat glands in the skin, but is used in extremely rare cases.

In any case, the causes of excessive sweating in women and methods of treatment can only be established by a doctor after examining and collecting anamnesis. You should not self-medicate, let alone choose your own medications.

General tips and tricks

How to get rid of strong perspiration in women depends largely on the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon. One helps hormone replacement therapy, the other - sedatives or injection methods. However, in most cases, it is possible to cope with wet armpits, palms and heels with the help of usual preventive measures:

  • First of all, select for yourself the "right" antiperspirant. Most often, deodorants that contain aluminum chloride are more effective in such situations than their natural counterparts.
  • In hot weather, you should not wear tight synthetic clothes. It is better to give preference to dresses and blouses from natural materials without sleeves.
  • Shoes should not fit snugly to the foot and hold down the movement of the fingers. In addition, wet feet and tight shoes can lead to nail fungus.
  • Not only deodorants and fabric softeners can reduce the unpleasant smell of sweat, but also antioxidants, for example, vitamin E.

How to get rid of sweating women

  • It is very important to devote due attention to personal hygiene. If you sweat a lot, try to take a douche and shave unwanted vegetation more often.
  • Warm baths with the addition of sea salt, extracts of pine needles, oak bark or sage work well with nighttime tides.
  • To reduce sweating, you can also use special creams, ointments, baby powder and talcum powder.
  • Try to adjust your diet. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink juices and do not abuse spicy and sweet food.

Of course, there may be many causes of excessive sweating, but often most of them should not be treated critically and look for serious abnormalities in the body. If you feel great, there are no other symptoms, use simple preventive measures. In more complex situations, when the usual solution of the problem does not bring visible results, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

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