Heart failure


A strong heart is a long life. And if the "motor" starts to work not in full force? Let's talk about such a common medical problem as heart failure. Consider the symptoms, discuss the treatment of folk remedies, a little touch drug therapy. And, most importantly, we answer honestly: is recovery possible?

Illness of millions: can heart failure be defeated?

is it possible to beat heart failure

In our country alone, up to one and a half million people suffer from this disease. Although the age of many of them falls under the definition of "elderly man", the disease is getting younger and occurs even in 35-year-olds. Heart failure (CHF) is a dangerous disease. It develops due to the fact that the heart loses the ability to pump a sufficient amount of blood through the vessels, that is, its pumping function decreases. Tissues receive less nutrients and oxygen, and the whole body suffers. According to statistics, this disease often becomes the cause of death and reduces the quality of life by 80%.

It is necessary to cure such a disease, but doctors still cannot cure it completely today. Full recovery will not come, but supportive therapy, proper lifestyle and methods of folk treatment will stabilize the patient’s condition and prevent the development of severe and life-threatening conditions.

How to find out what gives heart?

Often it happens that a person does not suspect that he has a weak heart, and turns to a health care facility rather late (or he is brought with an attack of acute heart failure). Why it happens? At first, the symptoms of this disease are so insignificant that rarely anyone attaches importance to them. This is a slight shortness of breath during physical exertion, which goes away by itself. In the evenings, legs swell, but by morning everything comes back to normal, so, again, does not cause much concern.

When the disease goes far, the following signs of heart failure appear:

  • lack of oxygen (shortness of breath). It occurs even when a person is at rest or during a night's rest;
  • puffiness Liquid accumulates in tissues in large quantities due to poor blood supply;
  • cardiopalmus. By increasing the number of heartbeats, the body tries to compensate for the lack of oxygen;
  • sharp decrease in working capacity. A person constantly feels overwhelmed;
  • low pressure;
  • ascites (accumulation of fluid in the peritoneum);
  • cyanosis (blue and pale skin);
  • obesity by visceral type (fat deposits on the abdomen).

In the presence of such symptoms, the patient will be a serious examination. It includes blood tests, ECG, determination of the cardiac output (on ultrasound), echocardiogram, tomography, coronary angiography and chest x-ray.

Methods of struggle: about drugs and folk methods

signs of heart failure

The treatment will not completely eliminate the pathological changes in the heart muscle. But you can not leave everything to chance. Competent drug therapy and the power of plants will help to remove unpleasant symptoms (swelling, shortness of breath) and slow down the development of the disease.

Doctors use to treat the standard regimen. It involves the use of diuretics, blockers, ACE inhibitors. For example, a patient may be prescribed the following drug combination: Furosemide, Enalapril, Metaprolol. Very often, with this diagnosis, dihexin is prescribed. He proved to be highly effective as a cardiac glycoside. The remaining drugs are selected on an individual basis, taking into account the state and course of the disease.

When the diagnosis is confirmed by examination, the doctors managed to stabilize the patient’s condition, and he was sent to “dolechivatsya” home, in addition to pharmaceutical drugs (which definitely have to drink) you can try to use these popular recipes:

  • therapeutic mixtures of diuretic herbs - birch buds, elecampane, horsetail. Collect these plants do not have to: they are sold in a pharmacy in finished form. It remains only to brew them according to the scheme, which is indicated on the package;
  • healing potion from hawthorn. For him, you need to take 500 g of the fruits of this plant, wash them, pour a liter of water, put the pan on the fire and bring to a boil, boil the composition for 20 minutes. Cool, strain, put in a decoction of 100 g of honey and sugar. Use this tool in 2 tbsp. l before eating. Treatment for a month;
  • tincture of jaundice. Although its preparation will require some effort, it will be a good helper in restoring the heart. Take a glass jar with a capacity of 3 liters, put on the bottom 1 tbsp. dried grass wrapped in cheesecloth. Add a glass of sugar, fill it all with 3 liters of cold boiled water. To prevent the grass from rising to the surface, the bag must be pressed down. Close the jar neck with gauze folded into 4 layers. Keep this composition should be in a warm place for 14 days, until fermentation begins. They drink it, not filtering, 3 p. per day for a month.

How to live with a weak "motor"?

Of course, CHF is a serious disease that puts the whole body in jeopardy. But to take care of the heart - this does not mean at all to give up physical exertion. Walking in the green zone is allowed (up to 2 hours), you can (and even need to) do yoga, do simple gymnastic exercises, and not ignore sex.

But what should be limited is the stress, because they can trigger a heart attack. Under a strict ban fall smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea.

It is important to establish the correct diet: eat small meals, sharply reduce the amount of salt, do not eat very hot and too cold dishes. Dinner should be no later than six in the evening.

Remember that excess weight is the most dangerous enemy of cores. Therefore, remove from the diet all that contributes to its increase. We are talking about sweets, chocolate, white bread, smoked meats, fatty meats. On the table must be cereals, vegetables, fruits.

Listen to your "motor", from time to time postpone your business and count the pulse. Always pay attention to the symptoms of heart failure. Conduct folk remedies in parallel with taking medication prescribed by a cardiologist. And may such a trouble pass you by!