Healing baths


Many beauty salons offer such a service as therapeutic baths, but this procedure can be done at home without extra cash. A therapeutic bath has a much greater effect than a simple cleansing of the skin. Moreover, it not only improves and refreshes the skin, but also has a beneficial effect on the entire body, helps relieve fatigue and stress. With a certain disease, only a doctor can prescribe a bath. But cosmetic and preventive baths we can arrange for ourselves.

Hot bath every day is not recommended - it can adversely affect the normal metabolism in the body. As well as frequent hot showers will not be an aid to the beauty of your skin: dryness, irritation and dehydration of skin cells may appear. In general, such baths affect the whole body in a bad way - the immune system is undermined, fatigue appears and all diseases become more acute. Beauticians advise taking baths about 1-2 times a week and ensure that the water is warm, not hot. More frequent bathing is not recommended. But you can wash in the shower at least every day, preferably with slightly cool water, and then wipe off with a cotton towel. If you go somewhere, it is better to take a bath or wash in the shower under slightly cold water, it invigorates and gives a charge of cheerfulness. Warm water on the contrary, relaxes and tends to sleep. At the reception of hot baths should be given about 15-20 minutes. When taking a cool bath, you can lie in it for about 8-10 minutes. This bath can be combined with a massage: vigorously rub the whole body with a washcloth, starting with the feet and ending with the head.

Bath with salt: half a kilo of salt and a warm water temperature are required for such a bath. A positive effect on the skin and face, especially good such baths in the spring, when the skin suffers from dryness and lack of elements. But if you do not feel very well, then it is better to refrain from taking a salt bath, as they can tire.

Bath with the addition of pine needles: relieve tension and stress Also often prescribed by doctors for cardiovascular diseases. Can be used with nervous diseases, osteochondrosis and high blood pressure. They may be recommended to take at home, but it must always be remembered that this is not a cosmetic procedure, but a remedy that is comparable in strength to a medicine, therefore, you should definitely ask your doctor about the dosage.

In inflammatory processes of the skin, diseases of the joints, an excellent and environmentally friendly clean remedy will be herbal baths. They are suitable for problems with sleep, depression and fatigue. To prepare such a bath, you will need 300-400 grams of a mixture of medicinal herbs, it is not necessary to adhere to a specific composition - you can make the proportions yourself. As therapeutic components for baths, such herbs are good: for insomnia and fatigue - mint and valerian, against inflammatory processes - birch leaves and buds, yarrow and lavender.

Excellent cosmetic and just a pleasant pastime will be bath with the addition of natural essential oils. Any oil is suitable in principle, it is only important to remember that no more than 5-7 drops should be added to the whole bath, as the essential oil is very concentrated and can irritate the skin. More accurate dosage can be found in the instructions. For a good morning charge, a bath with rosemary or mint oil will be nice, and in the evening there will be baths with jasmine, basil and bergamot oils. In cold times, to protect yourself from infectious diseases, you can not only relax in the baths, but also breathe in the healing vapors of eucalyptus, fir, or juniper.

You can also use the recipe nettle bath. To do this, pour nettle with boiling water at the rate of a third of grass per liter of water. Then put the feet in this broth for 8-10 minutes and how to steamed. Make the same bath for the hands. Continue to do this procedure every 3 days and soon you will notice the result: blood circulation in the whole body will improve, including cerebral circulation.

Bath is not recommended immediately after meals. And when diving, you should ensure that the water level was not above the chest, since the severity of the water is an additional burden on the heart. When you take a hot bath, you can stand for a minute under cold water - it hardens the body, cells resume, and pressure returns to normal. For owners of oily skin, it is good to rub the skin with a washcloth, and for dry skin after leaving the bath, it is recommended to spread the body with a moisturizer. It is possible to get rid of goose bumps, if every time you take a bath to do a massage from table salt.

Beauticians advise that the cream is better absorbed by the skin in front of the bath to lubricate the skin with a cream. Cream under the action of vapor is well absorbed by steamed skin. You can also combine the bath with the application of nutritional masks. You can use these recipes: masks with any fruit with the addition of yolk, drops of lemon juice, olive oil and sour cream, or a mask of fat cottage cheese with a spoon of honey. Keep on face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Now you see that therapeutic baths You can do it without leaving your home, without spending financially. Any baths it is better to take courses for several months, and then move on to others, only then the result will be noticeable. And of course bath is an excellent reason to relax after a hard day!