Head lice

The appearance on the human body of lice in medicine is called pediculosis. A louse is a blood-sucking insect parasite that has been adapted to feed on blood through a special proboscis, an apparatus for producing an anticoagulant that interferes with the coagulation of human blood. The insect paws are equipped with special proboscis, which allow you to quickly move through the hair and the skin of the "owner", to hold securely.

The main source of infection is an infected person; parasites can be transmitted by close contact with hair, using a single comb, pastel linen, headgear and accessories; less often, infection can occur when swimming in closed, standing waters.

After infection of the human head, the incubation period begins, about 4 to 6 weeks, when the female begins to lay eggs (nits), attaching them to the hair with a special “glue”. After the young hatch, they begin to feed on the host's blood. During its life, the female lays about 300 eggs.

Lice: how to get rid of head and underwear species of the parasite?

Linen or clothes lice are less common when compared to headaches, but their presence can be diagnosed much faster. The main aura of the habit of this type of lice is the folds of clothing, bed linen, cloth pile, etc. This kind of parasite lives and lays eggs, exclusively on the fabric, periodically leaving its habitat to feed on human blood.

The very first trouble that a patient with pediculosis will have to face is public opinion, the discomfort that an infected person feels. In the understanding of most, pediculosis is a dirty disease and is associated with a lack of personal hygiene. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that the insects themselves can be carriers of serious diseases - typhus, rickettsiosis. In addition, during neglect of the process, on the scalp, if it is a head louse, and the body, in case it is a clothes louse, strong mechanical scratches appear that can be infected additionally, up to suppuration.

With multiple bites, the reaction of the lymphatic system may start - the lymph nodes are enlarged, which additionally brings discomfort to the person. Accordingly, the diagnosis of head lice requires immediate action to kill the lice, and the actions will depend on the type of parasite.

How to get rid of head lice at home?

How to get rid of head lice at home?

Such "old-fashioned" ways to shave your head are outdated long ago, and the use of kerosene and dust is also the last century. First of all, it is worth remembering that these substances are extremely toxic, and their use can hardly be called safe, especially since there is a more effective alternative.

Pharmacies have a wide range of anti-lice products, which can be in the form of shampoos, sprays, solutions, creams, etc. Before using these drugs, you should carefully read the abstract, some of them have contraindications for age and special recommendations for use. Treatment of the head should be carried out at least twice, with a break of a week, sometimes less.

The most popular among children is spray "Para-plus", which is allowed to use in children from 2.5 years. Moreover, this drug acts on both adults and nits, it remains only to comb out the last special scallop attached to the drug. For completely crumbs allowed to use "Pedeks", "Hygia", etc.

For parents who prefer natural methods of insect control, Pediculen was developed, the basis of the preparations is completely natural. In addition, according to the manufacturers, just one treatment of the head is enough to get rid of parasites. The composition of "Pediculen" includes anise oil, which has anti-inflammatory effect and simultaneously soothes the skin from itching.

But just processing the head is not enough. There is a list of measures, compliance with which can guarantee disposal of lice, and the destruction of the source of infection.

How to get rid of head lice?

  • According to statistics, most often pediculosis is registered in children's groups, and parents should inform the kindergarten / school management about "uninvited guests." All family members should be carefully examined for the presence of lice and nits, just one nits or adult is enough to start the disease.
  • Disinfection of clothes, bedding, toys of the child, all those items that were in contact with the child is also necessary. Hairbrushes, barrettes, rubber bands should be especially carefully treated - ideally, they should be disposed of. Bed linen can be disinfected in a washing machine, when washing at 90 degrees, toys, if material allows, should also be processed in hot water. We can not forget about all the hats, in case the fabric does not withstand high temperatures, you can handle cold, namely, the freezer for 24 hours.
  • Disinfection treatment of the house and head should be carried out simultaneously. With obligatory checkup in a couple of weeks.

How to clean the lice?

How to get rid of lice at home?

The main feature of parasites is that the louse can not be without food for a long time. If there is no food for several days - the insect dies. In line with this, the most effective way to fight insects is their hunger strike. If there is no power source, that is, the clothes are not worn by a person for a week, the insects die.

According to studies, lice prefer not to settle on silk clothing, including bedding, on creaking fabric, preferring natural materials (cotton, linen).

Effective measures to combat lice are also associated with thermal and chemical treatment of tissues, disinfecting activities throughout the house. A quick and effective fight against laundry lice is associated with poisoning, but before starting the immediate treatment of the fabric, it is necessary to take a hot shower using special shampoos or odorous lumpy soap. Taking a hot shower will guarantee that the insect, by chance, does not remain on the host’s body.

All clothes, including bed linen, should be cleaned at high temperature and treated with special anti-pediculosis preparations. Then surely ironed using steam. The most popular drugs for combating lice can be called "Medifox", "Pedilin", etc. Those clothes that can be damaged at high temperatures or under the influence of the drug should be transferred to dry cleaning, where they will choose drugs that are safe for the fabric.


All surfaces in the apartment should be treated with hot steam, special attention should be paid to upholstered furniture, carpets, etc.

Treatment of lice always requires an integrated approach, regardless of the type of parasite. In the course of therapy, prevention of re-infection, the destruction of all possible sources of parasites and, of course, the destruction of insects and nits should be combined. Only in this case will it be possible to get rid of lice in a short time.

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