Hazelnut is able to quickly saturate the body and improve mood. It has many beneficial properties, but too much of it can cause unpleasant symptoms. To get all its benefits from hazelnuts and avoid harm, you need to be careful when buying, storing and using them.

Hazelnut composition

As part of hazelnuts, organic oils are found in large quantities, there are a lot of proteins there, there are vitamins of group B, proteins, mineral substances: magnesium, zinc, iron, sodium. Vitamin E, which is part of it, helps the growth and development of muscle tissue. If you compare hazelnuts with nuts of other varieties, it contains very few carbohydrates in its composition. Thanks to what he is advised to enter into the diet of people with diabetes.

Potassium and calcium, included in its composition strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increasing their elasticity. Hazelnut contains a unique substance - paclitaxel, which fights against the onset of cancer. That is why it is recommended as a preventive measure against cancer.

Its energy value is 100 g of walnut - 679 kcal. In terms of caloric content, hazelnuts are comparable to fish and meat.

The benefits of hazelnuts

Hazelnuts can improve the condition of cardiovascular diseases. During the rehabilitation period after a serious illness, he will be able to strengthen his strength well and raise his general vitality. Hazelnuts will become indispensable in the treatment of anemia, diseases of the blood-forming system of the body. With trophic ulcers, varicose veins, problems with capillaries and thrombophlebitis, it will help alleviate the condition.

Hazelnuts will become an obstacle to reduce immunity, cleanse the body well, protecting from the development of putrefactive processes. It is used to cleanse the liver. For men, hazelnuts will be a lifesaver, preventing the growth of the prostate gland, and how to prevent impotence.

Filbert: application in traditional medicine

Hazelnuts are widely used in traditional medicine. A very long time ago, it was used to increase milk in breastfeeding mothers. He helped prevent gas formation in babies.

Hazelnut is used in traditional medicine to dissolve kidney stones in kidney stones. In combination with honey, hazelnuts enhance their healing properties. This mixture treats anemia and rheumatism.

The beneficial properties of hazelnut oil

Hazelnut oil is becoming no less popular than the almond oil known to all. It has good taste and qualities. Hazelnut oil is almost entirely composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are recognized and the strongest antioxidants. Especially a lot of oleic and linoleic acid in it. There is no such amount of useful acids in other oils.

Hazelnut oil retains its freshness for a long time, is well absorbed and does not dry out. It helps fight epilepsy and ascaris. Regular consumption of such oil helps to normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It will be useful for enhancing brain activity under intense intellectual loads and useful for improving vision. Hazelnut oil for older people and athletes will help replenish the necessary vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Hazelnut damage

Despite its exceptional positive properties, hazelnut has some contraindications. In case of intestinal diseases and severe liver diseases, it is better to significantly limit the amount of hazelnuts eaten. In young children, it can cause the occurrence of diathesis. Hazelnut itself is a fairly allergenic product, so it should not be used by people suffering from various kinds of allergies.

An overdose of hazelnuts can also cause headaches and heaviness in the stomach and intestines. A large number of hazelnuts can cause vasospasm. It is contraindicated in children suffering from severe diabetes, diathesis. You can not eat it with individual intolerance and obesity. Per day is considered the norm 50 g of purified hazelnuts, no more.

How to choose hazelnuts?

  • Buy hazelnuts only unpeeled.
  • Do not buy it on the market, so as not to encounter the fungus that appears in the long-stored nuts. It can cause severe allergies and liver disease. Therefore, it is better to refuse to buy nuts, which do not know how and how much was stored.

  • If you decide to buy hazelnuts on the market, then start by smelling it. It should have a pleasant smell, and even better if they are untreated.
  • When purchasing hazelnuts in a package, carefully study the quality of the packaging, the seams, look at the expiration date. If the package has a storage period of one year, then it is best to refuse to buy such nuts. Check if the packing date is easy to erase, if so, you should not buy such nuts.

How to store hazelnuts?

Already peeled nuts should be stored in an airtight, opaque package in a dark and cool place. So that they do not get light and smell. Under the action of light in hazelnuts, the decomposition of minerals and vitamins. After six months, the nuts begin to dry and lose their healing properties.

Hazelnut has a unique composition of nutrients that helps the brain. He is able to help in the prevention of a variety of severe diseases. But they should not be abused, so as not to get harm instead of good. Eating 50 grams of hazelnuts a day will save your strength, cope with exhaustion, enjoy and improve your memory. Choosing a fresh hazelnut and storing it properly, you will receive the gift of nature that you should use.

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