Hands go numb

Numbness of the hands is quite common. In some cases, it can be a signal of the presence of certain diseases. However, do not be afraid. Hands are numb in healthy people. Therefore, in order not to tune yourself in advance to the negative, it is better to understand the causes of this unpleasant feeling.

Left hand goes numb: the causes of the condition

Numb hands: what is the reason?

Usually, either a separate arm or both limbs becomes numb. In principle, the reasons may be absolutely the same. In medicine, numbness is called the scientific term paresthesia. It arises, including from the fact that the nerves no longer work normally. For example, they may not receive the right amount of oxygen. You should not worry if numbness happens to you infrequently. Isolated cases do not indicate the presence of the disease.

One of the causes of numbness in the left hand are heart problems. This symptom may signal a heart attack and ischemic disease. Also, the left hand begins to go numb with hemorrhage in the right side of the brain during a stroke. Understand what happened he could be confused and headache. A person cannot even grasp a simple phrase. Another symptom of a stroke is a strange smile. In a patient one of the corners of the mouth remains motionless.

Most often, the numbness of a separate hand is felt at night or at the time of waking up. The reason is clamping the limb. Because of this, the nerves begin to work poorly. The result is numbness. In this case, you must stretch your arm. This will help relieve discomfort.

As a prophylaxis of paresthesia due to clamping, it is advised to acquire an orthopedic pillow. Especially useful with memory effect. These pillows take the form of the head and spine. It is also better to refuse uncomfortable squeezing pajamas. It is believed that the more you turn over in a dream, the more unlikely the occurrence of hand numbness.

Also, paresthesia of a separate limb is a consequence of physical activity. You could overtrain, and then immediately go to bed. As a result, the muscles swell. As a result - narrowing of blood vessels and squeezing of nerves, which leads to numbness.

Right hand grows numb: the causes and methods of prevention

Numb hands: what is the reason?

  1. Sometimes not the whole hand becomes numb, but a place not far from it. This sensation may be the scalenus syndrome. It occurs due to subclavian artery squeezing. Most often, people who prefer to carry heavy bags on one shoulder suffer from the symptom. Numbness also occurs if you have osteochondrosis. To diagnose the syndrome is very simple. Raise your hand from the side of numbness up. Then turn it towards the head and inhale the air. Usually, in the scalenus syndrome, numbness occurs immediately. In this case, you need to consult a doctor.
  2. The right hand may become numb due to the so-called tunnel syndrome. People usually suffer from it, often extending brush - artists, drummers. Numbness leads to constant typing on the keyboard (if the main work is performed by the right hand, which also lies on the mouse). Unpleasant sensations in this case - a consequence of squeezing the median nerve. It holds the bone of the wrist and tendon. In severe cases, prescribed medication. Usually, neurologists prescribe special shots.
  3. However, the tunnel syndrome of the right hand can be prevented. For starters, work at the right angle. Otherwise a pinch will occur. Between the mouse, as well as the keyboard and hands should be an angle of 90 degrees. The wrist is placed at a considerable distance from the edge. It is worth paying attention to the chair. He must have armrests.
  4. As a prevention of tunnel syndrome, it is necessary to periodically take breaks from work. Well acts on the brush charge. Usually you need to shake hands or squeeze palms into a fist 10-15 times. Prevent numbness of the right hand pressing on the fingers. They seem to turn on themselves. You can also make rotation with fists.

Numb hands at night: what is the reason?

Numbness of the limbs is also possible at night. Often the body so "tells" us about the problems. The thing is that during the day the brain is overwhelmed by the sensory perception of reality. At night, the number of tasks performed is reduced. Therefore, it sends signals about body malfunctions.

Both hands can go numb for more serious reasons. They can be divided into several groups:

Problems with the spine - it can be osteochondrosis or a change in the height of the disks. They appear tingling in the fingers and numbness of the hands. The main reason is the pinching of the nerve roots, which are responsible for the movement of the limbs. When diagnosing a problem, an appropriate treatment may be prescribed by a neurologist. Numbness usually occurs during a period of acute illness.

Symptoms relieve medication and physical therapy. For example, you can use the basic set of exercises for cervical osteochondrosis. First knead the shoulders. To do this, press them to the palm, bending their elbows. Then make rotational movements forward and back (in turn). Then the arms are spread to the sides at shoulder level and returned to them. In conclusion, perform kinesthetic exercises. They cut the palms into the lock and hold their head at the level of the forehead. At the same time, it is necessary to move it with effort forward.

Numb hands: what is the reason?

Poor circulation - due to a number of diseases (due to heart attack, ischemia, diabetes). Hands are numb due to the fact that the nerves begin to work poorly as a result of poor blood flow. For example, in diabetes mellitus vessels are destroyed due to glucose. Coronary disease wears out the heart. It begins to push the blood through the vessels worse. Usually numbness in all these cases may be accompanied by migraines, deterioration of health, dizziness. Numbness occurs with anemia. Therefore, it is important to eat well. Iron-rich foods should not be excluded from the diet.

If you know for sure that you are not sick, then a possible cause, also related to the vessels and the nervous system, is a lack of vitamins. Especially often the hands go numb at the end of winter. The reason is a deficiency of vitamins of group B (B1, B12, B6). You can correct the situation by changing the diet. Eat red fish and bananas.

Another simple tool is multivitamins. The cheapest option is Pentovit. It is sold in the form of a flat metallized strip with dragee. The cost of these multivitamins varies between 50-60 rubles. They take 2 pieces. after meals 3 times a day. Reception course - 1 month. During this time, you will get rid of numbness, feel a surge of strength. Pentovit also helps to wake up more easily and levels the mood. The B vitamins are also part of Undevit. This remedy has a more extensive effect on the body.

Numbness of the hands occurs for various reasons. Often an unpleasant feeling is the result of clamping of the nerves during sleep. If numbness manifests itself frequently, then diseases can be prerequisites: ischemia, diabetes, problems with the nervous system and the spine. In order not to try to understand the causes and symptoms yourself, you should contact a neurologist. He will be able to diagnose the problem by referring you to a cardiologist and other specialists.

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