Gymnastics to strengthen the back muscles


Back pain is familiar to each of us. He turned around badly, worked too hard in the garden or lifted weights, all of which can put us out of order for a long time and cause a lot of unpleasant feelings. To maximize protect yourself, make your back stronger, and you need gymnastics. Strong back muscles will make it easier for you to endure any physical activity.

The benefits of gymnastics for the back muscles

Gymnastics not only strengthens the back muscles, but also trains the spine, and this will contribute to the growth and restoration of even the intervertebral discs. The condition of the muscles of the back directly affects our spine, so that we feel healthy. Your spine affects all life processes in your body, maintaining its efficiency and physical endurance. Thanks to the strong back muscles, your spine will retain its flexibility longer, and the longer you will remain a healthy and energetic person, despite your age. Without strong and strong muscles of the back to achieve this is impossible.

Why do you need to strengthen the muscles of the back?

In order for your back and abdominal muscles to withstand their daily stress and stress, they must be strong. Otherwise, it is necessary to do the ligaments and joints, but they are not intended for this. That is why they begin to wear out, tissue damage occurs, and chronic pain appears in the back. Strong muscles will relieve you from such unpleasant consequences, removing the load from the joints and ligaments.

We strengthen the back muscles gradually.

Before starting any exercise, do not forget to warm up and warm up. After the end of physical exercise, warm-up also does not hurt. This will allow you to improve your health and avoid stretching the ligaments or aggravating back diseases.

Restorative gymnastics for back muscles

  • Making back bends. To do this, we lie down on the stomach, before putting a pillow under it. Then slowly raise the head up, hold for a few seconds and lower. Next, relax your shoulders and lift your legs up. After a few days, the legs and head can be lifted at the same time, but not very high.
  • Bend your back. We lay down on our backs, we stretch our knees with our palms, slowly bending our backs. After the left elbow, we stretch to the left knee, then do the same with the right knee. After several sessions, do the exercise using the right elbow and left knee and vice versa.
  • Raise your legs. We lay down on the table belly. Thighs are located on the edge of the table. Hold hands at the table, then raise them to the level of the table. The back should not bend. At the expense of 4 legs slowly lower.

Complicate gymnastics to strengthen the back muscles

After it became easier for you to do these exercises, you can move on to more complex exercises. All these exercises are done 5 times a day, every day. We begin to raise the legs. We lay down on the side, put the hand on the floor, the second props up the head. Leg, lying on the floor, bend and raise the second, while bending the ankle joint. Next leg, lying on top, lower in front of him. We put our hand on the thigh. The lower leg must be raised low above the floor. We turn to the other side and repeat all the exercises.

Next, do in a sitting position ups. We sit on the floor, bending the knees to the chest at 90 degrees. We stretch our arms in front of us and lean back while you can. At the same time help yourself to muscles of the abdomen. Returning to the original position, do not forget to work the muscles of the abdomen.

Rules for doing gymnastics to strengthen the back muscles

Start with a small load, increasing it gradually. Do not make sudden movements. Exercises that require you to make movements with a large amplitude, start doing with a slight rocking and only after a few sessions begin to increase it. Otherwise, you can harm yourself. Do not forget about such an important factor for the start of classes as motivation. Understand that gymnastics for strengthening the muscles of the back is necessary and useful. The back muscles should be strong and your health depends on it. If you get tired, give yourself a rest. Gradually, you will feel how your muscles become stronger and stronger, you will start to get tired less.

Special gymnastics for back muscles

  • We lay down on the stomach. Legs are located at shoulder width. Then slowly lift the body up and arch the back. At the same time, we rest on the toes and palms, lower the head, straighten the legs and arms. Then slowly lower the pelvis to the floor, lift the head and slowly tilt back. Start 3-5 times.
  • We sit down on the floor, we rest with straight arms on the floor, bend our legs. Raise the pelvis. Perform the exercise quickly enough. We do 8-10 times.
  • Lie on your back. We stretch the legs and arms. Bend your knees, pull them up to your chest and clasp our arms. We make a movement, as if we want to push the knees away from the chest, but keep them. At the same time, we lift our heads and try to touch our knees with our chin. 5 seconds stay in this position. Repeat 4 times.

Who is suitable gymnastics for strengthening the muscles of the back?

Gymnastics to strengthen the back muscles can be practiced at any age, there are no age restrictions. The sooner you start doing it, the better you will save yourself from back problems and back pain. In case of serious diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting classes. There are no special requirements here. The main thing is your desire. To experience the effects of classes, try to engage in daily, if possible, morning and evening. This will help you not only strengthen your back muscles, but also maintain their strength and health for a long time.

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Strengthening the back muscles, you stretch your spine, strengthen the ligaments and muscles that hold the spine stretched. A stretched spine is a good circulation of blood and energy throughout the body. With the help of gymnastics, you can improve metabolism, strengthen your internal organs and maintain health for many years.