Gymnastics samson. set of exercises

Alexander Zaas, or, as it is also called, the Iron Samson is a famous person. He became famous for the famous Russian athlete due to his special gymnastics for the development of strength. The key point in the gymnastics Alexander Zaas is to strengthen the tendons.

As Samson himself said:"Muscles themselves will not lift a horse, and tendons will lift, but they need to be trained, they need to be developed, and there is a way to increase their strength." Thanks to the gymnastics of Alexander Zaas, you can achieve incredible results in a relatively short time.

Samson's gymnastics: a bit of history

Alexander Zaas known strong in his time. He was short (about 167 cm) and 66 kg in weight. Already at the beginning of a wrestling and athletic career, he admired with his exploits and shocked the audience. Compared with other participants who were almost 2 times more than Samson, he showed incredible results. Alexander defeated huge opponents, tore horseshoes and chains, tied metal rods and held horses. In order to visually satisfy the demands of the crowd, the iron Samson had to gain muscle mass, an exercise for which he developed independently. Surprisingly, during his entire athletic career, Alexander's weight did not exceed 80 kg.

Gymnastics Samson. Set of exercises

In the early 1960s, American specialists rediscovered the Zaas exercises and even gave them names: static and isometric. Ever since tendon exercises entered into an active sports practice. Using the methods of the iron Samson, athletes developed their strength, overcame blind spots in training and formed new trajectories of power movements.

In the early 60s, Bob Hoffman organized the replication of power programs for isometric occupations. Exercises were published in his magazine "Strength and Health", which promoted the tremendous achievements of Louis Rica and Bill March. In just 6 months, these athletes gained a few hundred pounds. At that time nobody could repeat such a record. But one fine moment it turned out that in addition to the isometric exercises, Louis Rica and Bill March were taking steroids. The resulting scandal for a long time ruined the reputation of this technique.

Iron Samson: Exercises

  • Samson exercises include breathing and dynamic systems. Dynamic exercises are a complex tendon training, including statics and pumping of the articular volume (ie, development of the tendon spring, development of the connections of the tendons of the muscles with the joints). In these exercises, various stops, weights dragging, barbell holding, warm-up, mobilization and maximums are applied.
  • Alexander Zaas practiced 20 second tensions, bringing them up to a minute. The first 8 seconds burns a stock of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), then glycogen burns down, and fat burns in 40s.
  • In the isometric exercises of Samson, there are 4 modes of tension: 6 seconds, 20 seconds, minute and 5 minutes. Before addressing the isometry, it is necessary to train for a long time and hard, otherwise you can tear the muscles and break the tendons.
  • Samson's gymnastics can be used not only for men but also for women. If you do the exercises correctly, you will be able to noticeably pull up and lose weight.
  • For dynamic exercises it is necessary to make a bag in the form of a pillow, which is filled with sawdust. As training increases, sawdust can be replaced with sand, and then shot. After 2 weeks of practice, a handful of sawdust is taken out of the bag and replaced by a handful of sand. Then sawdust on the sand is replaced every 4 days.
  • During the exercises with the bag, pay special attention to proper breathing. Inhalation should coincide with the most advantageous position of the expansion of the chest. Such conditions are created with a straightened body and diluting the arms to the side. For exhalation, the most favorable position is to bend the body and lower the arms. Movement must be leisurely.

Iron Samson: breathing exercises

Iron Samson: breathing exercises

After each exercise, Zaasa needs to do breathing exercises with relaxation of muscles, which account for the main load. During the breathing exercises you need to take the starting position: heels together, socks apart, hands at the seams.

Take a deep breath, raise your arms to the sides just above shoulder level. Lift the socks at the same time with your hands. Return to the starting position and exhale.

Starting position: legs together, heels apart, hands at the seams. Taking a deep breath, lift your arms forward and spread them apart. Return to the starting position and exhale. Exercises on the method of iron Samson are recommended to be done every day in the morning or in the evening.

Gymnastics iron Samson is popular to this day. It allows you to quickly gain strength and build muscle, strengthens the tendons and forms the resources for stretching the muscles. Regularly using the technique of Alexander Zaas, you will become stronger, stronger and stronger!

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