Gymnastics norbekova for the spine


Recently, Norbekov's gymnastics is gaining popularity. This set of special exercises was created in order to normalize the function of such important human organs as the spine and joints.

It is not for nothing that they say that movement is life, therefore, as soon as the mobility of the joints and the spine begins to decrease with time, the person feels that life begins to change for the worse. In this situation can helpperforming gymnastics Norbekov, and the value of this gymnastics capablerestore spinal mobility and healthy work, hard to overestimate.

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine

Contraindications to gymnastics Norbekov for the spine

Despite the fact that gymnastics helps to launch the body's defense mechanisms, having a beneficial effect on the spine, improving it and improving the general condition, it still has certain contraindications.

  1. When deciding to attract children to perform this charging, one should remember that it can provoke the occurrence of spinal pathologies. It is recommended to seek advice from a doctor, find out whether your child can do this kind of gymnastics.
  2. Also, gymnastics for pains and diseases of the joints and the spine without fail require coordination with a doctor.
  3. It is strictly forbidden gymnastics with recent operations, pregnancy, mental illness, chronic diseases, exacerbations, strokes, heart attack, recent operations.
  4. The occurrence of pain during gymnastics is unacceptable, and its implementation must be stopped.

How is the exercise for the spine Norbekov?

Norbekov's gymnastics is performed in a strict sequence: for the cervical, upper thoracic, lower thoracic and lumbar spine.

  • Before starting the exercises, a deep breath is taken through the nose, and through the mouth - a slow exhalation, which should be longer than the inhalation of 2 r. When breathing in, you need to feel a feeling of freshness and youth, to create an image that you can fulfill any desire.
  • Stand upright, lower your chin on your chest. Slide your chin down the sternum. For problems in the cervical spine, follow the movement, pulling the head and neck forward.
  • Put your head back, not tilting it. The chin should be directed to the ceiling. Pull it up. Then stop for 1 s, relax a little and stretch your chin up again. Repeat exercise 3 p.
  • Spine straight. The shoulders are immobile. Bend your head to the right and try to reach your ear with your ear. Then tilt your head to the left, trying to reach your shoulder again.
  • Stand up straight, look ahead. Start turning your head to the right, imagining that the nose is a fixed support. Perform the exercise, first keeping your head level and looking in front of you, then lower your head and look at the floor, tilt your head back slightly, looking at the ceiling. Exercise with caution.
  • Now begin to perform circular motions with your head. Roll your head freely and slowly, without straining your muscles. Make several movements in one and the other side. Take your time and watch your feelings.
  • If there are problems in the neck, do the following: pull your ear to the right shoulder, point your chin down, and roll your head smoothly from the left shoulder and back. There should be an incomplete circle of the head, without tilting it back.
  • Stand straight. Head - in line with the spine. Take your eyes slowly to the right, and then turn your head until it stops. Try to see what is behind your back. The chin should be next to the shoulder. Make several movements in one direction, then in the other. Do not overwork and watch your breathing.
  • Stand straight. The back is straight, the waist is motionless. The arms are straight and locked at the bottom of the lock, the chin is pressed, and the shoulders are pointing forward. Hands pull back, and the back of the neck - up, shoulders should go towards each other. When this chin pull to the navel. Do not hold your breath. The upper part of the spine should take the form of an arc.
  • Now do the exercise in the same way, only in the other direction. Straightening your arms and clasping them from behind, pull down the shoulder blades, try to pull them down. Do not lift your shoulders, keep your head straight and do not throw it back. The chest should be a wheel.
  • The loin is immobile, the spine is straight, the arms are bent at the elbows. Raise your shoulder, lower the other. Bend your head in the direction where the shoulder falls. Do not change the position and do the same in the other direction. Ensure that there are no slopes.
  • Perform circular movements with shoulders in one and the other direction. Do not forget about the straight back.
  • Bend the right hand behind the head, aim the elbow at the ceiling, look too. Lower left shoulder down. Stretch the right side, alternating tension and easy relaxation. The spine should take the form of an arc. No tilts. Then change your hand. Make exactly the same movements several times to the right.
  • Slowly make circular motions with a maximum amplitude. The head and the whole spine should take part in the movement. To do this, stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders, knees slightly bent.
  • Look in front of you, head straight, lift your shoulders to your ears. Bend your head down, and send your shoulders towards each other. The spine should take the form of an arc. No tilts. Then the shoulders should slowly go down, with the head aligned. The shoulders go back, the head slightly deflects back, and the spine arches forward.
  • After that, combine all movements into one and distribute the load over the entire length of the spine to the tailbone. Do the exercise several times forward, and then similarly in the other direction.

Norbekov - spinal joint gymnastics: video

Gymnastics Norbekova for the spine may be the first step towards the restoration of health.The main thing in it is not just to fulfill the list of physical exercises, but to do it in a beautiful mood.

The deep meaning of the methodology is based on the fact that the nature of thought has a material continuation, in other words,everything that a person can instill into himself can be fulfilled, be it a desire for health or a change in character traits. That is why the technique of doing the exercises is not so important, and it is the creation of an image of health, happiness and faith in luck that is important, then Norbekov's gymnastics for the spine will bear fruit.

Especially for ru - Julia