Gymnastics bubnovsky for beginners. adaptive gymnastics


Modern medicine has developed many techniques to maintain the health of the body. One of these unique and effective methods is gymnastics Bubnovsky. It is simple and accessible so that it is suitable even for beginners.

Sergey Bubnovsky is a developer of the method of alternative orthopedics and neurology, which consists of performing certain therapeutic exercises. He proposes to treat muscle and bone ailments with kinesitherapy - the right movement, refusing pills, ointments, corsets, and raising the body's reserve forces.

The main thing in the method is that you, as a patient, do not trust your health in the hands of the doctor, but apply your own strength for your own recovery. It should be noted that gymnastics is selected individually for everyone, taking into account his individual characteristics (personal characteristics, degree of physical development, stage of the disease, general well-being).

Adaptive gymnastics bubnovsky

To achieve maximum results you need to carefully and carefully perform the proposed exercises.

Bubnovsky has developed training programs for pregnant women for childbirth, also for preventing and preventing back pain, correcting excess weight, varicose veins, normalizing blood pressure, a lot of exercise for the physical development of infants, for adolescents to prevent scoliosis. There are also treatment programs for older people.

Dr. Bubnovsky: gymnastics for beginners

From the very beginning, you will perform exercises with a minimum load, gradually the complexity of the program increases. Special attention is paid to the formulation of correct breathing, since without this condition, classes are simply unacceptable! The rules of breathing can be done by everyone, and mastering them gives a significant healing effect at any stage of the recovery program.

Exercises gymnastics for beginners:

Exercise "kitty"

Dr. Bubnovsky: gymnastics for beginners

Rest your palms on the floor, on your knees. When you exhale, bend your back, and when you inhale - bend. Perform the exercise plastic, slowly, only 20 times.

Muscle stretching

Starting position on the knees, hands flat on the floor, right foot back, pull, while sitting on the left foot. You need to try to pull it forward as much as your possibilities allow. The exercise must be repeated for each leg 20 times.

Leaning forward

Kneeling position, palm rest on the floor, maximally stretch the body forward, without bending in the lower back. Try to keep balance.

Stretched back muscles

Get on all fours. Inhale, then, with exhalation, bend your elbows, lower the body to the floor. As you exhale, stretch your arms and sit on your heels. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times.


Take a supine position with your arms placed along the body. When exhaling, raise the pelvis as high as possible, you will have a half-bridge, and when inhaling, lower the pelvis. Repeat 20 times.

This complex of gymnastics according to the Bubnovsky method is effective for the prevention and relief of pain in the back area.

Adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky for beginners

If you are a beginner who decided to treat joints according to the Bubnovsky system, at the first stage you need to master a course of adaptive gymnastics, which contributes to easy adjustment to the loads and will prepare your body for them:

  • The first thing to do is to sit on your heels, relax and breathe, rising while inhaling to perform circular movements with your hands. Exhale do sitting on heels. Repeat 20 times.
  • Place your palms on your stomach, and through tightly compressed lips while exhaling, make the sound "PF!". Repeat 20 times.
  • Position on the back, knees bent, hands folded behind the head. When you exhale, detach yourself from the floor; when you inhale, come back. Repeat 20 times.
  • Lying in the starting position, bend your knees, lay your hands behind your head. When you exhale, lift the pelvis, with it shifting the knees. Repeat 20 times.
  • Position on the back. It is necessary to lift the body and legs and try to close your knees and elbows, do all this when you exhale. Repeat 20 times.
  • Lie on your right side, press against the floor with your right hand, begin to tighten your knees to your chest. Repeat 20 times for each side.
  • Gymnastics for joints in Bubnovsky became available not only on special training courses, but also on the Internet, on DVDs. It is much more convenient to conduct classes with such a virtual trainer, because There are such exercises that are better to see once to do them correctly.
  • Always remember about breathing, calm. Movement should be performed smoothly, slowly, and then your classes will be effective and painless.

Sergey Bubnovsky confirmed once again the well-known fact that movement is life. Remember that a person has everything to be healthy or heal ailment and enjoy life without using medication. First of all, it is a healthy diet, sleep, rejection of bad habits and well-chosen physical activity.