Green snot in an adult


Everyone has snot, and at the same time many would like to get rid of them. If we imagine that they can be exchanged for money, then after the autumn-winter period, the number of wealthy people would definitely increase. This mucus is important to the body, but what to do when it causes discomfort? So, green snot in an adult: treatment.

Green nasal discharge in adults

Green nasal discharge in adults

The human body produces from 1 to 1.5 liters of watery clean snot day after day. They remain hardly noticeable to us until they become thick or their number does not lead to a discomfortable state. Normal mucus includes:

  • water;
  • salt;
  • mucoproteins;
  • epithelial cells.

It serves to humidify inhaled air, trap dust and has antiseptic properties. All these features of the nasal mucus are needed for a lubricating effect in the respiratory organs, as well as to perform the function of a guard who fights bacteria, viruses, and foreign particles.

The green color of muconasal secretion indicates the presence of a bacterial infection, if it is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • nasal congestion;
  • pain in the sinuses;
  • the presence of blood in secret;
  • fever.

Green snot in an adult appears due to a cause associated with oxidative processes during deactivation of microbes by leukocytes. The combination of dead white blood cells, enzymes, bacteria destroyed as a result gives a green color to secretion. In addition, the longer the mucus remains in the sinuses, the greener the color of the snot will be.

We treat green snot

The green color of the nasal mucus indicates the presence of a bacterial, viral or fungal infection in the body. It should be borne in mind that the disease can be quite serious, and meningococcal infection is an example of this. It is impossible to write off such a symptom on ordinary rhinitis, and when it appears, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Drug therapy

green snot treatment in adults

In general, the treatment of snot green in adults is local. This use of nasal drops, spray irrigation, rinsing. The process must begin with a vasoconstrictor to relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa. Next, you should do the washing, which will give a cleansing and moisturizing effect in conjunction with the dilution of mucus, and therefore facilitate its removal. The procedure itself may look like this:

  1. Treat your nose with drops or vasoconstrictor spray.
  2. After the restoration of normal breathing with a nose, wash it with the use of saline solutions both ready-made and self-made. The process can be performed using a syringe, a syringe without a needle, a spray, a special vessel with a neck, or directly sucking in the solution with the nose and spitting.
  3. Washing should be combined with the purification of the nasal cavity from mucus, in other words, blowing out.
  4. Completing the procedure, you should lie down for a few minutes, face down on a soft napkin, which will facilitate the removal of residual solution and mucus.

Rinse the nose should be carried out at least four times a day. It is important to remember that in no case should the use of vasoconstrictive agents be abused, since the body develops addiction to them rather quickly.

Antibiotics for the treatment of green snot in adults are used in case of confidence in the bacterial nature of the infection. To appoint them should only doctor after the diagnosis.

Turn to the national knowledge and wisdom

Green snot in an adult: treatment and causes

In the treatment of green snot, the use of traditional methods is recommended as an adjunct to drug therapy for the disease. These include:

  • washing the nasal cavity with a solution of sea salt - 1 tsp. 500 ml of slightly warmed boiled water;
  • washing the nasal cavity with soda solution - ½ teaspoon per 250 ml of water;
  • washing with the use of infusions of herbs - in a glass of boiling water to put on a tablespoon of marigold and yarrow and insist for half an hour;
  • instillation of the nose with Kalanchoe, aloe or onion juice;
  • inhalation of boiled potato vapors, decoctions of chamomile, oregano and eucalyptus;
  • after the procedure of washing the nose, you can put a small amount of first-stroke honey in the nasal cavity - this helps with sinusitis;
  • steam your feet in just hot water or with mustard powder — a fairly effective way of dealing with a cold in its initial stages.

Using traditional methods, care should be taken to avoid unjustified zeal, for example, inhalation should not lead to burns of the mucous membranes, and feet can be steamed and breathing steam only if there is no increased body temperature, and so on.

Expert advice

As with any other disease, treatment of conditions leading to the appearance of green muconasal secretion should not be delayed. But it is best to try to prevent the occurrence of the disease. For this you need:

  • avoid hypothermia and drafts;
  • spend enough time in the fresh air;
  • to eat properly and balanced, thereby saturating the body with essential vitamins and microelements.

In the case of the appearance of green snot, for the speedy victory over the illness, the following measures should be taken:

  • increase your intake of vitamin-containing beverages;
  • regularly air and moisten the room;
  • set the temperature in the room 17-18 °;
  • adhere to regularity in the conduct of procedures and medication.

Summing up, we should pay attention once again to the fact that the appearance of green nasal mucus can speak about quite serious infectious diseases. Therefore, it is not necessary to experiment with traditional methods and especially to prescribe antibacterial drugs to oneself. You should contact the medical institution for qualified help, where the doctor, after making a diagnosis, will prescribe therapy based on the nature of the disease. Health to you!