Green cocktail recipes for cleansing and beauty


In the transition to vegetarianism and raw foods Green cocktails are an irreplaceable source of healthy and nutritive substances., which are prepared in a blender green leaves, with the addition of fruit and water.

Green cocktail recipes for cleansing and beauty

Greenery for life is as essential as sunlight.. In addition to the air of the water, the light of the sun gives rise, health and beauty. Remember how nice it is to be under the warm rays of the sun after a long winter. With great gratitude, our skin reacts to the sun's rays, actively absorbing them with each of its cells.

An image is a liquid form of sunlight, have you guessed it? This is chlorophyll. Most of all chlorophyll contain plants. Chlorophyll is important for a living organism as well as solar light. Green earth, in the literal sense, our internal organs are sunbathing!

It is a pity that until now the opinion has taken place that greens are an inferior food for humans, more likely food for rabbits. However, it is forgotten that a person eats meat for the sake of obtaining nutrients, just received plant growths. Therefore, man rarely eats predators. The meat of predatory animals is even more harmful and can lead to disease.

Using chlorophyll for intestinal microflora

A healthy intestinal microflora is a condition where friendly bacteria are present in our body., which produce beneficial and beneficial substances, such as vitamins of the group K, B, beneficial enzymes and minerals. Eating greens, we supply the gastrointestinal tract oxygen, which is necessary for their reproduction.

Alkaline environment is good. It destroys the causative bacteria: fungi, cancer cells and others. The lack of greenery in the field, on the contrary, destroys the flora, allowing organisms to appear, oxidizing the environment with their vital functions. The primary cause of all diseases is a consequence of the spread of anaerobic (harmful, unnecessary for oxygen survival) bacteria.

Dysbacteriosis can be a consequence of poor diet, overeating, stress, and the use of antibiotics. The more chlorophyll we consume, the healthier we become, the better our intestinal flora. Greens - the main source of chlorophyll, so it is difficult to find the best means of healing.

Chlorophyll Benefit:

  • Useful for low blood hemoglobin levels and anemia;
  • May prevent the development of cancer cells;
  • Supplier of iron, oxygen;
  • Removes toxins, cleanses the intestines, liver;
  • It is useful for nursing mothers, as it helps the formation of milk;
  • It has a wound-healing and bactericidal effect;
  • Improves body odor, breath odor, cleans the teeth of the ide.

green cocktail recipes for cleansing and beauty

Using green cocktails and cells

Using chlorophyll, you know. But this is not the only advantage of green cocktails. Green cocktails made from a blender contain a very valuable piece of fiber.. Cellulose is a sponge, which, passing through a small child, absorbs all the toxins and helps to remove toxins.

The difference between the compartments, during the preparation of which the "cake" is thrown away, is skillet cocktails much more useful. The hard walls of the plant cells are broken, the nutrients are mixed by the vault, and the ground fiber is easily absorbed by the body.

Greens can be consumed in salads, but then it would be necessary to chew it very carefully, otherwise it is practically unprofitable, because large pieces of greenery do not split themselves and digest many useful substances. Blender "chews" zanas.

How to make green smoothies?

In addition to the greenery, you always need to add fruit. The proportions are about 60 к40, where most of the fruit is. Try the flavor if the cocktail is not sweet enough or too grassy, ​​just add another sweet fruit. The ratio should be such that it was pleasant to drink it and then, you will get a not only healthful, but tasteful drink. Love cocktails, no doubt!

Cocktail recipes with fruits and berries:

  1. Blackberries or berries:celery, blueberries (2 cups), banana, water (1 cup).
  2. Sarbuz isalat: lettuce, watermelon, water.
  3. Svalat ivinogradom:salad, grapes (bunch), orange, banana, water.

Cocktails can be not only sweet, but sweet, vegetable, spicy.

  1. Nourishing cocktail smash: Take pre-sprouted mash, a few sweet peppers, cucumber, greens, you can add garlic, salt and pour kefir. This is a very rich and nutritious cocktail, which can be eaten instead of lunch.
  2. Rich Cocktail of Tomatoes:A few tomatoes, a large bunch of dandelion leaves, and other greenery, water, salt.
  3. Unsweetened Skinny Cocktail:Take leaves of spinach, cucumber, a few stalks of celery, cilantro ivoda.

How to start drinking cocktails?

Green cocktail recipes for cleansing and beauty

Cocktails should be introduced gradually., to overload the intestines. First month - single glass a day. Cocktails have a wonderful taste, give lightness and energy, I want to drink them a lot, you shouldn't do that.

The gastrointestinal tract, after a traditional cooked meal, is initially weakened and it doesn’t actively work; a disorder may occur. After all to process fiber, it needs strength and muscular muscle. Modern walls of the gastrointestinal tract become stronger, and muscles become stronger during exercise. Problems with digestion will disappear.

Try making a green smoothie right now. Listen to the organism to choose the ingredients for a cocktail. Use fantasy, because cooking raw food is a real work. Bless you and be happy!

Especially for - Vera Fedorova