Green chair in a child


The question is why does baby have a green chair - worries many parents. Some parents are frightened of sinning in some kind of illness, although diseases can provoke a green stool in a child. But, as a rule, baby's green stools provoke food, which he uses. In infants it is associated with feeding - artificial or breast, as well as with complementary foods.

The quality of the stool is directly dependent on the health of the child and his digestive system.. Children's feces may vary in color, smell and texture. Green chair in a child - this is frequent, but not quite normal. The digestive system can not yet fully cope with heavy food, therefore, has its own characteristics and characteristics.

In infants green chair: causes

  • In an infant, the chair depends on what it eats. In case of breastfeeding A little greenish stool in infants is normal. Green feces gives bilirubin - a substance that is released along with feces.

  • To change the color of newborn feces can hormones that are in breast milk. When the calories of a child are oxidized during breastfeeding, the baby’s stool becomes green. The fact is that the baby's liver has not yet developed the necessary enzymes, and the intestines are not populated with the bacteria necessary for the body.

  • If you have noticed in infants loose green stools with mucus, but without a sharp smell and pain in the stomach - this can also be a normal condition, which suggests that the child sucks only liquid front milk, and does not get to the fat one. Fatty breast milk gives feces a light brown tint.

In infants green chair: causes

  • When you feed the baby artificial nutrition, the baby may also have a green chair. Often a green stool in a child may be associated with a change in the formula. Green feces gives iron, which is found in large quantities in artificial mixtures. Try changing the formula and follow the reaction. If the stool is normal, you can calm down and continue to feed the baby with this particular mixture.
  • If you observe such symptoms in a baby and it doesn’t hurt anything - don’t worry, everything is in order. But remember that when breastfeeding mother also needs to monitor their diet, because what she eats gets into the body to the baby.
  • If the green chair in a child does not stop for a long time, should see a doctor, to prevent any intestinal disease.

Liquid green stools

  1. Do not worry if liquid green stools do not provoke poor health. If the child is playful, cheerful and calm, his appetite and sleep are normal and, apart from the liquid green stool, nothing bothers you - everything is fine.
  2. If in a liquid green stool a child gets mucus with bleeding., It is worth worrying and consult a doctor. He will prescribe the necessary tests and identify the cause of the liquid green stools in the child.
  3. If a child has a foamy, liquid stool with a sour-rotten odor- it is most likely developmental dysbacteriosis. A rash in a child and its causeless whims, insomnia, colic and frequent regurgitation can be an accompanying sign of dysbacteriosis of children. In this case, you also need to consult a doctor to cope with the disease.
  4. The cause of liquid green stools in a child can be lactase deficiency. In this case, you need to pass the necessary tests to confirm or deny the diagnosis.
  5. During a cold or viral illnessa child may have feces of a different color, including green.
  6. Liquid green stools may appear because the baby has teething, and he pulls into his mouth that horrible. In this case bacteria enter the intestines and its microflora is disturbed - this provokes the appearance of a green stool.

The baby has a green stool

Green stools in a child: provocative products

  • If the stool has an uneven greenish color and contains lumps, this means that a large amount of sugar is present in the baby’s diet.
  • If a mom's body does not have enough dairy food, she uses foods that contain artificial additives and carcinogens, as well as green foods - this can trigger the appearance of green stools in the baby during the breastfeeding period.
  • If during the period of breastfeeding mom poisoned, it will affect the milk, as well as the color of feces in the child.
  • Entering into the diet of the baby a new one can provoke the appearance of a green chair in the child. A green stool in a child may appear with the introduction of complementary foods in the form of apples, pears or broccoli.

Green chair in older children

Not only little children can have a green chair, older children are also prone to this ailment. Usually, in the green chair in older children is guilty indigestion, therefore, the color of the chair changes.

Since adult children already eat high-grade food, this fact cannot be left unattended, because it may indicate poisoning or intestinal upset. Remember that from a green meal, feces can also turn green, so watch what your child eats before you panic. The effect of green stool in a child is given by leafy vegetables and garden greens: nettle, dill, parsley, lettuce, spinach, etc.

In any case, you need to pay attention to the well-being of the child, and not just the color of his stool. If the child is not disturbed by anything, you can sleep well and not go to the doctors.