Grade 2 hypertension - what is it?


Hypertension as a disease of the elderly in recent decades has noticeably younger. Beginning imperceptibly, the disease progresses, representing a threat to the patient's life. If the treatment is not started in a timely manner, then the "easy" first degree passes into successive ones, increasing the risk of a heart attack every minute. How to prevent hypertension 2 degrees, notice the symptoms and what is the treatment?

On the first, second, third - calculate!

Using the term

Using the term "hypertension" and speaking of high blood pressure, it is worth understanding that the numbers are different. And if in one situation you can get by taking a sedative medication and correcting working and rest conditions, in the other you need to hear the first alarm bells and consult a doctor.

Doctors distinguish 3 degrees of the disease, depending on the severity of its course. The first degree is mild, characterized by a periodic increase in blood pressure to 140/100. As a rule, such jumps are provoked by physical exertion, stresses, and pressure can return to normal numbers without drug therapy. But these manifestations cannot be ignored, since the first degree can pass to the second.

Hypertension grade 2, what is it? This is an increased load on the heart and blood vessels, the risk of damage to other organs, this is a condition that can lead to a heart attack if the numbers are not adjusted by competent therapy. The main symptom of hypertension 2 degrees - the pressure rises to 170/110, itself rarely comes to normal.

The next stage is the 3rd degree - a critical condition in which the arterial pressure keeps above 180/120. This is a severe degree that threatens the life of the patient.

If you don’t have a tonometer on hand, then you can suspect that something was wrong, including manifestations of hypertension of Grade 2, by the following symptoms:

  • increasing headache in the neck, temples, temechke;
  • heartache;
  • dizziness;
  • tinnitus;
  • feeling inexplicable weakness;
  • "front sight" before the eyes.

And what's the reason?

It is impossible to unequivocally name the reason why second-degree hypertension develops.

It is impossible to unequivocally name the reason why second-degree hypertension develops. You can only talk about the factors that provoke the development of the disease, their cumulative effect on the body.

  • Old age: during the life of the walls of the blood vessels wear out, the lumen is narrowed, elasticity decreases. This factor has long been considered the leading one, but, unfortunately, the disease is “getting younger”, so now it’s just one of many.
  • Hypertension can be inherited. If close relatives suffer from it, then you should pay close attention to their own health.
  • Harmful habits: smoking, addiction to alcohol, overeating, eating unhealthy high-calorie foods, physical inactivity also does not contribute to the preservation of health.
  • Pregnancy can lead to the development of hypertension in women. It seems to trigger a dormant mechanism, which threatens both the mother and the child, developing into eclampsia - a state dangerous to life.
  • Grade 2 hypertension can trigger kidney disease and the urinary system.
  • Often, the high blood pressure monitor shows people suffering from diabetes, thyroid disease, other chronic diseases, and tumors.

All this in combination with a crazy rhythm of life, stressful situations, modern ecology leads to a malfunction of the body and the development of the disease.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Before starting treatment of hypertension, it is necessary to conduct a competent diagnosis. Only a doctor can diagnose. Self-treatment in this matter is as destructive as passive inaction.

Based on the patient's complaints and the initial examination, the doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis. If the first degree of the disease was previously diagnosed, and the situation worsened, then there are no problems with its formulation. If earlier the patient did not complain of high pressure, then he will have to deal with measuring pressure at the same time several times a day, recording data. The specialist prescribes blood and urine tests, ECG, ultrasound of the heart and internal organs, Doppler sonography. All these examinations are aimed at determining the cause of the development of hypertension (failure of the internal organs, endocrine glands).

We treat - do not cripple!

The scheme of treatment of hypertension 2 degrees for each patient is selected by a doctor. It is purely individual and based on data obtained from surveys. The specialist will explain how to reduce blood pressure, but the basic scheme consists of taking drugs in several areas: diuretics, antihypertensive drugs, drugs that reduce blood cholesterol and dilute it.

Preparations are prescribed by a doctor, it is not worthwhile to engage in self-medication, and it is dangerous to buy pills like a grandmother’s. The usual antihypertensive drugs have been replaced by new-generation drugs - egilok, fiziotenz, losartan and others that do not cause tachycardia, have a lasting effect, continuing even after the drug is removed from the body.

In traditional medicine, herbal preparations, teas, and infusions are used to treat hypertension.

  • Dried herbs are mixed in equal parts: common motherwort, marsh cod, white mistletoe and blood-red hawthorn (flowers). At 1 tbsp. boiled water should account for 1 tbsp. l mixture, allowed to infuse for half an hour. Infusion filter, add boiling water to 200 ml, taken three times a day, 100 ml after a meal;
  • A pronounced hypotensive effect has beet juice. They drink it on an empty stomach;
  • A mixture of vegetable juices: carrot (7 parts), juice from celery (4 parts), juice from spinach (3 parts) and juice from parsley (2 parts) are also drunk before eating.

It should be understood that herbal medicine, rather, supports the main treatment, but does not replace it, the medication is necessary. In addition, the whole way of life should be changed: eat healthy food, move more, try to leave the city, avoid stress as much as possible, and learn to relax.

With all its unpleasant symptoms, hypertension grade 2 with adequate treatment is not a sentence. With such a diagnosis, people live long enough, lead a full interesting life, women give birth to healthy children. The most important thing is to take timely measures to prevent severe irreversible consequences.