Good contraceptive pills


Despite the fact that oral contraceptives give women the freedom to choose the time of birth and are one of the most reliable means of preventing pregnancy, many categorically refuse to protect themselves in this way. After all, this can get better! Are there birth control pills that are not fattening?

Oral contraceptives: solid pluses?

are there birth control pills that are not fattening

This means of preventing pregnancy appeared in 1960 and to this day continues to be the most popular. The main advantage of birth control pills is a high level of reliability (up to 99!) But this is not their only advantage. They also facilitate the manifestation of PMS, improve the menstrual cycle, improve skin condition. Manufacturers claim that conception pills produce a healing effect in many female diseases (which is highly controversial). Finally, they can be drunk at any age.

It would seem, why not use such a high-quality and correct method of contraception? Women are discouraged by the fact that long-term use of pills can cause side effects, one of which is weight gain. After all, these drugs are composed of hormones. That is why the ladies prefer to use non-hormonal birth control pills. Do they really keep the figure and save from abortion?

Two in one - do not get pregnant and lose weight. Is it possible?

Why, it's just a big dream of women! You drink birth control pills that make you lose weight, enjoy sex and amaze others with your flawless figure - is it really possible?

In fact, in each case, oral contraceptives can cause weight fluctuations - in the direction of both weight loss and the purchase of extra kilos. Immediately we must dispel the myth, born of advertising. All such tablets contain estradiol or progesterone (drospirenone), only in different quantities. Just new drugs have a minimal inclusion of hormones.

What contraceptive pills will make you slimmer?

And yet in the list of birth control pills appear those from which the weight goes. This effect is due to the fact that they put hormones in order, which helps a woman to return to normal weights. The following oral contraceptives have this property:

It is impossible to recover from the pills with the smallest amount of hormones

  • Novinet. Single-phase hormonal agent (active substances - desogesterol, ethinyl estadiol). Suitable for girls who are not pregnant. It is characterized by a minimum of side effects (nausea, vomiting, hair loss);
  • Regulon. The composition is the same. Inhibit follicular production, increase the viscosity of mucus. You can use this tool giving birth, the fair sex with dysmenorrhea and uterine bleeding and adolescents;
  • Regividon. It is recommended as a way to prevent pregnancy in women suffering from diseases of the urogenital area.

If you decide to try on yourself the possibility of such drugs to lose weight, then do not do it without consulting a specialist. In addition, you should not completely rely on the fact that with the help of them you will acquire a model figure.

Minimum hormones - ideal parameters? Contraceptives that do not increase weight

Gynecologists claim that it is almost impossible to recover from such pills with the smallest amount of hormones:

  • Yarin, Triziston, Janine, Jess. They have the status of "OK for weight loss." Included in the group of low-dose drugs. Thanks to drospirenone do not provoke edema. Allowed to receive all women, except for teenage girls;
  • Logest (for women over 35 years old, used, among other things, for the prevention of cancer). They contain micro doses of hormones;
  • Mersilon, Lindenet. Microdose contraceptives. Designed for girls just starting sex life;
  • Exluton, Charozetta - Mini Pili. It is believed that this is the most benign means. They affect the uterine mucosa and change the viscosity of the cervical secretions, which prevents sperm from fertilizing an egg. They can be used by women who have sex only occasionally.

No hormones - no guarantee?

women's opinion on birth control pills

If we talk about birth control pills, from which they do not grow stout, then there are really no hormones in them, but they are not pills in the usual sense of the word. They are not taken orally (by mouth), and injected into the vagina. To a good contraceptive pill (non-hormonal) should include the funds of the new generation. These are vaginal tablets:

  • Pharmatex. Remain active for 3 hours, begin to act after 10 minutes. May cause an allergic reaction. Must be used strictly according to the instructions;
  • Gynecotex. Have the form of a ring. They must be placed in the vagina no later than 5 minutes. before coitus, contraceptive action is maintained for 4 hours;
  • Benatex. Not only prevent pregnancy, but also have an antimicrobial effect. The tablet should be entered as deeply as possible in 10 minutes. before the start of sexual intercourse;
  • Erotex. Possess contraceptive ability and antimicrobial action, persisting for 3 hours.

Such pills do not have hormones in composition, they do not affect weight, but their reliability as contraceptives does not exceed 75%.

To drink or not to drink: the opinion of women about birth control pills

If you are afraid of getting better, but do not want to be “in position,” will non-hormonal birth control pills help with this? Feedback from women is mixed. Some speak of them like this: "This is aspirin, sandwiched between the legs," and as proof, they have a baby after such contraception. But they do not affect the weight - everyone agrees with this.

Hormonal tablets, when properly administered, protect against pregnancy. Few say they helped them even become thinner. And yet much more than those to whom they “spoiled” the weight: in just half a year it grew by 10-12 kg. That is, opinions diverged.

One thing is clear: taking birth control pills with the sole purpose of making the waist thinner is an absolutely wrong approach. And hoping that non-hormonal means are guaranteed not to get pregnant is a big mistake. What to do? Lose weight with the help of proper nutrition and physical activity, and protect yourself with the advice of your gynecologist.