Good and inexpensive medical dandruff shampoos


Dandruff is not only an aesthetic issue. White scales cause itching and cause a lot of unpleasant sensations, despite the fact that the scalp is not inflamed. Many consider peeling an infection, but a precursor of seborrhea can be a violation of digestion, stress, overwork or neglect of the rules of hygiene.

Even if dandruff does not cause any inconvenience other than visible, it should be treated. Often, it’s enough just to buy dandruff shampoo at a pharmacy. A few years ago, seborrhea was treated with various ointments, sulsen paste, special creams, solutions and even ultraviolet. Getting rid of dandruff was troublesome and took time.

Dandruff Shampoo in the pharmacy

With the advent of household shampoos in this area, everything has become much easier: some of them are really very effective at peeling. But with the pharmacy products they still can not be compared. Pharmaceutical cosmetics is aimed at the complete elimination of the problem, and not its temporary muffling.

Types of pharmaceutical shampoos

To choose the right dandruff shampoo in the pharmacy, you need to know what components are contained in its composition and what they affect.

  1. Shampoos based on pyrithione zinc, clotrimazole, ketoconazole and bifonazole. They are designed to destroy the fungus, which in most cases is the cause of seborrhea. The tool acts quickly and often does not require re-washing the head for a long time. On the bottle of such a shampoo can be indicated that it is used once.
  2. Means with oktopriroksom, sulsen and zinc. This category of cosmetic formulations has an antibacterial effect on the scalp. Normalization of horn formation occurs here due to the suppression of active bacteria, which allows to solve the problem in a short time.
  3. Compounds with sulfur and salicylic acid. Shampoos of this group are used to exfoliate scales. This is useful for excess sebaceous excretions, when the particles of the epidermis stick together and do not move well.
  4. Shampoos with the addition of plant extracts. Birch tar, nettle, chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, field horsetail and yarrow are able to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, as well as eliminate inflammation and itching.

Medical shampoo overview

The most popular dandruff shampoo, which can be bought at the pharmacy and the reviews of which are left only by the most favorable ones, are Sebosol. This tool helps to get rid of not only seborrhea, but also from dermatitis, psoriasis and even several types of herpes. The active substance ketoconazole acts quickly and efficiently, without requiring repeated use of the shampoo. To get rid of dandruff enough to use it 2 times a week for a month. However, all those who used “Sebosol” speak of a shorter time frame. Many shampoo helped already from the first application, and there was no recurrence of peeling. It is also important that the shampoo is suitable for all types of hair, and it can be used both by children and teenagers, if there is no individual intolerance to the components. “Sebozol” has analogues - “Nizoral” and “Seborin”.

The most inexpensive dandruff shampoo available at the pharmacy is

The most inexpensive dandruff shampoo sold in a pharmacy is "Tar". The manufacturer offers it at a very affordable price: a bottle of 150 ml costs only 91 p. It contains birch tar, citric acid and sodium chloride. These components suppress the vital activity of the fungus and destroy the very reason for desquamation. Glycerin, which is also present in the formula, softens the action of the active components and protects the epidermis and hair. Shampoo "Tar" is shown not only for seborrhea, but also for psoriasis. The substance is applied to wet hair and left for 4-5 minutes, and then washed off. Use the tool to completely eliminate dandruff.

Shampoo "Sebopiroks" in its action and application is similar to "Tar", but it does not contain birch tar. Sodium lauryl sulfate, citric acid, sodium chloride, salicylate and trilon B are present here. The agent not only suppresses the fungus, but also removes peeling.

Separate attention deserves "Sulsen Forte 2%" This is a very good shampoo for dandruff, the cost of which in the pharmacy does not go beyond the average: a 150 ml bottle costs about 180 p. The composition of the soap substance contains magnesium, sodium, citric acid, carbomer, glyceryl oleate. In addition to the main components, there is burdock root extract. Shampoo:

  • removes dandruff, seborrhea and dermatitis;
  • relieves itching and prevents peeling;
  • destroys fungal bacteria;
  • cares for hair and activates their growth.

The product is applied, whipped in the foam and after 3 minutes, rinse with warm running water. It is necessary to wash your hair with this tool 3 times a week for 1.5-2 months.

Natural and therapeutic dandruff shampoo is presented in pharmacies by Natura Siberika. It consists of only natural ingredients:

  • sugar cane and coconut oil (extracts);
  • guar gum;
  • oak moss and arctic wormwood;
  • nettle;
  • chamomile;
  • St. John's wort;
  • marshmallow;
  • Birch tar;
  • soapworm drug.

Herbal composition allows you to remove dandruff gently, but effectively, without causing harm. Wormwood and oakmoss destroy the fungus, and plant extracts nourish and treat the hair. Curls after shampoo "Siberika" become soft and light.


Shampoo "Fitoval" is designed for intensive care or for regular. Means for periodic use contains zinc, salicin and white willow extract. The product quickly relieves fungus and peeling, soothes the skin and prevents inflammation from developing. After using the composition normal cell division of the epidermis. The shampoo is suitable for all hair types and has worked well with frequent relapses of seborrhea. Apply it on the hair twice - first for 3 minutes and washed off, and then for a couple of seconds. "Fitoval" is very effective in the fight against dandruff.

The action of the shampoo "Zinovit" is based on two components - zinc pyrithione and climbazole. That they destroy the fungus and remove the cause of seborrhea. Auxiliary substances, such as panthenol, urea and mint oil, regulate the secretion of fat and protect the scalp from drying out. "Tsinovit" is used for all types of seborrhea, psoriasis and dermatitis. The course of treatment is 1 month, 2 “beauty sessions” per week. For the purpose of prophylaxis, shampoo is used once every 3 weeks.

Getting rid of dandruff is not difficult if you approach the question responsibly. This can even be done with folk remedies, but this is often inconvenient. It is much easier to buy dandruff shampoo at the pharmacy and in a very short time to forget about the annoying ailment. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry offers a considerable variety of tools.