Goji berries


Goji berries today are very popular among supporters of a healthy lifestyle and wanting to lose weight. They are willingly bought in supermarkets and pharmacies, ordered in online stores. Against the background of general consumer interest, a natural question appears: is this product so useful?

How Goji berries can harm?

Almost all products have side effects, since depend, most often, on the individual intolerance of a substance by a person. Drinking goji berries, which are gaining popularity in our country today, can also have side effects.

If you are allergic, then the use of large quantities of this product can trigger an attack of food urticaria. Like many goji berries - a strong allergen. People with digestive problems, intestinal disorders can not be abused by goji. This can cause unpleasant consequences in the form of gas and diarrhea.

Goji berries: harm and contraindications

In addition, there may be side effects associated with changes in the effectiveness of some concurrent medications. There is no scientific evidence for this, but there are persistent observations that goji berries enhance the effect of drugs used to lower blood pressure.

Goji berries: contraindications

Goji berries are contraindicated to the following persons:

  • People with allergies to goji and all other red-yellow-orange vegetables, fruits and berries, because: apples, mangoes, apricots, cherries, peaches, tomatoes, strawberries and oranges;
  • Small children up to the age of 3;
  • People who are prone to intestinal upset;
  • Upon detection of cancer (with caution!). Despite the fact that many people note the high effectiveness of the berries in the prevention and auxiliary treatment of malignant tumors, it is not recommended to eat them during the treatment process. The fact is that during the period of treatment with heavy medications it is impossible to experiment with the patient's immune system. She is extremely weak, and goji can cause her dynamic leap, which can adversely affect the course of the disease. Adding the product to the patient's diet is better to coordinate with your doctor.

It is advisable for children to give goji berries only when they are 3 years old, especially if the baby has any signs of diathesis or any other food allergies. In any case, try to adhere to the following rule regarding the diet of children: everything that grows within the climatic zone of your residence can be eaten. Any kind of exotic food can not in the best way affect the health of the baby.

Goji berries: harm and contraindications

Goji berries are not prohibited for pregnant women, but if you are in a position and try them for the first time, pay attention to your well-being. Do you have skin itch and rash? If not, then freshly flavored tea drink or delicious dried berries can be eaten further. Naturally, follow the measure. As for nursing mothers, they still better give up goji. Such exotics on the menu can affect breast milk, causing diathesis or intestinal disorders in the infant. Especially carefully should control your diet in the first months of breastfeeding. Then, if you wish, include goji berries in your diet, but gradually. Use 2-3 pcs. every day, carefully watching how your child reacts to it. If no negative effects are found, then you can gradually increase the number of berries.

Goji berries are a natural food supplement that can be used by many people with great health benefits. However, this product has its own side effects and contraindications. It is recommended to refuse it to allergies, people suffering from intestinal disorders, nursing mothers, as well as cancer patients. But do not go to extremes. Most often, the use of goji in moderation does not cause any negative effects.