Glycerin candles for newborns


Babies who have just appeared, suffer from constipation at least (and sometimes more often) adults. Parents want to help the baby as soon as possible, so any means are used. Often, they use glycerin suppositories to eliminate bowel movements in a baby. For newborns, according to the instructions, this method is not suitable. Why do pediatricians and some mothers advise using them?

Infants and glycerin suppositories: is such a treatment safe?

The body of a newborn is only learning to survive in the external environment.

The body of a newborn is only learning to survive in the external environment. He is too vulnerable, a meeting even with innocuous drugs can have sad consequences for the crumbs. Therefore, any medications that are planned to be used for the treatment of infants should be subjected to impartial verification.

To answer the question of whether glycerin suppositories can be given to newborns, it is first necessary to examine their composition. The active substance of candles is glycerol. This component behaves quite inert. Once in the rectum, it is not absorbed into its walls. This is a plus, as glycerol "works" only locally. Its action is to soften the feces. Along the way, the tool irritates and lubricates the walls of the anus, which provokes the urge to empty the bowel.

The remains of the substance does not linger in the body. They leave it with feces. That is, the action of the candle ends immediately after the baby pokes. As for the expected result, it really comes very quickly: sometimes mom does not even have time to enter the candle to the end.

Why are there no glycerin candles for newborns in the pharmacy?

According to international standards, candles on the basis of glycerol can be used only with 2 years. Therefore, in a pharmacy, it is impossible to find a drug on which it will be indicated that it is suitable from the first days of life. The most popular means - Glitselaks - can be used from 3 months (according to the instructions), but in practice, children's glycerin candles for newborns have been used for a long time and successfully.

1 dose contains 0.75 g of glycerol, so for a baby up to one year the suppository should be divided into 3 parts. Such a small piece will be quite enough for the little one to effortlessly empty the intestines.

If there were no children's candles in the pharmacy, and the problem of lack of stool requires an immediate solution, then you can buy adult candles (1.5 g). One thing is divided into 4 parts. Before introducing such a shortened candle into the anus of an infant, it is necessary to smooth out the cut sharp edge with clean fingers so as not to injure the delicate buttock of the crumbs.

How to light a candle so as not to cause discomfort to the baby?

Candles are usually administered in the morning, 15-20 minutes after the baby has eaten.

Usually candles are administered in the morning, 15-20 minutes after the baby has eaten. The drug has a fast action. The baby will do its work no later than 30 minutes after using the candle (and in most cases faster).

Before putting glycerin candles to the newborn, mother should wash her hands. The child is placed on a cloth covered with a diaper (on the left flank). To make it more convenient to introduce a suppository, the baby’s legs are pressed against his tummy.

The candle should be already prepared (cut into 3-4 parts). Holding it in one hand, the other should push the buttocks of the baby and carefully insert the candle into the anus. Then you need to hold the buttocks clamped for about 5 minutes (so that the candle does not come back). You can do this by holding the baby in your arms and holding it close to you, so the baby will feel more confident and calm.

Suppositories should not be further lubricated with cream: they are already inserted into the anus quite easily.

What to do if it took more than half an hour, and the baby did not manage to empty the intestines? Do not repeat the procedure! This can be done no earlier than 12 hours. But parents have to think about whether to use the candle again. If the drug did not work, then perhaps it simply does not fit the baby, and it is better to resort to other methods.

Are there any side effects and how dangerous are they?

Pediatricians call the lack of habituation effect one of the main advantages that glycerin suppositories have for newborns (instructions for use, however, it indicates that this is possible). Some parents are in solidarity with the doctors and note that after the drug is discontinued, the child pokes off without problems. Other moms and dads are sure that getting used to it still takes place. Therefore, it can be considered an individual factor, depending on the cause of constipation and the characteristics of the infant, and not on the properties of the drug itself.

However, this treatment of constipation should not be abused. Doctors recommend putting candles no more than 1 time in 3 days and no more than 7 days.

Side effects that can seriously affect the health of the baby are not expected, but in case of an overdose, a burning sensation in the anus may occur. If parents are too addicted to the use of suppositories, then constipation can turn into diarrhea.

When is it prohibited to use glycerin candles for babies?

The decision on whether glycerin candles can be given to a child under one month should be made specifically in each case.

The decision on whether glycerin candles can be given to a child under one month should be made specifically in each case. When choosing this method of getting rid of constipation, special attention should be paid to the presence of contraindications:

  • individual sensitivity to glycerol;
  • bleeding;
  • kidney problems;
  • inflammatory processes in the rectum;
  • loose stools;
  • suspected appendicitis.

If the parents answered "yes" to at least one of the above items, then the glycerin candles should be put aside: they cannot be used!

Testimonials from experienced parents and the "tv radio speaker"

No drug can be universal, since there are no two identical babies. Therefore, to assess the quality and effectiveness of the drug, you can simply compare how many parents are happy with it, and how many moms and dads are not advised to use such medicine. Most new parents vote for this drug.

Parents who listen to the opinion of Komarovsky will be interested to learn that the TV operator is definitely recommending glycerin candles for newborns as a means of salvation from constipation.

But they have only symptomatic action - eliminating the consequences, do not eliminate the cause of constipation. In order for the infant to cope with defecation on its own, parents must provide him with physical activity (do gymnastics, tummy massage), turn him over on his stomach. Infants on IV should pick up a mixture that will not cause constipation. If the baby eats breast milk, then the mother should exclude from the menu foods that make feces firm.

No matter how much the glycerin suppositories are praised by pediatricians and parents, it is necessary to remember that they are an emergency way, which is necessary in exceptional cases. The task of the parents is not to show the child today. They must find a way to help normalize the work of its intestines. And here the rectal candles are helpless.

If the newborn is suffering from constipation, then you should consult with your doctor how to permanently save the baby from hard stools.