Giardia in children


Often, parents of children of the preschool age category face such a problem as giardiasis. The development of this disease provokes unicellular parasite multiplying in the digestive tract. Why do lamblia appear in children, the symptoms and treatment of this disease, and much more, we will discuss in our article.

Giardiasis: we study the etiology of the disease with a specialist

can provoke the development of giardiasis protozoa parasitic microorganisms

As already mentioned, the simplest parasitic microorganisms - Giardia can provoke the development of giardiasis. Many parents have repeatedly heard of lamblia, but to the end can not figure out and understand what it is.

Unfortunately, adults often think that their children are insured against such a disease, but we hurry to disappoint you. According to statistical medical data, giardiasis is widespread throughout the world. On average, 20% of children in the age group up to 7 years are affected by this disease.

Giardia are the simplest parasitic microorganisms. Getting into the human stomach, the first type of parasites - cysts, are divided into two vegetative forms and are attached to the villi of the epithelial covering of the digestive tract. Parasites penetrate through the stomach into the duodenum, where they begin to multiply. Just imagine: on 1 square. cm there may be up to 1 million parasitic microorganisms.

Giardiasis develops in two forms:

  • acute;
  • chronic.

In some cases, the disease may be completely asymptomatic. When the primary signs of the baby appear, it is necessary to show the attending specialist to conduct a full-scale examination.

The characteristic symptoms of the disease

giardiasis has its own specifics

Despite the fact that giardiasis has its own specifics, caused by the causative agent of a parasitic infection, it is often said in everyday life that a child has worms. In principle, the characteristic symptoms of breeding Giardia and worms are very similar.

Giardiasis in children has the following symptoms:

  • Unreasonable increase in body temperature. If a baby has a low-grade fever for 37.5 degrees for several days in a row, for no apparent reason, the likelihood of giardiasis is high.
  • Disruption of the natural digestive process. The baby may experience pathological constipation or diarrhea. Do not rush to diagnose in this case giardiasis, since such symptoms are inherent in intestinal dysbiosis.
  • Tooth creak. Watch your baby during the night. Reproduction of Giardia in the body disrupts the functioning of the nervous system, as a result of which the child can inadvertently compress the teeth during sleep.
  • General fatigue and reduced vitality. With giardiasis in a child, the concentration of attention decreases, he quickly gets tired and shows apathy to everything that happens.
  • Pain syndrome. Reproduction of Giardia may cause the appearance of pain in the lower segment of the abdomen, in the navel or in the area of ​​the right hypochondrium.
  • Cough, characterized by signs of suffocation.

During the examination, the doctor can diagnose an increase in the volume of the liver and spleen. In the presence of Giardia in the baby’s blood, an increased concentration of eosinophils will be detected.

In very young children against the background of giardiasis, an allergic reaction to a number of foods may occur. This is due to the body's response to the entry of decay products produced by parasites. The child may refuse to eat and constantly complain of pain. In addition, babies often do not gain weight with giardiasis. In children, the symptoms of giardiasis are pronounced, and often the pathology proceeds faster and more difficult than in adults.

We treat the disease correctly

suitable pharmacological drug for the treatment of baby Giardiosis

It is impossible to choose a suitable pharmacological drug for the treatment of pediatric giardiasis. In each case, the attending specialist individually selects pharmaceuticals and develops a dietary ration. The course of treatment depends on the form of development of the pathology, the age of the patient and his physiological features. Treatment of Giardia in babies consists of several stages. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

The initial stage can last up to four weeks. During this time, the doctor prescribes a child to take a number of pharmacological drugs. These include:

  • agents that normalize the bile outflow, for example, Flamin, Allohol, herbal preparations, etc .;
  • drugs restoring the natural digestive process - Festal, Creon, Enzistal;
  • pharmaceuticals that help relax muscle tissue and eliminate cramps, such as No-shpa, Dyuspatalin;
  • sorbing substances - "Laktofiltrum", "Enterosgel", etc.

At the same stage, along with taking pharmacological preparations, the baby must fill the vitamin balance. Often, for the treatment of giardiasis in children, doctors resort to the use of various herbal remedies. To cope with the disease help these medicinal herbs:

  • wild rosemary;
  • tansy;
  • birch buds;
  • pine buds;
  • celandine;
  • sagebrush;
  • bird mountaineer;
  • AIR

In combination with the use of phytomedications and pharmacological preparations, the attending specialist may prescribe a course of physiotherapy procedures. For the treatment of giardiasis, paraffin packs with ozokerite can be used. As a rule, they are applied to the area of ​​the liver. Also, the child may be recommended course of electrophoresis with magnesia.

The second stage of treatment involves the direct destruction of parasitic microorganisms. In addition to the above pharmacological preparations, babies are prescribed antiprotozoal effects. These drugs should include:

Symptoms and treatment of giardiasis in children

  • "Trichopol";
  • Tiberal;
  • "McMirror";
  • "Tinidazole" and others.

If giardiasis has provoked the development of an allergic reaction, then antihistamine pharmaceuticals are prescribed to the child, for example, Erius, Zyrtec, Telfast or Suprastin.

The last stage is the final and restorative. The child is prescribed medications that help strengthen the immune system, as well as replenish the body's vitamin reserves. In addition, before the end of the treatment, parents should take care that the baby follows the diet and takes drugs that improve the bile outflow.

The diet of the baby must be balanced. Parents should exclude the use of sausage and confectionery, spicy and uncooked food by the child. From drinking it is better to choose fruit drinks or decoctions. Fruits and vegetables that are not heat treatable should be thoroughly washed.

Some parents use traditional medicine to treat Giardia, in particular, beetroot and carrot freshly squeezed juices and decoy from burnet. As practice shows, these tools have proven themselves on the positive side, but before using them, you still need to obtain permission from the attending specialist. And remember that when the slightest symptoms of worms are present in children, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment.

Listen to the opinion of Evgeny Komarovsky

main symptoms of lamblia breeding in children

The famous pediatrician always says that the purpose of his work is not to treat babies, but to educate their parents. Indeed, if parents with full responsibility come to the health of the child and do not self-medicate, then giardiasis will heal very quickly and without the onset of complicated consequences.

So, we have already reviewed the main symptoms of lamblia breeding in children. With regard to treatment, then, as we found out, it should be carried out only by a qualified technician. Dr. Komarovsky also draws attention to the fact that a lot depends on the parents during the treatment of the disease:

  • In order to prevent lamblia from getting into the child's body, the baby can only be allowed to bathe in purified and tested reservoirs.
  • Raw foods must first be thoroughly washed and heat treated.
  • The child must take the pharmacological drugs prescribed by the doctor, in strict accordance with the individual schedule.
  • Parents should not forget about diet. For the time being, the baby should be banned from using confectionery, smoked and spicy foods.
  • It is very important to control the personal hygiene of the child during the period of treatment and rehabilitation.
  • In the case of staying in the house of the patient with giardiasis, the communication of the baby with him should be limited, otherwise he may become infected.

Also, the pediatrician Komarovsky draws the attention of his parents to the fact that on the fifth day after the start of the complex treatment the baby’s well-being may deteriorate sharply, however, by the 10th day his health returns to normal. In this case, do not be afraid and take desperate measures. If children are worried about something, feel free to contact a leading specialist.

The reproduction of unfriendly neighbors in a child's body, like any pathology, is fraught with the development of complicated consequences. If all recommendations of the attending specialist are followed, the correct diagnosis and complex treatment, within two or three weeks there will be no trace of giardiasis. Health to you and your children!