Gel doctor baby first teeth


Does your baby have teeth cut, and the whole family is experiencing this painfully? Do not rush to grab at Grandma's methods: smear baby's gums with honey and put beads of amber on it. Better get a special gel in a pharmacy, for example, doctor baby first teeth. What is this remedy, how does it work? And is it suitable for crumbs that are prone to allergies?

Teeth are cut - should I buy a gel?

Dr. baby first teeth: instructions for the gel, reviews

The first teeth are given baby oh so easy! He may have a fever, pain in the gums, diarrhea, drooling and rhinitis. Today, many means have been invented that help the little ones to experience this difficult time without tears and pain. One of the first places on their list is gels. They work as a local anti-inflammatory and anesthetic. Preparations will not help teeth to appear on the light faster, but they will facilitate this process.

The assortment of gels - painkillers, anti-inflammatory and homeopathic remedies. The most safe recognized drugs based on plants. They will effectively help the baby and his parents to pass the test of the first teeth without hysteria and nerves spent.

No chemistry! What is contained in the gel?

All mothers are wary of any medications that have to be given to the baby. Therefore, they are interested in how harmless the gel is. Doctor baby first teeth. To give an objective answer to this question, it is enough to examine its composition. It contains water and 5 plant elements:

  • chamomile - eliminates inflammation, produces anesthetic and sedative effect, neutralizes bacteria;
  • calendula. Heals wounds, disinfects. Soothes the central nervous system;
  • plantain. It helps strengthen the gums, relieves inflammation, has a wound-healing effect;
  • Echinacea. The famous herb, which is characterized by the ability to strengthen the immune system. It eliminates bacteria and adversely affects infections;
  • Althea root. Restores the mucous membrane, reduces irritation, helps healing, as it forms a film of plant mucus on the gums. This component provides long-term local effects of other elements of the gel.

But to make a 100% natural remedy is simply impossible - this also applies to the Doctor Doctor baby. The instruction confirms that it contains two synthetic substances. The first is methylcellulose (4%), which is necessary in order to give the agent the consistency of the gel. It is allowed for use in Russia (it is used even in the production of baby food), is not an allergen and does not irritate the skin. The potential harm this component can cause is an upset stomach.

Another artificial element is methylparaben (E218). This is a unique substance and a powerful antiseptic: most pathogenic bacteria and viruses die almost instantly upon contact with it. In minimal quantities (in its gel is 0.2%) it does not affect health.

What action does the remedy produce?

Baby doctor - gel, which is produced in Israel

Baby doctor - gel, which is produced in Israel, so there is no doubt that its production is strictly complied with all the rules. It is tasteless and odorless, placed in a small tub with a screw cap. The tube is soft, which is quite convenient: the mass is easy to squeeze out. The gel is viscous, quite thick and transparent. If the baby swallows the drug, it will not harm him.

Although the gel is based on plants, it is quite effective. After applying the product to the gums (after about 3-5 minutes), the baby calms down, as it relieves inflammation, pain and irritation.

How to use dental gel?

To find out how to use the gel, mom does not even have to read the instructions, since all the instructions for its use are printed directly on the packaging. The drug is recommended to be rubbed into the gums (in the place where the teeth are marked) with a clean finger (a silicone brush or a cotton swab will also work for this). It is permissible to use this tool from 3 months, although it is unlikely at this age that someone begins to grow teeth.

You can apply the gel as many times a day as necessary: ​​the instructions contain no restrictions regarding dosage. You can smear gums at any time of the day.

What are the contraindications of the drug?

This remedy has no special contraindications, as it is based on natural ingredients and is not a medicine. However, some babies may still have an individual reaction to any herb from the composition of the drug. To avoid negative effects (allergic reaction), at the first application you should take a very small portion of the gel.

Does the gel save: how do moms respond to the doctor baby?

how do moms respond to doctor baby

If your baby has reached the age when his teeth are about to erupt, is it worth it to stock up with the gel of your baby doctor first teeth? Reviews provide a comprehensive answer to this question. The vast majority of moms and dads are pretty with this tool. They are attracted, first of all, by its “naturalness”. They argue that it should be used at the first symptoms of teething in infants.

However, regarding the effectiveness of a consensus among consumers there. With unexpressed symptoms, it helps. But some kids need something stronger than herbs.

Parents have some remarks: although manufacturers claim that the drug does not have taste and smell, mothers who tried it say that it is not. The taste of the gel is not very pleasant. Kids frown and turn away - obviously, they are not happy with the tartness of sensations. There is a smell. Someone thought that the tool has a specific herbal aroma, while others claim that it smells of medicine. The gel envelops the gums, reduces their sensitivity and creates a feeling of a slight chill.

Parents pleased with the cost of funds. Gel with a volume of 15 ml can be bought for 160-205 rubles, which is cheaper than similar drugs.

The first tooth is an event no less important than the first word or independent steps. So that it is not overshadowed by cries, sleepless nights, temperature, you can try to use Baby Doctor. After all, it has the main advantage - safe for kids, and, according to some parents, it is the best gel. Is it so - you will understand after the first application.