Perhaps each of us is familiar with the discomfortable sensations in the stomach and intestines. In everyday life, we eat the wrong foods, our diet is completely unbalanced, and it often happens that we choose fast food as a snack. All this affects the state of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to an unhealthy diet, stressful situations, lifestyle, and bad habits affect the digestive tract. Many of us take Gastal for stomach or intestinal discomfort. What does this pharmacological remedy help with?

What helps Gastal?

to the pharmacological group of antacid drugs

Gastal refers to the pharmacological group of antacid type drugs. The composition of this pharmaceutical product includes substances that have a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa, in particular:

  • magnesium hydroxycate aluminum carbonate gel;
  • magnesium hydroxide;
  • additional substances.

When Gastal tablets enter the body due to the active substances, hydrochloric acid in the stomach binds, thereby eliminating the discomfort and normalizing the natural digestive processes. As practice shows, most often Gastal is taken by people who experience painful sensations in the stomach after taking fatty or spicy foods, as well as from heartburn and after excessive drinking of alcohol to remove toxins.

Due to the binding of free hydrochloric acid in the gastric cavity, Gastal helps to normalize the alkaline-acid balance, which allows you to get rid of painful and discomfort. Often, this drug is taken by people who adhere to the diet. If you are on a diet in order to lose weight, but by chance you have a breakdown and you have eaten 1-2 cakes, then there is nothing terrible - you can take a Gastal pill that will allow you to quickly digest the food you have received.

Indications for use Gastala

Gastal very good effect on the stomach

As already mentioned, Gastal very well affects the stomach by binding free hydrochloric acid. The pharmacological agent begins to act almost immediately after entering the digestive tract. The antacid effect lasts an average of 2 hours. Due to its active substances, Gastal suppresses the production of a number of enzymes, in particular, lysolecithin and pepsin, and also minimizes the effect of bile acid on the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach. According to the instructions, Gastal is recommended to take in such cases:

  • in case of a hyperacid type gastritis;
  • in case of detection of ulcerative pathologies of the stomach or duodenum;
  • with diaphragmatic hernia;
  • in case of belching or heartburn;
  • in case of acute pancreatitis;
  • in case of development of cholecystitis;
  • with the development of erosion processes in the esophagus;
  • with vagus-type dyspepsia;
  • in case of food or other poisoning;
  • in case of gastroesophageal reflux disease;
  • in the case of the syndrome of delaying removal of the contents of the stomach.

As already mentioned, Gastal helps well for heartburn, as well as alcohol intoxication. If in the morning a person experiences a hangover, then with the help of this pharmacological drug you can quickly get rid of toxins.

How to take Gastal?

Gastal can be purchased at any pharmacy. This pharmaceutical product is available in pill form. Gastal's dosage form is the same, the difference is the flavor and the number of tablets in the package. At the pharmacy counters can be found packaging with the number of tablets 12, 24, 30 and 48 pieces. The most common Gastal tablets are tasteless and are coated with a conventional coating. But manufacturers also offer tablets with a cherry and mint flavor. Most often, these pharmacological agents are purchased for children.

Before you buy and take Gastal, consult with your healthcare professional, because this drug has a number of contraindications, and its excessive or incorrect use can lead to side effects. Pay attention to the expiration date and release date. Gastal should be stored in a cool, protected from the access of children and direct sunlight. You should also observe the established temperature threshold for the storage of the drug. The course of treatment may not exceed 14 days, since Gastal is taken exclusively for therapeutic purposes.

It is recommended to take the medicine one hour after meals or one hour before the night’s sleep. In any case, before starting a treatment course, it is best to consult with a gastroenterologist. Adults are allowed to use 2 tablets no more than 3 times a day. Children from the age of 6 to 12 years old are allowed to take no more than 1 tablet three times a day. Treatment specialists do not advise giving such a drug to children under six years of age. It is not necessary to wash down with liquid or swallow a pill. Its pharmacological form provides for resorption. The pill should be placed behind the cheek or under the tongue: the active substances within a few minutes will begin to be absorbed into the mucous membrane and, together with the produced saliva, will fall into the esophagus and stomach.

If the severity and discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract due to overeating or drinking alcohol, you can take one tablet Gastala. As practice shows, a person is relieved after a few minutes.

Contraindications to receive Gastal

Gastal is strictly forbidden to use in such cases.

If you carefully read the instructions for this pharmacological agent, then read the list of contraindications. So, Gastal is strictly forbidden to use in such cases:

  • with the progression of Alzheimer's disease;
  • in case of individual intolerance of individual components, in particular lactose;
  • in case of a disease of a renal failure, at course of pathology in a severe form;
  • with the manifestation of an allergic reaction to the components and active substances.

Gastroenterologists advise not to take this drug to elderly people, as well as women during the period of gestation. In practice, there were cases when the use of Gastal caused the appearance of diarrhea, constipation, nausea and a change in taste perceptions.

Side effects

Acceptance of the pharmacologic drug Gastal can provoke the development of side effects. As a rule, they can occur with improper dosage or excessive use of pills. Treatment specialists and leading pharmacists distinguish the following side effects of the drug:

  • nausea;
  • manifestation of allergic reactions in various forms;
  • development of osteoporosis;
  • diarrhea;
  • encephalopathy;
  • constipation;
  • disruption of the normal functioning of the kidneys;
  • osteomalacia;
  • nephrocalcinosis;
  • hypercalciuria.

If Gastal is taken by people suffering from renal insufficiency, then as side effects they may experience an increase in blood pressure and constant thirst. In this case, you must immediately contact the attending specialist and undergo a full-scale study in order to appoint a full and balanced treatment course.

In an overdose of Gastalom, the above side effects may occur. It is better not to take Gastal with other medicines at the same time. The interval between taking different pharmaceuticals should be at least 2 hours.

Gastal very well deals with various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The spectrum of the pharmacological action of this drug is quite wide. Do not do self-medication. Only a specialist can prescribe a correct, balanced and effective treatment course.

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