Gas formation in the stomach


Gas formation is not accompanied by the most pleasant sensations and often causes very strong pain, belching, discomfort. This phenomenon may not be a dangerous disease, but it can ruin the mood a lot. Therefore, it will be useful for everyone to become more familiar with the various reasons that provoke this phenomenon.

Causes of bloating and gas formation

Causes of bloating and gas formation

Although gas formation in the abdomen is not a dangerous disease, it can be a sign of other health problems:

  • dysbacteriosis, in which there is a violation of the correct intestinal microflora, as a result of harmful microbes begin to actively produce gases (ammonia, methane);
  • very dense meal during which a lot of fat or spicy food is used;
  • intestinal obstruction occurs as a result of the formation of not only benign, but also malignant tumors;
  • drinking a variety of carbonated drinks;
  • bowel irritation occurs due to improper diet, eating large amounts of fatty foods;
  • hard-to-digest foods (for example, eggs, legumes, etc.);
  • pancreatitis develops as a result of enzyme deficiency, which provokes a violation of the proper process of digestion of food, therefore, increased gas formation occurs;
  • the habit of chewing gum often;
  • long break between meals;
  • eating kvass or bread;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • abrupt change of water consumed, which may occur due to a change of residence.

Products causing gases

Gas ProductsGas Products

Gas ProductsGas Products

Often this unpleasant problem is provoked by certain products used in large quantities:

  1. potatoes;
  2. cabbage;
  3. apples;
  4. legumes;
  5. pastries, for the preparation of which yeast dough was used;
  6. White bread;
  7. pears;
  8. beer.

If food, which contains starch and protein, enters a person's stomach, there is a chance that active gas formation will begin. Such a reaction can be triggered in the case of a sharp and complete change of the usual diet, as well as the consumption of a variety of exotic foods, which your stomach is not used to. As a result of the fact that the pancreas simply does not have time to produce the necessary number of enzymes that contribute to the absorption of unusual foods, the process of fermentation of food residues that are not digested begins. In some cases, the formation of gas is a sign of a strong allergic reaction of the body to certain products, usually citrus fruits, garlic and milk.

Gas formation in the stomach: how to get rid?

If worried about gas in the stomach, not everyone knows how to get rid of it. First of all, you need to pay attention to your own diet. Various sour-milk products, baked vegetables, fruits, bran wheat bread, boiled meat will help to eliminate bloating. If this does not help, it is necessary to hold fasting days at least once a week, which will have a positive effect on overall well-being.

It is useful to cook boiled rice for several days in a row, but without adding oil and salt. It should be consumed in the form of heat. During the day, you need to drink about 1.5 liters of kefir. Such a diet will help not only to remove accumulated toxins from the body, but also to normalize the process of digestion, therefore, to get rid of gas formation.

Gas formation in the stomach and farting: what to do?

Gas formation in the stomach and farting: what to do?

  • From flatulence can be quite quickly and easily get rid of. Benefit brings simple green tea with chamomile. A pharmacy chamomile is brewed in a glass of water (1 tbsp. L.) And boiled for several minutes. Ready medicinal decoction should be drunk immediately before the start of the meal.
  • Warm tea with ginger or thyme will help to remove unpleasant and painful abdominal cramps, quickly showing signs of distention and discomfort.
  • Perfectly helps and all the familiar activated carbon, which is in almost every home. Take this absorbent should be in proportion - 10 kg of weight per 1 tablet. To accelerate the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to first dissolve the activated carbon in a glass of water. At the same time not only flatulence is eliminated, but also an effective body cleansing is performed.
  • Against gases, as well as a large number of other diseases, a simple lemon helps. For flatulence, mix lemon zest with ginger, a pinch of salt and citrus juice. This tool must be taken within a week, at the same time it helps to normalize digestion.

Regardless of which method of getting rid of increased gas formation was chosen, it is necessary to establish the exact cause of this unpleasant phenomenon. It will also be helpful to consult with the doctor, as in some cases this may be a sign of a serious illness that requires immediate treatment.