Garlic tincture on alcohol for cleaning vessels


On the human vascular system moves the bloodstream, and, therefore, all the useful substances necessary for the functioning of the body. But along with the useful ones, others also move, sometimes accumulating in the aisles, reducing the lumen of the vessel. Formed so-called plaques. The blood circulates constantly and under a certain pressure, and the substances accumulated in the lumens disrupt the naturalness of this process, causing a number of disorders, for example, varicose veins.

There are many ways to clean the blood vessels, including recipes of traditional medicine. Thus, in one ancient Tibetan treatise, a recipe was found for a means to effectively clean the vessels at home. This garlic tincture on alcohol, and the reviews are very effective for cleaning vessels.

How to cook?

garlic tincture on alcohol, and, according to reviews, is very effective for cleaning vessels

Only two ingredients are needed, container, time and patience. Must gather 350 g of peeled cloves. The product is passed through the garlic, covered with a lid and left alone in a dark place until the garlic does not let the juice.

Take a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Squeeze out the extracted vegetable juice, add a glass of medical alcohol (you need to use the original product, and not replace it with vodka). Hide the vessel in a dark cool place. 1.5 weeks can not touch your tincture.

After strain and leave for three days alone. Garlic tincture on alcohol for cleaning vessels is ready, which should be taken according to a specific scheme.


The regimen of alcoholic garlic tincture is specific. Duration of therapy - until the end of the product. The drug is taken orally, three times a day for 20 minutes before meals.

  • 1-5 days: from 1 drop to the first dose of the first day, with each successive one - the number of drops increases by one. By the end of 5 days, the last dose should be 15 drops of tincture.
  • 6-10 days: the next 5 days the dosage goes in the opposite direction (decreases). Morning reception 6 days - 15 drops, then each time minus one. Evening dose of 10 days - 1 drop.
  • from day 11 until the full use of the product: three times a day, 25 drops.

To not be disgusting to taste, as well as in order to reduce the concentration of tincture, drink with warm milk (one-third of a glass is enough).

Garlic tincture: reviews

Garlic tincture: reviews

Reviews who were not forbidden to drink garlic tincture:

“I have already taken it several times. A strong therapeutic effect was observed for the first time, the subsequent courses are more preventive. I was convinced from my own experience that the tincture is not for nothing called the“ elixir of youth ”.

"I decided to test the effect of the Tibetan remedy. The pressure normalized, headaches disappeared, the plaques in the vessels went away, the internal tone increased, the immunity strengthened, the state of the organism improved as a whole."

Reviews of doctors on garlic tincture for cleaning vessels are as follows:

"I do not mind the thoughtful use of this tool. However, be sure to consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of therapy, as a means with a highly effective method of exposure has a number of contraindications. These are gastric ulcers, disorders of the kidneys, liver, urinary and biliary, pancreas. As well as periods of gestation and lactation ".

"Garlic is able to whet the appetite, so that overweight people should be more careful with alcohol tincture. However, do not discard the unique cleansing and metabolism of Tibetan remedies."

The remedy is so strong that, in the opinion of doctors, it is not more likely to resort to it once a course of six years. If you follow all the rules and medical prescriptions, you can solve more than one health problem.