Gargling with soda and salt


When the first signs of a mouth disease and throat appear, many of us prefer folk remedies rather than pharmacological drugs. Our grandmothers also believed that gargling with soda and salt, iodine was a very effective, and most importantly, safe method of treatment. This procedure has its own characteristics, which we will discuss today.

When do I need to gargle with iodine saline?

Gargling with soda and salt, iodine

We are constantly surrounded by pathogenic microorganisms, which still strive to get inside and settle on the mucous coating. Most often, pathogenic microbes enter our body through the nasal passages, and then settle on the mucous membrane of the throat. Tonsils begin to inflame, increase in size and become covered with purulent bloom, resulting in unbearable pain when talking, swallowing and even breathing.

If pathogenic microorganisms are not eliminated in a timely manner, the infection will descend into the lower respiratory tract and affect the bronchi and lungs. In this case, it will be impossible to cure the disease by rinsing. Moreover, pneumonia and bronchitis are very serious pathologies, which often cause the development of complicated consequences.

How does salt work in combination with iodine and table soda? Everything is very simple. Microbes and pathogens spread at a certain level of acidity, and saline solution with the addition of baking soda normalizes the acid-base balance. In such an environment, bacteria do not survive and begin to actively die. Iodine is considered the most simple and affordable pharmacological antiseptic. A few drops of iodine will produce a wonderful bactericidal effect, and you will be able to overcome the ailment at the initial stage.

Sore throat

To use a solution prepared on the basis of salt (sea) salt, baking soda and pharmacy iodine, it is necessary in such cases:

  • when small wounds or cracks appear on the mucous coating;
  • for the purpose of cleansing the throat (tonsils) from the accumulation of mucus;
  • for removing pus;
  • in order to eliminate unpleasant painful sensations;
  • to get rid of the characteristic tickle during the development of inflammatory processes;
  • in case of hoarseness, singers, broadcasters often gargle with such a solution.

Treatment specialists along with pharmacological preparations recommend gargling with this solution during the development of the following pathologies:

  • sore throats with pus accumulations;
  • tonsillitis in the acute stage of development;
  • hypertrophic pharyngitis (at any stage of development).

Of course, that it is necessary to apply such a means for rinsing extremely carefully. So, it is not allowed to gargle soda-saline solution to children under six years of age. In addition, you must make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to one of the components.

Preparing the solution correctly: salt, soda, iodine

If you want to quickly get rid of the painful sensations in the throat, then when the primary signs appear, you should start rinsing. It is important to respect the proportions of iodine, since its excessive addition can provoke a burn of the mucous surface. Almost all people prepare such a solution according to the classic recipe.

How to gargle?


  • purified water - 250 ml;
  • cooked or non-flavored sea salt - 1 tsp;
  • Pharmaceutical iodine - 3 drops;
  • sodium carbonate - 1 tsp.

Preparation and use:

  1. Water must be boiled and slightly cooled.
  2. In the prepared purified water you need to add all the above components.
  3. Spoon it is necessary to stir the solution so that all salt crystals dissolve.
  4. Throat should be washed three times a day. It is best to prepare a new solution every day.

Recommended proportions

As already mentioned, when preparing a soda-salt solution with iodine for rinsing it is necessary to correctly calculate the proportions. And if sodium carbonate and salt do not harm anyone, then an excessive concentration of iodine can cause the formation of burn wounds. Along with the classic solution preparation solution, many people add egg white, propolis, or tea tree oil extract. With strong pain after manipulation, the surface of the tonsils can be smeared with a pharmacological drug Lugol or calendula infusion prepared on an alcohol basis.

It is considered very effective soda-saline solution, which is added egg white and pharmacy iodine. Water must be warm, but not hot. Otherwise, the protein will fold and lose all its beneficial properties. Protein has an enveloping effect, so after each procedure the attacks of pain will be weaker.

Throat Solution


  • 1 egg white;
  • filtered water - 1 tbsp .;
  • pharmacy iodine - 3 drops;
  • salt or non-flavored sea salt - 1 tsp;
  • sodium carbonate - 1 tsp.

Preparation and use:

  1. All components should be thoroughly mixed until complete dissolution of the egg white.
  2. The procedure should be carried out three times a day, and during exacerbation of tonsillitis - 5-6 times at the same time interval.
  3. Every day it is better to prepare a fresh solution.

How to perform the rinsing procedure?

Rinsing procedure

Before you begin to carry out such a manipulation, make sure that you have no contraindications to this. Iodine can not be used for too long, because it drains the mucous coating significantly. Also, the addition of iodine in soda-saline solution should be abandoned in such cases:

  • in case of pharyngitis atrophic in chronic form;
  • with increasing temperature threshold;
  • in case of development of hepatic pathologies;
  • with tuberculosis;
  • during gestation;
  • with the development of diathesis hemorrhagic type.

So that this procedure gave a positive result and you could get rid of pain in the throat, it must be carried out correctly. When gargling, consider a number of aspects:

  • the liquid used for rinsing must be warm, but not hot;
  • at the bottom of the tank in which the solution is contained, there should be no crystalline precipitate;
  • The cooled liquid must be slightly warmed up, because a cold solution may provoke the development of complications;
  • at a time, no more than one mouthful of mortar should be taken into the oral cavity;
  • so that the soda-saline solution gets into the throat well, the head should be slightly tilted back;
  • Be careful and cautious: the liquid should not enter the esophagus;
  • during the manipulation, you need to try to pronounce the letter "S" - so the liquid can sink into the throat and thoroughly wash the pathogenic mucous membrane;
  • one procedure should last about half a minute;
  • after each manipulation it is not allowed to eat food or drink water (including tea, juice, coffee, etc.) for 20-25 minutes;
  • each time it is better to prepare a new soda-saline solution, since the remaining liquid will lose some of its beneficial and antibacterial properties;
  • manipulation is best done after a meal.

If rinsing soda-saline with the addition of pharmacy iodine for 2-3 days did not give a positive result, you should contact your otolaryngologist. The attending specialist will be able to diagnose and prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Be healthy!