Boils are one of the common skin problems. According to statistics, they are diagnosed among about 40% of dermatological diseases. The development of boils is complicated by the fact that they need to be treated in a certain way. Otherwise, there may be a number of the most serious problems - from sepsis to death.

To get started is to understand the mechanisms of formation of boils. These ulcers with a deep stem appear only on the skin areas on which there are hair follicles. Boils on the soles of the feet and palms cannot occur. Most often they appear in the nasolabial triangle, on the back and legs.

On the surface of our skin are constantly present bacteristaphylococcus. Most of them are not dangerous for humans. But there are those that get under the skin, causing an inflammatory process. They provoke the occurrence of boils in the niches of the hair follicles.

Boil: causes and symptoms

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The main causes of boils include:

  1. Non-compliance with hygiene rules
  2. Infection infection
  3. Skin damage
  4. Periodic rubbing of the skin

Especially in detail it is worthwhile to dwell on the fact that boils can signal problems with immunity. Often they occur due to the fact that the body breaks down defense mechanisms. As a result, he becomes more susceptible to infections.

Boils go through several stages in their education. The first is called infiltrative. During this period appears chiri or in a scientific way infiltration. It is a seal of the skin, which over time becomes more and more. The approximate dimensions of the area are about 1-3 cm. The skin becomes reddish and becomes edematous. At this phase, you can already feel the pain. Infiltration occurs around the hair follicle, as staphylococcus in the 1st turn penetrates it. Due to this, tissue damage occurs.

The 2nd phase is called necrotic. It starts a few days later. In the focus of inflammation begins to form the abscess. This usually occurs 4 days after the appearance of seals. On the skin you can see that the head of the boil protrudes above the rest of the surface. Usually, a so-called breakthrough occurs in this phase. The skin over the head of inflammation becomes thinner. Then it breaks through, and pus flows out of the "pocket" of inflammation.

The last stage is the healing phase. After outflow of pus, a small hole is formed. If the boil was large, it can leave a scar in the healing process.

All stages of the occurrence of boils are accompanied by certain symptoms. Among them:

  1. Itching
  2. Feeling sore with certain body movements or muscle work
  3. Headaches
  4. Temperature rise
  5. Deterioration and depression

How to treat furuncle?

Furuncle: home treatment

Boils should not be treated on their own. The reason is simple - blood poisoning may occur. As an example, doctors cite the fate of the great Russian composer Scriabin, who died after squeezing the furuncle. The fact that the inflammation that occurs on the face, can cause sepsis most often. In the nasolabial triangle is venous blood flow. He "transports" blood to the brain. As a result, when self-opening boil infection may occur.

This happens even when sterility is observed, since There are bacteria that do not die from alcohol. As a result, the infection enters the brain. This is fraught with not only meningitis, but also death. The ideal option is to go to the doctor in this situation.

At the 1st stage of the boil, it is necessary to lubricate it with an antiseptic and put a dry dressing on top. In no case should you do warm compresses. This will increase the area of ​​compaction and inflammation. At the moment when the head of the boil is formed, it is worth making an appointment with a doctor. The surgeon usually treats this problem. Do not lubricate the surface of the skin with any coloring solutions. This will lead to the fact that the doctor will not be able to establish the phase of development of the boil. As a result, it will be difficult for him to prescribe the correct treatment.

If the surgeon has determined that the patient has a purulent-noncritical phase, then treatment can be of 2 types. Sometimes several salicylic acid crystals are applied to the head. It helps to soften the skin. Then the head opens, and the doctor cleans the cavity. Also, the boil is opened with a surgical scalpel. An incision is made, and then pus is pumped out of the cavity. After that, the doctor treats the wound and bandages.

What should not be done when boils occur:

  • Never squeeze the carbuncles. They represent several nearby boils.
  • Do not self-medicate and do not use antibiotic ointments.
  • With frequent occurrence of boils, be sure to consult a doctor. You may be diagnosed with furunculosis.

Boil in a child: what to do?

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It is especially important to consult a doctor if a baby has a boil. First of all, it can signal the weakening of the immunity to weaken the immune system. As you know, children are often injured. But here boils occur far from all. So it is in the features of the functioning of the body. Boils may occur during the period after the illness or during it.

Especially dangerous are ulcers, located in the nasolabial fold, neck, genitals, skin folds. Also, boils in the ear or near the eyes can lead to complications. The danger is that in these places blood vessels are located close to the surface of the skin. As a result, inflammation can lead to complications.

How to treat a baby boil? You should not try to squeeze it, pierce or cut it. It is better to consult a doctor. Only he will prescribe the right treatment. At the initial stage of the formation of a seal around the skin, conservative methods are used. This is usually a UV lamp. Also, when the stem matures, the doctor may prescribe ichthyol ointment. It is applied to the affected area, and a gauze bandage is applied on top. This treatment is used until the boil breaks out. Then the doctor disinfects the wound and bandages.

Prevention of the appearance of boils in adults and children is reduced to the same principles:

  • Follow the rules of hygiene
  • Treat skin lesions promptly.
  • Watch your health and strengthen your immune system
  • Keep an active lifestyle

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How to treat a boil? This dermatological problem almost always requires a diagnosis from a doctor. The thing is that boils have several stages of their development. Depending on the phases, a certain type of treatment is prescribed. It is worth noting that an independent attempt to open the boil can lead to blood poisoning and even death.

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