It is safe to say that every home has in the first-aid kit a pack of yellow pills, liquid or powder of the drug Furacilin. With the help of this tool, it is possible to get rid of many complications of a cosmetic and medical nature, reduce the symptoms of some ailments.

What helps tablets Furacilin?

What helps Furacilin tablets

It is worth paying attention to the indications for receiving the narrated drug, how diverse they are:

  • abrasions, small wounds and scratches, cuts, cracks and other skin problems;
  • first, second and third stage burns;
  • conjunctivitis (including purulent appearance);
  • severe damage with purulent effusion;
  • empyema of the pleural cavity and sinuses around the nose (washing);
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity;
  • boils;
  • bedsores, blepharitis;
  • purulent infection affecting bone tissue;
  • gingivitis;
  • skin transplantation;
  • infections of wound surfaces.

Furacilin belongs to the category of antimicrobial drugs, it is derived from nitrofuran. It is because of this that this agent is active against bacteria (both gram-positive and gram-negative), even of the category of microorganisms that are resistant to other drugs of the same purpose. However, all of the above is not the whole area of ​​use, medical experience shows that this medicine is effective in other cases.

Will furatsilin help from sweating feet?

Will furatsilin from sweating feet

Enhanced sweat on the palms and the skin of the feet, or the scientific term - hyperhidrosis, in its course is characterized by the reproduction of infectious microorganisms. Due to their enhanced division, an unpleasant smell appears.

Due to the fact that Furatsilin has antimicrobial activity, using this drug, from the first time you can see significant improvements: the elimination of human virulent flora and non-standard symptoms is carried out. For a whole course, it usually takes up to five compresses for 5-10 minutes. In the manufacture of a solution for compresses, 200 ml of warm and boiled water is taken and 2 tablets of the drug are added to it, wait for complete dissolution.

It is worth focusing on the fact that Furacilin may not have the desired effect in case of hyperhidrosis. This occurs in cases where the problems themselves are caused by non-infectious microorganisms. Here it is necessary to consult a doctor for examination, establishment of an accurate diagnosis and the subsequent comprehensive course of treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Furacilin with a sore throat

Many colds are characterized by inflammation of the pituitary membranes of the pharynx, which are caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus. To stop their impact, you can rinse the throat with a solution of the drug at the rate of 100 ml of boiled warm water per tablet, which helps eliminate the painful feeling in the throat and remove inflammatory processes.

Furacilin from thrush

Furacilin from thrush

Thrush is a fungal disease. In addition to other advantages, this drug also has low antifungal activity, so in many cases, female doctors prescribe an internal rinsing with a solution based on it.

Also, to remove unpleasant sensations, such as burning, itching, pain in the vagina, you can wash yourself with Furacilin or make sedentary baths. When preparing the solution, take 3 tablets per 300 ml of boiled and warm water. Carries out an instant effect, removing the cheesy plaque, preventing its re-formation, and also reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process.

It is important before using this method, you must ensure that there is no allergic reaction to the drug itself and its components.

Reviews from consumers about Furacilin

  • "I got acquainted with this drug quite recently. Somehow I had a sore throat, and even to such an extent that my voice was gone, I could not eat at all. Friends advised me to buy furatsilin, because I had no strength, bought and tried to mix the solution for throat. In a glass of warm water stirred the pill, and rinsed hard all day, in the evening the voice returned "- Kristina.

Furacilin: reviews from specialists

  • "I consider that as an antiseptic it is nothing special, too weak for use in the field of surgery, too little activity. It is only for gargling and can be treated", - Sergey (surgeon);
  • “Only one advantage is cheapness. And so, I would say that it’s not productive yesterday, which came 10 years ago. In general, it has long been proven that the treatment of wounds with a solution of such a drug does not come from him, but from mechanical washing out. It follows that the best antimicrobial is saline ", - Artem (proctologist).

In conclusion, it should be said that the drug will not work for serious actions, as we have already found out, relying on the opinions of medical specialists. But, he will cope with a sore throat, get rid of sore gums and sweating feet, heal a wound, even if by mechanical washing, the drug can cope with 100%. Keep it in your first-aid kit!

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