Fruitian yang


Before answering the questions, Jan noted that I had not yet met the only reliable source of information about fruitarianism, because each transition occurs in different ways. Therefore, he recommends that anyone who wants to take this step towards a healthy lifestyle: discarding all fears and doubts, just go to the goal and, without listening to the advice of others, get your own unique individual experience, as it will be the most true. By taking this path for truth, you will allow yourself to get rid of many problems and you will be able to go through this process without emotional disruptions. A calm atmosphere of body and soul is exactly what you need.



How did you find out about fruitorialism?

I first heard about it completely by chance, in the news, but this did not seem to me to be something surprising. I talked about this with a friend who was a vegetarian at the time. Later, a year after I switched to fruitorialism, he did the same, following my example, and wondered for a very long time why he had not done this much earlier.

What made you decide to go to him?

In the course of my life I was a very healthy person. I tried all sorts of sports, where he achieved high results. However, I had one flaw: my inheritance did not get a very good throat, so I often coughed. From the age of 13, I began to actively temper, in large quantities using freezing water and ice, which I either swallowed whole or gnawed to the state of thawed water. A cold shower has become a daily responsibility. Then I completely stopped using tea and coffee, meat. Ate mostly buckwheat. Subsequently, I learned that this is almost the only cereal that is really good for health, while other cereals are only "barrels" of fat and starch. Fructorianism became for me one more step, which I climbed, and in the process, I never doubted my actions.

How did you make the transition to fruitorialism: abruptly or gradually?

He moved abruptly and acted on the fruit nutrition system until two o'clock in the afternoon, and then only water. This went on for 4 months. After this time, I abruptly stopped drinking water and left only fruit.

How long have you been on a new kind of food?

At the moment it is 2 years and 3 months. All this time for me was an exciting experiment, full of personal discoveries and astonishment. I started to sleep on the floor: for the first 2 months, all the bones hurt, there was a process of restoring the spine to its natural position. Then I began to sleep like a baby, it took less and less time to sleep. I live in Australia and once, when I was working on a farm, I counted 11 days with absolutely no sleep. It was a record time, but I did not feel tired. So before this interview, I slept only the day before yesterday for about 1-2 hours.

Have you had a breakdown?

There were no disruptions. The thing is that until we think about sausage, we will not find ourselves in the middle of the night at the open refrigerator. I just made a set of forbidden thoughts and, when they appeared, drove them away from me.

Were there any side effects, such as weight loss?

For the first 4 months I lost 45 kg and now my weight is 64 kg with height of 174 cm. When I abruptly refused water, I felt a certain dryness on my face and mouth for the first 2 weeks, but then everything changed for the better: my skin became soft and clean, and my mouth was always wet, I forgot my thirst forever.

The fact is that the body can do only one of two things with greater emphasis: either to cleanse the body of toxins, or to repair and heal diseases. With traditional nutrition, the body constantly receives a fraction of slags that needs immediate disposal, otherwise the body will simply die in the shortest possible time. When a person goes to the nutritional fruits, which does not contain slags and almost does not require the energy of body work, the body will get a chance and a huge amount of energy to heal all sorts of "unhealed wounds-diseases." Many are frightened and blame the Fruttorianism for their diseases, while this is almost the only cure for all diseases, which perhaps in the future can save from early death, prolonging life and youth for many years.

What happened in your life in connection with the transition?

The attitude of the body to the sun has changed a lot: I, spending the whole day under the scorching sun, feel great, while other people, sitting in their clothes and smearing with cream, manage to get sunburn. In Australia, many people are afraid of skin cancer, which can be earned by spending time in the sun, but if fruitorism is what cures cancer, then I have nothing to fear.

During the year I did not touch the toothbrush and always have completely clean fresh breath, even in the morning. The energy level has increased incredibly: I work out in the gym for 8 hours a day and, while visiting the sauna, I do not need water. Plasticity has greatly increased. I can safely stay 3-4 days without water and food, while having serious physical exertion.

The taste is restored and becomes very thin. Now I feel how salty tomatoes really are and the fact that each mandarin slice has its own distinct taste. All fruits are very sweet and have their own unique taste, even if they grew on one branch. I immediately recall people who speak with sadness in their voice that everything used to be tastier and more natural, that the world has changed. In fact, they have changed much more, and even this was not noticed ...

How did you fight public opinion?

No The more you fight, the more opposition. You should tame your ego and allow others to have an opinion, even if you know for sure that this opinion does not belong to them, and they simply repeat what they see on TV.

How much more are you planning to eat fruit?

My decision was final and irrevocable. I want to experience life as thin as possible, discovering new horizons. This food, as a tool, allows you to get closer to perfection and my goal.

What would you advise to those who want to become a fruitarian?

Advice is easy to give, but everyone is individual and needs to work on different aspects of his life. Therefore, I can only say that if you are striving to improve your health or want to feel the world around you brighter and richer, then fruitlessness is undoubtedly your tool. There will always be events in life that will require your willpower, perseverance, and intentions to overcome some steps, so just live, enjoy life. Try to keep a simple baby loving heart and be yourself, as this is what makes us real people.

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