Fruitarian constantine


Konstantin has developed his own fruit nutrition system, taking into account the calories needed by the male body. He carefully chooses fruit and generously shares his experience.



How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it?

I learned this from A. Carr's book, The Easy Way to Lose Weight, where he actually promotes fruitorism. The idea of ​​health care and, in general, that we need to start in practice to implement the expression “health is the most valuable,” seemed to me quite obvious. During the reading of his books about smoking and alcohol, I already quit drinking and smoking, and in terms of nutrition, I put the decisive end to the first trip to the dentist in my life, in order to remove nerves from the tooth. Even in spite of the fact that I went to a good clinic, and as a result of the “freezing”, I practically did not feel anything, anyway, this made a tremendous impression on me. Especially after I paid 4000 rubles for just a “temporary” seal. The next day, I just went to the market, bought fruit, and became a raw foodist. Everything happened by itself, without any breakage or other things.

Do you plan to continue to eat only fruit?

Naturally, I plan to eat like this and continue, and in general, I want to create a family of fruitorians, and feed the children right away since birth.

How did the transition to fruitorialism?

The transition, respectively, as such, was not there at all, as already described above, everything happened on the same day and without breaking.

How to cope with public opinion?

About public opinion. I must say right away that raw foods, fruitorialism, and indeed, even a healthy lifestyle, in the form of not drinking alcohol and not smoking, are all extremely anti-social in the current realities. Nobody understands around you - because of the conservatism and the impenetrability of most people, they cannot be persuaded. Raw food, fruitorialism is not only a change of nutrition, but, as a rule, in general, a change of lifestyle. You already stop participating in parties, you try to do the “right” things more, friends can turn away from you, in general, it’s possible that your social circle will change completely.

Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps or did you allow yourself to eat something that you refused?

Regarding the return to the previous steps. After 8 months, I found out that I had consumed too many nuts, that the oil is harmful, the same applies to salt, so I decided to eliminate all this and eat only fruit. But after 2 weeks of eating only fruits, I began to have breakdowns on the same food, sometimes in very hard forms. Breakdowns lasted several months. As a result, I began to read books about raw food eating, and found out that I had a completely illiterate diet, I did not receive enough calories, I did not receive enough minerals. It turned out that the generally accepted norms of calories correspond more or less to the truth, and the average man should consume at least 2000 kcal per day. I also found out that I used an excessive amount of fat. Of nuts, butter, etc. I learned that fat should be consumed not more than 10 percent of the total calories. In fact, this means that eating only fruit, you can add no more than 20-25 grams of nuts per day. And this is on condition that you do not eat salads with butter, avocados, etc.

Did you have any side effects (illness, sudden weight loss, etc.) during the transition?

Turning to raw food, you start to lose weight quickly. For 8 months I lost 20 kg. There were no illnesses, on the contrary, it stopped hurting. True, the only thing is due to errors in the power supply system, i.e. the lack of minerals and calories, in the end there was very little strength, in particular for the gym, the condition of the teeth began to deteriorate (I read an article somewhere that I do not need to clean my teeth at all, and decided to try it myself)

How has your life changed(spiritually and physically, socially)?

In all kinds of spirituality, I never believed and do not intend to believe. On the physical plane, an enormous amount of energy, an enormous capacity for work, and excellent well-being appear on the right fruitarianism. Sleep improves, you sleep only 7 hours a day, and you wake up in the morning full of energy, you sweat less, you find a beautiful toned relief body, without any exercise you can make cubes on the press (the fat goes off by itself). I, doing nothing, lost 20 kg in 8 months! All day sitting in his desk chair!

What would you advise to those who are just going to switch to fruitorism?

Fruitorism is not just eating fruits and everything. This is a much more complicated system, and you are mostly unaware of what you are communicating with. Ideally, we are talking about food on schedule, weighing portions, and so on. In general, I have a program that I have carefully developed for several months:

9:00 Apples 600g

12:00 Persimmon 600 g + Celery 300 g

15:00 Black Grapes 600 g

18:00 Banana 600 g + Peking cabbage 300 g

21:00 White Grapes 600 g

Here is a ready-made, most balanced and varied diet of a fruktorian person. I came to this diet after a year and a half of raw food and fruitorianism, going through many mistakes and misconceptions, and also avoiding brainwashing from various fanatics. Yes, in the diet only fresh fruits and fresh leafy greens! Everything else is completely excluded - tea, coffee, alcohol, any other drinks, chocolate, thermally processed food, and so on. Yes, and the water also does not need to drink. When consuming this amount of juicy fruits and greens (and they are 80-95 percent water), the body gets all the necessary water, and thirst will not occur. Unless of course you do not ride every day 100 km marathon on a bicycle.

The diet is carefully calculated based on the chemical composition, contains 2000 kcal (daily allowance for men), and all the necessary minerals and vitamins. It is also selected on the basis of those fruits and greens that are actually regularly bought in our strip, and which, as a rule, are of good quality (sweet). In addition, for example, apples can be taken from your own garden. Like cabbage. Those meals in which celery and peking are added are green smoothies. You take a food processor and mix fruit and greens in it, to a mushy state. I purchased electronic scales to weigh food. Although the bulk of the food I weigh right in the store. Just dialing 600 g. You need to understand that in the diet of unripe or savory low-quality fruit, it makes no sense. Ripe persimmon - very soft. Ripe bananas are yellow with specks. The most delicious grape variety is black "Moldova". It has a unique rich sweet-sour taste.

I will dwell on the preparation of green cocktails. They are best done with bananas or persimmons. And any greens are suitable for bananas, and only celery is for persimmons. Celery is better to tear off the branches with leaves, and leave only the stems (the leaves are bitter). Greens are very important, it contains those missing minerals that are not found in fruits. When making a cocktail, I let the knives spin in the processor for about one minute.

It is very important to maintain sufficient intervals between meals. If you eat 600 grams of apples and after half an hour 600 grams of green cocktail, the apples will not have time to digest, and you will have bloating, heaviness, and so on. In general, digestive disorders. No need to worry about winter. There is a common misconception that in winter fruits are fantastically expensive. In fact, it is not. All winter you can buy bananas for 40 rubles per kg and persimmon (blood beetle), for 50-55 rubles per kg. By the way, I personally take everything on the wholesale market, there are low prices and a large selection. How will the new thoughts and discoveries, share!

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