Fruit sweat


The amazing name of Sweetie belongs to an exotic fruit, created by the efforts of the scientists of Israel. Their desire to grow a fruit resembling a grapefruit, but with a milder and sweeter taste, was the beginning of the appearance of the fruit of the suite. But before you try this exotic fruit, you should get acquainted with those useful properties that it is famous for.

Fruit Sweat

Fruit fruit is a hybrid of white grapefruit and pomelo, its other name is pomelo, or oroblanco. The history of the fruit began in 1984 in the state of California in the university laboratory.

For a long time, he remained in the shadow of his progenitor grapefruit, as he was distinguished by a large amount of waste. Gradually, the fruit of the suite spread to many countries: Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, and even beautiful Hawaii.

Sweet Fruit: Useful Properties

After the fruits of the suite ripen, they retain their green color on a thick, shiny and smooth skin. The light yellow flesh of the fruit is heavy.

In cooking and cosmetology, only the pulp of the fruit of the suite is used. When cooking exotic and delicious salads, it becomes indispensable. The taste of fruit suites is perfectly combined with vegetables, seafood, champignons and chicken.

Fruit composition

The composition contains many useful substances. Most of it contains healing vitamin C. That is why it can become indispensable in the treatment and prevention of colds, especially before the start of the flu epidemic.

In addition, Sweat contains many different trace elements, antioxidants and essential oils. In its composition there is a large number of special enzymes that help quickly break down fats and proteins, and normalize metabolism. For the same reason, the fruit of the suite belongs to the dietary products. It can be an excellent component for the menu of people suffering from excess weight, or those who wish to maintain their figure in the norm.

The benefits of sweat for the body

  • According to its beneficial properties, the fruit of the fruit resembles a grapefruit. Thanks to research by scientists, it has become known that the use of sweat reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.
  • This citrus improves the work of the heart, regulates blood pressure, bringing it into shape, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Therefore, it is especially useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Sweet Fruit: Useful Properties

  • Fruit fruit perfectly helps with edema. Its use has a beneficial effect on the restoration of water-salt balance in the body.
  • Sweat also has the properties of an excellent antidepressant. It helps to cope with depression and fatigue, bad mood and apathy, improve memory and attention, arouse interest in life.
  • Doctors especially recommend fresh fruit juice. It is an excellent invigorating agent that not only raises the tone of the body, but also improves the condition of the intestines, gall bladder and liver.
  • Useful properties of Sweetie appreciated in cosmetology. Based on it, masks are made, as it perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. This mask can be done at home. To do this, in a coffee grinder you need to grind the rice flour, add 2 tbsp. l Sweet Juice and Bergamot Oil. The mask can be made without using bergamot. It is placed on the face and décolleté area for 10 minutes, then rinsed with warm water. This mask makes the skin elastic, cleansing it.

How do they eat fruit?

Before you buy this fruit, pay attention to its skin was thick, without marks, smooth and shiny. When the fruit is peeled, there should be a greasy deposit on the hands. This indicates the ripeness of the suite.

When peeling the fruit, the inner crust needs to be removed, it will taste bitter. Eat fruit sweating as well as grapefruit, simply cut in half.

It can be added to the salad, surprising native exotic dish. It is quite simple to prepare it: you need to peel 2 fruits from the film and peel, chop soft cheese with tomatoes, mix everything, pour olive oil and sprinkle with finely chopped greens. The taste of this salad is very unusual, refreshing and pleasant, and the amount of vitamins is simply amazing.

Sweet Fruit Contraindications

Sweet Fruit Contraindications

The amazing hybrid of pomelo and grapefruit with an unusual name has some contraindications, which must be remembered before you buy it. For people suffering from high acidity, fruit is contraindicated contraindicated (to learn more about how to cope with this unpleasant disease, see the article: Increased gastric acidity symptoms and treatment).

It can significantly worsen the condition, cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, kidneys or intestines. It is better to abandon the use of sweets, or to significantly reduce the portion for intestinal inflammation, enteritis, gastritis with increased gastric acidity, cholecystitis, hepatitis, acute nephritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and colitis.

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Fruit Sweat contains a large number of beneficial trace elements, enzymes and antioxidants, which makes it indispensable for losing weight, a lot of ascorbic acid, vitamin C. It is because of this that sweat reduces the level of cholesterol, making it better than its progenitors. At the same time it is sweeter than a grapefruit and less than a broom.