Fructose is a natural fruit sugar that is found in berries and fruits, honey, plant seeds and floral nectar, as well as in confectionery products and products subjected to strong food processing. Fructose is sweeter than sugar 1.7 times. Artificial fructose can be stored for up to 6 months, and adding it to products not only helps to improve their taste, but also increases the risk of obesity.

There are different opinions about the benefits and dangers of fructose to the body. In any case, you must comply with the measure and abandon the use of fructose, if you have contraindications to it.

The benefits of fructose for the body

Fructose, which is part of vegetables, fruits and honey, is an excellent source of energy, which helps to quickly compensate for the loss of the body.

An increase in the diet of fruits and vegetables is the beginning of the transition to a healthy lifestyle. Natural fructose forms less blood sugar, and fructose, found in red apples, promotes the synthesis of uric acid, which is considered a natural antioxidant and helps fight premature aging. It has a low glycemic index, helping to maintain a normal weight if it is not abused.

In moderate amounts, fructose provides energy, the amount of which exceeds the amount of energy produced by sugar and accelerates the breakdown of alcohol in the blood. Fructose is the first of the sweeteners and in small quantities will be useful for people with type 2 diabetes.. It contains less calories than glucose. It is used in small quantities for making jam and jams for people with diabetes, due to its preservative properties. When cooking sweet dishes, sugar can be replaced by fructose, then the dough will be lush and soft. But The use of fructose depends directly on its quantity. It is very easy to turn all the benefits to harm, and, first of all, to cause the obesity process, if it is abused.

The small amount that is necessary for the normal functioning of the body of fructose can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, which contain natural fructose. A large amount of natural fructose in your diet should also be avoided, but it is not as harmful as the artificial fructose used in the confectionery industry.

Fructose, which is in sparkling water, sweets and baking, products that have been subjected to food processing many times, can provoke a very quick weight gain, because it becomes the main reason that the body stops controlling the process of weight gain and the necessary energy balance for it.

Harm of fructose to the body

Fructose is contraindicated for people trying to lose weight and have significant weight. In large quantities, fructose can cause overweight and worsen the condition in diabetes. But it is not much different from other types of sugars, an excessive amount of which harms the body, provokes the appearance of fat deposits, a decrease in the body’s energy potential and fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Abuse of fructose, its excess in the body, can cause liver disease and even diabetes. The human body easily absorbs fructose, which can provoke the occurrence of liver failure and fatty liver. Improper use of fructose can reduce the absorption of copper by the body, which can cause the development of anemia, since it is copper that is needed to create hemoglobin.

Also, excessive use of fructose can cause an increase in blood cholesterol. This can cause damage to the arteries and become a source of cardiovascular disease. If you are on a diet in which there is a lot of fruit containing large amounts of fructose, then this diet creates excess fat deposits in the muscles and liver, reducing the sensitivity of insulin contained in the liver. Optimally eat no more than 30 grams of natural fructose per day.It should be no more than 15% in the diet for the day.

Fructose: harm to babies

In infancy up to 6 months, do not give babies fruit juices, so as not to cause a decrease in the absorption of carbohydrates. It is a violation of the process of carbohydrate intake in the body of the baby provokes the appearance of colic in the intestine, sleep disturbance and tearfulness.

Fructose, which is part of the fruit, is one of the important parts of proper nutrition, since fruits contain in their composition fibers, vitamins, antioxidants, and trace elements that are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. But fructose, which is used in the manufacture of carbonated beverages, confectionery products on an industrial scale poses a threat to your body, and it is better to refuse such products, if you do not want to get obesity. But too much use of fruits, which contain large amounts of fructose, may also cause a deterioration in health. Therefore, it is best to limit their balanced use.

Fructose has beneficial properties, but its too high content in the human body can be harmful to health. Everything is good in moderation, and even healthy fruits, which necessarily include this natural sweetener, not to mention artificial fructose.