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Dmitry is a fruktoed with experience. 2 years ago, he switched to raw foods, and eight months later he became a fruit-eater. He feels great and advises everyone to switch to raw food.



How did you find out about the new type of food, when and why did you decide to switch to it?

I learned from a very good film "Citizen and Earth." I was interested, but I thought that it was impossible to eat only raw food. Then, after a while, Marina Gladkikh's video came across, where she answers questions and talks about herself, and after this video I really became interested in it, started thinking about it all, then studied it very carefully and came to the conclusion that I just needed it! And abruptly, one day passed! The reason for the transition - sores, not very good health and most importantly - those advantages raw food and fruit food, about which I found out.

Do you plan to continue eating like this?

Yes, then I plan to eat only this way, 100% fruit food. I am not going to take back steps, if only forward - towards sun-eating or pran-eating!

How easily did your transition to raw food eat, and then to fruit feeding?

Made the transition in one day. At once from omnivorous I became a syroyed. But there were periods of detoxification, weakness, etc. The strongest periods lasted probably 1-2 weeks. On fruit food switched without problems.

How did you fight public opinion?

At first, everyone took my transition negatively and incorrectly: parents, friends and acquaintances. I fought quietly with public opinion, without haste, giving powerful, interesting and correct information. And over time, moved the family to raw foods:dad, aunt and grandmother, mom still succeeded - only on vegetarianism. Also passed under my influence on veganism and some of my friends.

Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps and allowed yourself to eat something that you refused?

Yes, there were breakdowns before. Several times, for some flour products. Of course, not on animal products. But then I realized the utter senselessness of these breakdowns, I felt their terrible harm, and I realized that it was simply unrealistic to have a food breakdown with disruptions, it was very hard, there would always be cravings. And then at one point I said goodbye to the breakdowns. Now i am very easy to eat. And when it draws on something unusual, although it is rare, then I am looking for a replacement for dead food, for example, natural dates, coconut, avocado, at the very least a little nuts, these products perfectly satisfy hunger and cravings.

Were there any side effects?

I lost more than 20 kg. But now has long recovered. My weight perfect at the moment. And also at first there was detoxification, weakness, skin problems - the body was cleansed. But this is a long time in the past.

How has your life changed due to the transition to raw food?

The main and best change has happened within me, in the realm spirituality, understanding of the world, and all intangible. This I consider the main. The path of spiritual growth has opened, the most important path in the life of every person. And also there were various advantages on the physical level: great endurance and energy, I forgot about sores, colds, about all past illnesses that I could not cure (even through repeated surgical procedures).

What advice do you have for those who are just going to become a raw food bearer or fruit-eater, as you are now? Raw foods everyone needs! And better fruit food. Go ahead, believe in yourself, and you will not regret! Change your life for the better! Do not listen to others, listen only to yourself and, most importantly, your Soul. Learn the topic of nutrition, it is important. Build your own happy and healthy life! With all my heart, I wish everyone Zdraviya, Kindness and Light! Be happy! Hope my answers help people! The main thing - for the benefit! Good luck!

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