Fructorian marianna


Marianna is a young and charming fruit-eater. She changed her life, filled it with ease and creativity. Marianne is convinced that fruitorialism is the way of everyone!



How did you find out about fruktoedeniya, when and why did you decide to move to it?

ABOUT fruit eaters I learned already after I passed. The name heard before, but did not go into details. I came to this diet intuitively. At first, she became a vegetarian, because meat became disgusting at first in taste, then in appearance. Literally in 3 months I came to natural nutrition, because I didn’t see much of a sense in vegetarianism. By that time, she no longer consumed either sweet or flour or fried food, left only cereals, fruits and vegetables in the diet, which, when cooked, lose even the flavor that they had originally. It became nasty to eat processed foods. Why cook porridge when you can fill the grain with water and get first-class and nutritious food? Why complicate things? Nature and so gave us everything you need.

How easy was the transition?

The transition continues now. You can not eat 20 years do not understand what, and expect that in a year or two the body will completely remove all accumulated toxins and slags. Sometimes there are so-called cleansing crises: old diseases are aggravated, state of health worsens, weakness appears, but I am even happy with such a phenomenon. After all, after them should not just improve, and access to a new level. With every cleaning, I feel better, healthier and stronger. I would never have thought that the girl of my constitution could feel so strong physically! Great feeling!

How did you fight public opinion?

Public opinion is not necessary to fight - this is only a projection of the internal struggle. As soon as you accept for yourself that your nutrition is the norm, those around you immediately stop paying attention, no longer bother with questions. As for the parents - my dad supported unconditionally, for which I am very grateful to him, my mother was shocked, but still helped. Friends are interested and also wanted to try.

Were there moments when you returned to the previous steps or did you allow yourself to eat something that you refused?

There were a couple of times when I used sour milk products: kefir, ryazhenka, even cheese once. I also decided to experiment and try boiled food: it turned out that it absolutely does not satisfy you, how much you can not eat it. It was disgusting! Moreover, the organism didn’t accept such “food” anyway. Since then, the craving for experiments has disappeared.

Have you had side effects from the transition to raw food?

My state of health improved dramatically from the very first day: strength appeared, fatigue completely disappeared, as if I had removed a twenty-kilogram backpack from my back. At first, there were problems with the skin on the hands: it was terribly flaky, it cracked, no oil helped. But it passed. Now my skin is soft and clean, like a child’s - I don’t use any means. Strong hair fell out, literally the entire bath after washing was littered. The new ones grew like bamboo, but still had to cut their hair - the contrast between old and new hair was too bright: texture, color, volume. Always dreamed of such hair!

As for weight, I lost 10 kg. It looked, of course, terribly, the relatives all tried to raise panic, but I knew that losing weight is a temporary effect and this is very good. The body simply cleans up all the garbage. After 6 months, the body began to take on a normal appearance: the bones do not stick out, the face is round and you can’t call me skinny. Everything returned to normal, it was necessary only to wait.

How has your life changed in connection with the transition (spiritually and physically, socially)?

It is difficult to answer this question. You can say, I just now realized what a full life is. As it is - to live only in the present moment, here and now, enjoy the beauty of every moment. Surprisingly, the time seemed to slow down my run and I manage to do more in a day than in a week. There were creative abilities: doing photography, painting, writing stories. I have a creative period in my life. Every day I try to make it truly special, memorable. While it is possible!

As for the spiritual sphere - it always attracted me, especially out-of-body travel and lucid dreams. It was pleasant to solve riddles of subconsciousness. The change of nutrition was a powerful catalyst for spiritual development: I took up yoga (now an instructor), meditation practices, I recognized myself. A lot of new people have appeared in my environment, the outlook has broadened considerably. At the moment, my friends and I are working on several projects that we will implement in the near future.

What advise those who are just going to start eating only raw plant foods?

Remember that this is not extreme, but the norm for a person. Of course, at first there is a restructuring, but it is important not to be afraid - this is temporary. I would also advise you to drink more clean water (about three liters per day), practice fasting, and do cleansing enemas. And not to go to extremes, as it was with me: from vegetarianism, skipping veganism, I immediately became Fruitian. For the body it is very stressful, it is better to go smoothly, listen to your body. Violence to anything. Just realize yourself, listen to your intuition, your body - he always knows what and how much he needs. And the most important thing is a positive attitude! Let love and joy come into your heart - such fellow travelers will brighten up any way!

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