Frozen berries

Berries are rich in vitamins and microelements. They are very healthy and incredibly tasty. But are they just as good as fresh frozen berries? And how to freeze them to keep the maximum amount of nutrients?

What is the use of frozen berries?

If you are lucky, and in your refrigerator there is a function of shock freezing, then berries, frozen in it, they will save much more vitamins and nutrients than if you kept the berries fresh. But even if there is no such function in your refrigerator, even a normal freezing can cope with the preservation of vitamins just as well.

  • One of advantages of frozen berries - You can eat non-seasonal fresh food, while not worrying about their quality.
  • Frozen berries even have an advantage.before fresh - frozen contains much less amount of lead, pesticides and cadmium. When you buy fresh berries in the supermarket during the cold season, often even the supermarket employees themselves do not know where they came from. And even more so, how and under what conditions they were grown there.
  • Frozen berriespreserve almost all taste qualities that they had before freezing. You can not be afraid that having defrosted them, you will not get any pleasure from food. Different microbes do not develop at all in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator, unlike supermarket shelves. They simply do not live at such low temperatures.

  • Frozen berries preserve carotene, vitamins B1 and B2. Vitamin C is stored in almost the same amount as in fresh berries..
  • The aroma and taste of the berries that you freeze, will remain almost in full. Imagine how great it is, in winter, when a blizzard sweeps through the window, to eat a vase of fresh fragrant berries!
  • To us women frozen berries are very, very help in culinary creativity. Having thawed berries, you can decorate them with a cake, dessert or semolina for the baby.

Most of all, for freezing, suitable berries such as earth, currants, raspberries, gooseberries.

How to freeze the berries?

First of all, when you have just brought home freshly picked or bought berries, you need to sort them out.

  • To freeze you need to select only ripe berries. Those who are nespearel or retired - not suitable. Also do not fit spoiled berries, with traces of bugs, larvae and worms. Cut off all the stems, remove the leaves, in general, all that they do not eat.You need to freeze only the best berries.
  • After you have sifted through all the berries, and selected the best of them, you should rinse thoroughly and dry. To dry, you can decompose them on blank sheets of paper, paper or waffle towels. You need to lay out in one layer.

  • The best quality freeze will occur if you freeze berries in batches. To do this, lay them out in one layer on paper or on flat dishes. After the berries are frozen enough, you can pour them into bags, or put them in specially prepared jars.
  • Different types of berries must be freeze separately. The only thing that can be frozen together is red, black and white currants. Everything else is separate.
  • You can not just freeze fresh berries, and grind them with sugar, and freeze in this form.

Packages or jars in which you will store berries until winter, must tightly, you can even say, hermetically closed. Because the berries very quickly absorb various extraneous odors. For example, if raw fish or frozen greens are lying next to it, the berries can absorb the smells of these products. For the same reason, it is best to select a separate compartment in your refrigerator, specially for storing frozen berries.

When storing the berries in the refrigerator, avoid refreezing the berries. Try to prevent the berries from defrosting ahead of time. When re-freezing, they will lose most of their useful nutrients, lose their appetizing appearance, taste. In addition, when use of frozen berries even stomach upsets and food poisoning are possible! So, be extremely careful!

In winter, when there are so few natural vitamins, it is so pleasant and helpful to eat fresh berries! So treat your family, freeze at least some berries for the winter!

Enjoy your meal!

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