Front refers to inflammatory diseases during which the frontal sinus is affected. Usually, frontitis occurs in chronic rhinitis, which is not cured in time., and pus begins to form inside the frontal sinuses. Only a doctor can diagnose frontal sinusitis, as it is impossible to determine the cause of pain and nasal discharge on your own. But knowing the symptoms of this serious illness and the methods of treatment will help to seek help in a timely manner.

Symptoms of frontalitis

  • Usually, when fronting, pain is localized on the lower wall of the frontal sinus and in the forehead above the eyebrows.
  • Acute frontitis is characterized by periodic flow. Usually by 11 o'clock in the morning there are sharp pains that last for several hours and subside by 14.00.
  • Pain in chronic frontitis not so pronounced and have a more stupid character, and sometimes may not even occur in the absence of delayed discharge.

Frontitis: Symptoms and Treatment

  • Also for all types of frontalitis, nasal discharge appears. Most of them are formed when the head is in an upright position, while lying less discharge occurs..
  • Children with frontieritis appear puffy upper eyelid.
  • In case of its acute course, bed rest must be observed, since during this period frontal sinusitis is usually accompanied by headaches and high fever.

How to treat frontal sinusitis?

Diagnosis of the front put by an otolaryngologist on the basis of the patient's complaints and an X-ray. An individual treatment plan is then assigned. Drug therapy and traditional medicine recipes can be combined in the treatment of frontitis, but before using them you should consult with your doctor.

To facilitate the condition in the acute phase of frontal sinusitis, it is necessary to ensure the release of pus from the frontal sinuses to the nose. This will help make special vasoconstrictor drugs. Next is prescribed a course of physiotherapy. When relieving symptoms of intoxication, the body temperature stabilizes. If the pus goes free, you can use a UHF or a blue lamp to warm up. Take antibacterial drugs is desirable only in severe cases, to cope with a fever complicating the course of the disease.

How to treat frontal sinusitis?

The sinuses should also be washed with sea water. For this, 1 tsp. salt is added to 1 cup of boiled warm water. Remove the mucus in the hospital as well, for this sea water is poured into one nostril, and sucked from the other nostrils. Under the pressure of water, pus is released, and the nasal cavity is washed.

With the disease chronic frontal sinusitis the nasal mucosa needs to be dried; for this, the nasal cavities are smeared with silver solution. If the treatment does not lead to improvement, it is better to agree to puncture and cleansing the frontal sinuses. Such an operation is usually performed under general or local anesthesia.

Front: treatment of folk remedies

  • For the treatment of frontitis, you can use the methods of traditional medicine.. A good tool would be to use a mixture of honey and onion juice. Mixing onion juice and aloe with honey and Vishnevsky ointment, cotton flagella should be smeared in this composition. Then place them in the sinuses for 30 minutes.
  • Holding inhalations of infusions of herbs or potatoes will effectively remove mucus, remove swelling and facilitate blowing out.

Tea tree oil from frontal

  • You can wash your nose infusion of soda, tea tree oil and salt. To prepare it in warm water, dilute 1 tsp. soda, 3 drops of tea tree oil and soda on the tip of a knife. Before the procedure, the nose should be well cleaned to make it easier to breathe. For washing it is best to use a small syringe. The head must be kept straight. The solution is first poured into one nostril, and out through the other. To achieve the best effect, washing is best done at least 4 times a day. Instill nose drops from a cold after washing should be a few minutes.
  • Inhalation over bay leaf able to alleviate the general condition of the front. To prepare inhalation boil water, add 10 leaves of bay leaf there. When the water boils, reduce the heat so that the water boils slightly. Bend your head over the pan, cover with a towel and breathe with your nose for 5 minutes. During the procedure, the head clears up and a slight numbness is felt in the nose. For several days pus may come out if it has already accumulated. This inhalation is most effective at the onset of the disease with frontitis, with timely treatment, it can help to stop the disease at an early stage. If necessary, the inhalation procedure should be repeated, since the symptoms of frontal sinusitis may return in a few days. It is most correct to conduct inhalation in the evenings for 7 days. Beneficial effect bay leaf with frontal disease based on its antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Bay leaf at the front

  • Also a good way to combat frontal sin is to use clay. To use it, it is necessary to prepare compresses from clay with a thickness of 1 cm. Apply compresses to the forehead every day for 2 hours. The entire course of treatment is 3 weeks. The procedure causes severe pain, so you need to try to endure it. But clay compresses should be used only after consulting a doctor, since the frontal heat cannot be heated when it is in a state of neglect.

If you have a frontal disease, you should promptly seek medical help, this will avoid complications and quickly undergo treatment.In the case of self-medication and unwillingness to consult a doctor, the frontal sinusitis can lead to such complications as orbital and intracerebral complications, frontal bone osteomyelitis.