Frolov breathing simulator


Since ancient times, it is known that proper breathing favorably affects people's health. But how in our time with the modern rhythm of life does a person find time for breathing exercises, which in itself takes more than one minute? More than 20 years ago, this problem was solved by creating the Frolov simulator, which includes the achievements of all the best breathing practices.

By combining extensive experience, Russian scientists E.F. Kustov and V.F. Frolov invented the public method of breathing - "endogenous breathing", for which a special simulator was created. This was a real breakthrough in medicine and made it possible to fight a number of chronic diseases and even prolong life expectancy! This simulator has no analogues in the world!

The results of the tests confirmed that life expectancy and disease resistance directly depends on the work of the respiratory organs. Frolov's simulator effectively helps in healing and cleansing the body. The principle of its action lies in the elements of yoga, and more precisely - Pranayama, where the basic action throughout the day is belly breathing.

Frolov breathing simulator: instructions for use

The basics of breathing are laid down in a person from birth, but as they grow older, they become distorted, and with them health also goes away. Frolov's simulator allows you to master the abdominal breathing, and this is the best method to enrich body cells with oxygen. The cycle "inhale-exhale" includes the work of the diaphragm, which in turn carries out massage of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. In addition, abdominal breathing opens the lungs, and so the body more efficiently distributes oxygen.

It is not a secret that oxygen has a regenerating effect on the human body. It helps to treat and update the body at the cellular level. Vessels are cleaned, deposits are removed, the work of internal organs is stabilized.

The simulator allows you to achieve this effect quite quickly, in just a few months, and the trainings themselves take not so much time. A well-trained person needs only 20 minutes a day. At the very beginning of the workout take a few minutes.

Physiological and age restrictions this simulator has not.

Frolov breathing simulator: instructions

This simulator consists of a mouthpiece, a breathing tube, a lid for a can, a glass, a lid for a glass, a nozzle of a bottom mesh and inner chamber. In addition, you need to have a 20 ml syringe and a clock. Before and after classes, all components must be thoroughly rinsed with warm water.

If the contamination is strong, then the parts can be treated with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with a 0.5% detergent solution for half an hour. If the components have changed their color or cracks or other defects have appeared on them, they should be urgently changed. It can be stored in any convenient place without direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

It is desirable to conduct classes once a day, because the effect of them lasts a long time. It is not recommended to eat a lot on the day of training, because a full stomach complicates the movement of the diaphragm, thereby reducing the effect of training. It is better to conduct training at the same time, best in the evening. During classes, the body cleansing reaction occurs, which may accompany water foaming, salivation, sputum and mucus, then the water needs to be changed and the workout continued. As the body cleansing all this will pass.

Before starting classes, you need to practice diaphragmatic breathing. To do this, put your palm on your stomach, take a breath through your nose, while trying to push your palm away from you with your stomach. Then you need to make a quiet exhalation through the nose, pressing the stomach to the spine with a palm. And so it is necessary to take a few breaths and exhalations, trying not to use the chest for breathing, it should be motionless.

In the hand the device must be taken so that the glass is always in an upright position. The mouthpiece should be placed in the mouth, while tightly clasping his lips, inhale and exit you need to do mouth through the tube. Inhale should be done actively for 3 seconds, the stomach should be relaxed and move forward, at the end of inhalation the stomach should be pressed.

Patient reviews about the simulator

Frolov breathing simulator: instructions for use. Reviews of patients and doctors

  • Tatyana: I breathe on this simulator for more than 3 years, the breathing time is 30 minutes, water - 20 ml. There are results, but so far not too significant, but I'm not going to quit. She added a mother to her breathing (78 years old), her blood pressure stabilized and her hair began to darken, and she also lost weight, so there really is an effect!
  • Valentina: I have diabetes mellitus, this is a very serious disease, because of it I began to block the lower vessels. Currently I breathe on the simulator and without it I can not. In the first place, shortness of breath was gone and angina retreated. Hidden diseases have disappeared, it is such happiness! The pressure has returned to normal!
  • Anna: I began to be treated for uterine mimoma for a long time, but without success. Gynecologists insisted on surgery, because fibroids grew. But I did not want to remove the uterus, then I acquired Frolov’s breathing simulator. With each next day of classes myoma began to shrink in size, the cycle was restored, and after 7 months I fully recovered!

And what do doctors say?

Experts speak of breathing exercises, as a very useful thing, but they are ambiguous about the Frolov breathing simulator. Some themselves observed improvement in their patients, after practicing this instrument, and others, on the contrary, did not see any results. In any case, doctors are suspicious of such inventions and give greater preference to traditional medicine.

In any case, the person himself decides whom to entrust his health to - specialists or modern technology. No one can unequivocally answer the question: is it necessary to practice on the Frolov breathing simulator. It is necessary to check the effectiveness of the device on their own experience. The only thing that can be said for sure is that proper breathing is the basis of the health of the body.