Frequent urination in women


Unfortunately, a person is so arranged that he may have various health problems: from lungs to too serious ones. Some conditions are not a disease, but relate to their symptoms. So frequent urination in women can be caused by serious diseases, and simply by physiological processes in the body, which do not pose a great danger, but require close attention and correction of the situation.

The body of each woman is different, and some physiological processes sometimes differ, but if urination occurs 15 times a day, this should make you think and consult a urologist to get a full examination.

Causes of frequent urination in women

Frequent urination in women: causes and treatment

  • In order to cope with frequent urination, one should get acquainted with its possible causes. The most commonplace, the most common and innocuous is unlimited consumption of certain beverages. These include alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, as well as beverages that by nature have a diuretic effect.
  • But apart from this reason, frequent urination in women can also be caused more serious physiological problems. These are acute and chronic cystitis, causing a decrease in the elasticity of the ureters, a change in the hormonal balance in a woman’s body, acute urethritis, and even uterine fibroids.
  • In addition to all the above reasons, there are reasons that are characteristic only for the female sex. First of all, these include pregnancy. During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur in the body, causing polyuria. Over time, the increasing uterus begins to put pressure on the bladder, causing the need to increasingly visit the toilet.
  • Also, many women in their diet add a variety of herbal teas that help reduce weight. Their composition includesherbs possessing diuretic effect. They cause frequent urination in women.

Frequent urination in women: causes and treatment

  • There are and drugs, which are designed to lower blood pressure, but have a strong diuretic effect. Use these drugs should be careful, because from the body along with the urine, they remove and potassium.
  • In addition to purely physiological reasons, which are simply a normal reaction of the organism, there are pathological causes, causing frequent urination, up to incontinence. In old age, frequent urination of urine in women is associated with impaired functioning of the central nervous system.
  • TO diseases associated with frequent urination, belong enuresis due to infection of the ureters, inflammation of the renal pelvis, the development of diabetes.
  • Frequent urination causes both physiological and psychological discomfort in women. That is why you should first seek the help of a doctor who will help establish the real cause of this condition and give the necessary recommendations.

How to treat frequent urination in women?

  • If aurinary frequency in women is caused by pyelonephritis and bladder inflammation, prescribed a course of treatment with antibacterial drugs. A week later, a second course. In the intervals between courses, doctors prescribe diuretics, as well as drinks, such as juice, which can prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Frequent urination in women: causes and treatment

  • With diabetes, In addition to frequent urination, weakness, dry mouth and fatigue also occur. The treatment of this disease is complex and long-term, it depends on the type of diabetes mellitus, the age, the general health of the patient and includes mandatory monitoring of the blood glucose level, adherence to the diet prescribed by the doctor. As soon as the condition is stabilized, frequent urination will cease.
  • Bladder and Kidney Stonesmay interfere with the complete emptying of the bladder, and urine accumulates faster, causing urge. Pre-establish the nature of the formed stones: urate, oxalate, phosphate. After this, the doctor can prescribe the use of decoctions of herbs that help dissolve them, or ultrasound that can crush them. In more severe cases, stones are removed by surgery.
  • If a frequent urination in women caused by cystitis, then for his treatment, you can use medicinal herbs. Take 2 tsp. yarrow and brew a glass of boiling water. Leave the infusion for 1 h so that it is present. After that, filter it. Take an infusion of 4 p. 50 ml per day before meals. On 1 liter of water, add 5 g of bearberry leaves, birch buds, thuja shoots, and grass gryzhnika. Boil the water and keep it on medium heat for 7 minutes. During the day, drink the whole infusion, preheating.

Frequent urination in women: causes and treatment

  • Do not get carried away with smoking, alcohol, strong coffee and tea, soda, citrus, sugar, honey, tomatoes and chocolate. Do not reduce the amount of fluid you drink, otherwise the urine will become overly concentrated, irritating the mucous more. If abesides frequent urination there is a burning sensation and pain, This visit to the doctor can no longer be postponed.

Sometimes frequent urination refers to the usual processes occurring in the female body, such as pregnancy, medication or extra stress. Cures in other cases can only be prescribed by a qualified specialist, therefore, as soon as the number of daily urination exceeds 10 times, consult a doctor.