Food supplement e 621


We are all accustomed to, that any food supplements with the E index carry a danger to the human body. But is it? The most common among their fellows is e 621 - an additive whose harm is known to many. It is familiar to the wide consumer under the "signboard" of monosodium glutamate - a taste enhancer.

What is monosodium glutamate?

What is monosodium glutamate?

It is a chemical compound without color and taste, which was discovered in the early 20th century by the staff of Tokyo Imperial University Kikunai Ikeda. The basis of his research was based on the interest in soy sauce, which consisted of dried seaweed. They made the dishes unusually tasty.

The whole thing turned out to be glutamic acid. This substance of natural origin, which is contained in small quantities in many products. On its basis, E 621 food additive was subsequently created (other names - "veijin", "umami"). However, contrary to the prevailing public opinion, it does not enhance the taste of food, but makes the receptors of the tongue more sensitive. The second side of the coin is that a person ceases to feel the taste of “ordinary” natural products: they seem to him bland and uninteresting.

It was found that when the E621 supplement enters the body in the brain, there is a signal that our body has replenished with reserves of protein, which in fact is not. The body begins to demand all the large protein doses that it does not actually receive. In addition, glutamate significantly reduces the level of glucose in the blood, which increases the feeling of hunger.

Today, monosodium glutamate is widely used in the food industry. It is favorable to producers to put this colorless additive in meat, fish dishes. It has no smell and taste, but significantly emphasizes the advantages of food. Even stale products under the influence of this substance become a treat. Especially active additive E621 used fast food sellers. Their customers quickly begin to pull into the appropriate points of the catering, since glutamate is addictive.

A lot of E621 and sausage. This type of culinary products have long ceased to be prepared from high-quality meat, and the unattractive taste sensations are trying to disguise as a food additive. And, unfortunately, there are many such manufacturers.

Interestingly, the minds manifest their unique properties only in relation to meat, fish, seafood, mushrooms, but do not affect fruits, eggs and milk at all.

What effect does glutamate sodium have on the human body?

What harmis additive e 621 for a person?

What harm is the additive e 621 for a person?

About the harm that carries an amplifier taste e 621, they say for a long time. Studies conducted on rats confirm this theory. As a result, it was noticed that animals had malfunctions in the brain, and with long-term consumption over several generations, the structure of DNA even changed.

WHO has banned the use of E 621. Doctors say that this substance can worsen the condition of the retina and even cause glaucoma, while in asthmatics it can significantly worsen the course of the disease.

If you put together all the mentions of how much damage the supplement e 621 brings to the body, the table will be impressive.



Brain, central nervous system

Violation of biochemical processes, resulting in the development of Parkinson's disease, distorts the transmission of nerve impulses


Adverse effects on the retina, glaucoma


Oxidative damage of body cells, including DNA cells

Endocrine system, obesity

Metabolism is disturbed, including the balance between actioxidants and prooxidants. Because of the decrease in glucose level and the effect on taste buds, a person constantly feels a feeling of hunger and as a result consumes an excessive amount of food, which leads to obesity.


The use of sodium glutomate

We used to hear only about the dangers of monosodium glutamate. But, if this fact was indisputable and unconditional, it is unlikely that the Japanese nation, considered one of the smartest in the world, would regularly add it to food. What is the secret of this dietary supplement?

As shown by studies conducted by the Japanese, natural glutamic acid is found in small amounts in algae, mushrooms, fish, soy, milk, etc. Sodium salt is even able to be produced in the human body and accumulate in case of its lack. On the basis of natural glutamate, in Soviet times, doctors developed vitamins called Glutamevit.

It was found that in small doses, E621 can have a beneficial effect on health:

  • improves brain activity;
  • relieves depression;
  • increases the appetite, making any tasteless dish attractive;
  • improves body tone.

However, all the beneficial properties of a substance are manifested only if it is consumed in insignificant quantities. In addition, do not forget that the industrial supplement E621 does not contain vitamins, and in case of excess sodium salts begin to be deposited in the body.

It's all about quantity

What is harmful food supplement e 621?

If you are a fan of monosodium glutamate and cannot imagine life without this supplement, you should consider using it more moderately. It will be enough a little soy sauce for rice or meat dish or seasoning, which included E621.

Try to avoid excessive ingestion of it in the body. Especially this rule applies to lovers of oriental cuisine. It was noted that Europeans who were addicted to Chinese or Japanese dishes, then suffered dizziness, nausea, and even loss of consciousness from excessive consumption of E621 along with food. There was a very poisoning of the body.

So that the food additive E621 does not cause harm to health, carefully make up your diet and control the flow of seasonings in your dishes. If you do not want to turn a substance that is useful by its nature into a poison, you need to remember the least, no matter how much the body demands bright taste sensations.