Food producer tricks


Due to increased competition, many food manufacturers (especially unscrupulous) go for various marketing gimmicks. The most common of these is the indication of incorrect information on the packaging of the product.

Buyers rarely look at the composition of the product. As a rule, they only check expiration dates, and even then not always. But the loud "lure" that can be full of packaging, work even on the most picky customers.

Unfortunately, these dishonest manufacturers every day becomes more and more. Especially those who are trying to hide the real characteristics of the food product, focusing their customers on other, supposedly useful qualities. Consider some of them in more detail:

Food Producer Tricks

"Natural product"

A product that has such an inscription on its packaging will have indisputable advantages over other products. In addition, Russian legislation does not provide clear rules according to which manufacturers can use this name on their packaging. Therefore, among the products with the logo "natural" you can find those that include egg powder or dry milk.

"Enriched with vitamins A, B, etc."

Such inscriptions can be found on yogurt, milk and butter. But after all, they already contain these vitamins, and therefore do not need additional artificial enrichment.

"Fiber Source"

These "lures" often appear on packages of black bread. However, regardless of the recipe, black bread itself is a source of fiber.

Food Producer Tricks

"No cholesterol"

Very often on the sunflower or other vegetable oil you can see such an inscription. But here, too, everything is simple, because vegetable fats, by definition, do not contain cholesterol. It is solely the prerogative of animal fats. Therefore, to put such inscriptions on vegetable oils simply does not make sense.

"Soft" or "Easy"

Butter does not happen with fat content below 70%. Everything below is called margarine. But because manufacturers, frankly, lie. After all, "soft" or "light" butter is nothing like ordinary margarine.

"Fitness product"

This name indicates that the product is low in calories. But very often the number of calories is reduced artificially, while animal fats are replaced with vegetable fats, and the appropriate chemical components are added. The use of these products is fraught with complications in the work of many organs, including the cardiovascular system.

In addition, L-carnitine may be added to products labeled "Fitness". Manufacturers claim that it effectively burns fat. They are partly right - it is. But L-carnitine works only with intensive loads, which can be obtained only in the gym. About this manufacturers "Fitness" products modestly silent.

How to protect yourself from frank deception

It is best to use products that, by definition, are natural, namely fish, meat, berries, honey, etc., and trust only trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

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