Food in goodness of ayurveda


The main postulate of Ayurveda is Ahimsa (non-violence). Good food is juicy, oily and cooked in a pleasant mood.. A person who wants to seriously study the knowledge of happiness must give up food in passion and ignorance. If you love food in pure ignorance or passion with ignorance, then your being will resist knowledge. To study spiritual knowledge, it is imperative to abandon meat, fish and eggs.

Good food:

  1. increases active life expectancy
  2. cleans the mind and mind (improves relationships with others)
  3. gives positive mental strength
  4. gives balance and health
  5. increases the right feeling of happiness
  6. brings calm

Food in Goodness: Banana

Banana improves the psyche. Influences thoughts and emotions (acts from the left side). It is better to eat in the morning. Gives: optimism, calm, gentleness and tenderness of character. Normalizes heart rhythm and thyroid function. Treats the small intestine (on the left side), the release of bile from the liver.

Food in Goodness: Banana

There is an opinion that you can eat only those products that grow in the area of ​​residence. However, this only applies to products in passion; products in goodness suit everyone and always, because they have good character.

Food in Goodness: Badian

Badian - red, sweetish taste on the spice. Softness and cheerfulness. Gives: attractiveness in character. Normalizes cerebral circulation, gastric acidity, bronchus tone.

Food in Goodness: Grapes

Increases harmony, propensity to love, positivism, care. Very useful for women. Improves female hormonal functions, affects the left side and in the center. Treats the heart, pancreas, intestines. For each person the color of the grapes is suitable. Also affects the adrenal glands and hormonal functions. Do not eat after dinner, especially hypertensive patients.

Food in Goodness: Cherry

Cherry increases optimism and tenderness, calm, harmony with others. Optimism is blood. Anemia always arises from pessimism, apathy, depression - the functions of the blood decrease, red blood cells are not produced. Increases blood circulation in the heart, spleen and small vessels of the body.

Food in Goodness: Cherry

Nutrition in Goodness: Pear

Pear has a very strong force of optimism. Joy, fortitude. Affects the right side. Treats lack of will, restores the will - eat in the morning. Before the exam, you have to eat!

Food in Goodness: Melon

There is a little passion. Tenderness and simplicity. Affects the right side, and the quality of simplicity affects the liver. Restores liver function, but you need to eat in the second half of the day 2-3 hours after dinner and not to mix with other products. Melon has a lot of prana. In general, the more watery the structure of a product is, the more prana there is - the cells are filled with water. Prana is in the water. Melon increases prana in the body, and everything starts to move: the intestine shrinks, the kidneys shrink, all the excess from the body flies out. But too much melon can hurt - and what is needed will fly out.

Food in goodness: Honey

This is the concentration of love energy. Each person should find a suitable type of honey: early in the morning (at 8 am) you should smell all types of honey, it should smell like pleasant coolness and freshness. Linden - better to use at night. Donnic or mountain - improves immunity, at lunch or in the morning. Gives mental tone. Buckwheat - soothes and invigorates.

Food in Goodness: Rice

Gives firmness and honesty. Heals well the liver. Affects the right side. To eat only at lunch. If the memory is good, strong, tenacious, then you need to eat more grain, but if the memory is weak, then it is less.

Food in Goodness: Plum

The main quality is calm. Regularity - affects Saturn. It improves cerebral circulation, and generally normalizes the nervous and vascular system. Hypertension, hypotension, problems with the vessels, spasms in the vessels. You can eat at lunch in dried form, it is often added to rice. Fresh - in the morning, or dried in the morning in the winter.

Food in Goodness: Plum

Plum gives strength to vessels. Ischemia (lack of blood circulation) can be removed prunes (tied to all 4 limbs). In general, prunes greatly improves cerebral circulation.

Food in Goodness: Black Currant

Calm and kindness. Affects the right side. Treats the lungs, the liver. Good effect on cerebral circulation. It has an anti-inflammatory effect in a female.

Nutrition in Goodness: Licorice (Malts Root, Licorice Root)

You should never use it only in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening - also as a spice, and not only as a medicine. The tremendous power of optimism, treatment of depression. In general, it affects all hormonal functions, ideally treats the liver, stomach, lungs and activates the activity of the nervous system.

Nutrition in Goodness: Fennel

Affects the center (deeds). Hardness and calm. Treats all inflammatory processes of all organs in the center - the best medicine. Cardamom and fennel are useful to almost everyone, you can safely add to any medicine.

Food in Goodness: Phenic

Affects the center (deeds). Strongly increase the tone of the mind, therefore, useful in spiritual practice, self-awareness. Increases active longevity, performance. Taurus bone is a Tibetan medicine of longevity. But in order to grind the bone of a date, you need to try - you only get a file. One bone is enough for 5 liters of water for a drink - the taste will not change at all, but the tone will increase. Only such a drink should not be drunk at night, because it strongly activates the nervous system. Lazy husband in food should pour a date powder. Heals the spine, trachea, stomach, esophagus, genitals - a very strong medicine.

Food in Goodness: Persimmon

Love, harmony, tenderness, care, optimism. Persimmon affects strongly on cartilage tissue. It treats cataracts: bracelets should be made from persimmon seeds (3 bones per one bracelet are enough) and worn on hands, changed after 3 months. In general, heals joints (deformity), stomach, trachea, intestines.

Food in Goodness: Persimmon

Food in Goodness: Saffron

The red (brick) powder is turmeric. But saffron looks like maroon-red stamens, very thin, at the end - a trident. The most beautiful spice, greatly increases the beauty. The king of spices. Use in microdoses (one-two-three stamens per day).

Food in goodness: Rosehip (rose)

You can make jam. Rose and lotus are considered the most blessed flowers. It acts favorably on all organs. Rose hips - the best anti-inflammatory agent. Rosehip drink is useful all year round at any time: three parts of rose hips and one part of petals of a Sudanese rose. Strengthens the body, gives mental and physical stability.

Food in Goodness: Apple

Apple increases honesty, treats the liver. Relieves tension in the joints, normalizes the digestive tract (soothes).

All products in goodness increase good character traits and give a person the power of optimism (positive thinking).Products in goodness with passion give a person the power to act, which is also important.

Dr. Ayurveda Torsunov OG

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