Folk treatment of pharyngitis at home

Symptoms of such an unpleasant disease as pharyngitis are a sharp pain when swallowing, a strong cough with sputum, high fever. These symptoms are related to acute pharyngitis, but chronic pharyngitis, which has arisen due to the neglect of this disease in the past, is characterized by dry cough, tickling sensations and dry throat.

In either case, it is necessary to engage in treatment by consulting a doctor. But in order to make the treatment faster and more effective, you can use the popular methods of treatment of pharyngitis.

Treatment of pharyngitis folk remedies

The main methods of folk treatment of pharyngitis include lubrication, rinsing, inhalation.

  • To prepare the decoction or infusion, take sage, coltsfoot, peppermint or chamomile. 100 g of any of the herbs or their mixtures, pour 0, 5 liters of boiling water. Sit over the saucepan with the decoction and cover yourself with a warm blanket. Start breathing when you feel that steam does not burn your face. Try to carry out inhalation 5 times a day, until complete recovery.
  • A decoction of coniferous buds can also be used for inhalation with pharyngitis. The duration of the procedure is on average 7 minutes, until the water cools.

Treatment of pharyngitis folk remedies

  • To prepare the infusion, which you can gargle, prepare a mixture of herbs: calamus calamus root and chamomile flowers or linden, sage and calendula flowers.
  • Instead of herbs, you can use propolis tincture (30 g of propolis per glass of warm water).
  • No less effective will be tinctures made from a few drops of essential oils. Throat should be rinsed as often as possible. Cooking rinse fresh all the time.
  • To improve the condition, you can lubricate the throat with warm essential oils or liquid honey.
  • Crushed garlic with honey is useful to eat every day to strengthen the body's defenses of 1 tsp.
  • At bedtime, drink in small sips a glass of warm beer and immediately wrap yourself in a blanket to sweat.

How to quickly cure pharyngitis at home?

Pharyngitis can be caused by smoking, cold air, hypothermia, and even dust. To quickly deal with his symptoms, you can use the help of herbs, vegetables, mucolytic drugs, but only after going to a doctor.

  • You can help decoctions of chamomile, calendula, sage and eucalyptus. Decoction of them must gargle at least 5 times a day. The infusions themselves are prepared as follows: take 10 g of each of these plants and mix. 10 g of the mixture pour 250 ml of boiling water. Hold under the lid for 20 minutes, then strain and cool to 40 ° C. Now you can start gargling.

How to quickly cure pharyngitis at home?

  • No less useful will be the infusions of fruits and leaves of blueberries and blackberries. They can be used both as a drink and for gargling.
  • Cabbage juice, if it is heated to 45 C, can also be used for rinsing, it is able to remove the sharp symptoms of pain.
  • During pharyngitis, drink about 2 liters of fluid a day — very well if it contains vitamin C. It can be compotes, cranberry juice, jelly, tea with lime or lemon juice.
  • To cough sputum well away, take special medications - mucoly. In any case, they must appoint a doctor. These include Ambroxol, Bromhexin, Aceticestin.
  • At the time of illness, give up very cold and hot food, alcoholic beverages. Avoid too salty, sour, overly spicy and pickled dishes. Best of all, if the food is warm and soft texture, so as not to irritate the sore throat. Moreover, you need to quit smoking. For chain smokers - at least reduce the number of cigarettes.

Popular treatment of pharyngitis in pregnant women

Even during pregnancy you can get pharyngitis, but during such a period it is not always possible to use all available medications in order not to harm the unborn baby. Therefore, folk remedies will be the way to treat. But still, without first consulting a doctor, it is not worthwhile to start treating pharyngitis on your own.

Popular treatment of pharyngitis in pregnant women

  • First, try to talk as little as possible, do not strain your throat once again. Speak in a whisper if necessary.
  • Start gargling with soothing herbs. To rinse, prepare an infusion with plantain, calendula or sage. As a rinse, you can use fresh potato juice, and for inhalation cooked mashed potatoes, fir cones. Tonsils grease propolis infusion.
  • Drink more warm fluid. Alkaline beverages are best suited: milk, cranberry juice or non-carbonated mineral water.
  • Do not eat any salted, smoked and spicy foods.

How to cure pharyngitis in children?

Children can also get pharyngitis. To relieve sore throat and cough, you can use some folk remedies, which, together with the prescribed treatment of a doctor, will help to quickly put the baby on his feet.

Strengthen the immunity of the baby. This will help you special vitamin and mineral supplements and, of course, vegetables and fruits. The most important vitamins in this period will be A, C and E.

How to cure pharyngitis in children?

If pharyngitis is accompanied by a cold, clean your nose and rinse it with saline solution (1 tsp. Salt without a slide for a glass of warm water). You can conduct inhalations by dripping a few drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil into hot water.

To relieve inflammation of the throat, lubricate the mucous walls of the throat with vegetable oil. Do not forget about regular gargling with iodine-saline solution or calendula tincture (for 1 cup of warm water 1 tsp. Alcohol tincture of calendula).

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Pharyngitis is an acute disease that affects the mucous membrane of the throat and causes a sharp pain in it and coughing. It can occur due to hypothermia, but there are many popular methods that will help improve the condition of pharyngitis and speed recovery.

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