Flies before eyes


The eyes are our everything. With their help, we see, feel, love, perceive the environment. A lot of inconvenience and suffering for each person brings vision problems. As practice shows, recently more and more often doctors hear complaints from people that they see flying dots, butterflies, midges, etc. In what cases we see flies before our eyes, only an optometrist can determine their treatment and treatment. .

Flies before the eyes: causes and possible diseases

Flies before the eyes: causes and possible diseases

The human eye has a unique and very complex structure. Between the retina and the eye lens is the so-called vitreous substance (body), which consists of water and the necessary nutrients. Due to the unique molecular composition, the body is completely transparent. Under the influence of heterogeneous factors, including diseases, the structure of this body can change, which leads to the vision of the flies.

When the first symptoms appear, it is better to contact an optometrist, no need to hope that this ailment will disappear with time without treatment. In most cases, flies become a permanent occurrence in humans, and this can lead to blindness.

So, oculist physicians identify two groups of causes for the formation of flies:

  • destruction of the vitreous layer;
  • various pathologies and diseases of internal organs as a result of which the body loses hyaluronic acid, collagen, affecting the quality of vision.

Destruction can be of three types:

  • thread-like - a person constantly sees a kind of spider web before his eyes;
  • granular - collagen cells are destroyed, and a person sees black rings, holes or dots;
  • detached - a person sees something like lightning, flashes appear periodically when the angle of view changes dramatically.

Most often, flies appear when looking at a bright surface or bright light.

Of course, that destruction can not appear on level ground. Necessarily lead to this condition other diseases that develop in the body. So, ophthalmologists believe that the following pathologies contribute to the appearance of flies:

  • injury to the eyeball of a different nature;
  • myopia;
  • bleeding localized in the internal organs;
  • the course of inflammatory processes;
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • change in pressure level;
  • low hemoglobin level;
  • poisoning of various types (only severe conditions can cause destruction);
  • osteochondrosis of the cervical spine;
  • traumatic brain injury.

If the primary symptoms occur, even if they happen once or twice, you should definitely visit an ophthalmologist. The doctor will be able to prescribe a comprehensive treatment and identify the cause of the occurrence of such a disease.

Vitreous destruction: treatment

Vitreous destruction: treatment

In general, doctors prefer medical treatment. Surgical intervention can not always justify itself, especially if the destruction has developed in old age. In this case, a change in the state of the vessels is associated with aging.

The treatment is always individual, since everything depends on the degree of destruction of the vitreous body and the reasons for the occurrence of such a disease. As practice shows, most often doctors prescribe the following pharmacological agents:

  • Potassium iodide - this drug is used locally and has absorbable properties, especially its use in the formation of seals.
  • Emoxipin is a pharmacological agent that normalizes circulation in the eyeballs.
  • Wobenzym - a means of improving cerebral circulation.

In some cases, patients are offered to undergo a surgical procedure, in particular:

  • vitreolysis - laser splitting seals;
  • vitrectomy - partial or complete removal of the vitreous body using artificial substitutes.

Eye drops Emoxipin: reviews

Emoxipin refers to pharmacological agents that improve blood circulation. It can be used in combination with other drugs, as well as individually. Often, this particular pharmaceutical agent is prescribed when the flies appear before the eyes.

At various forums you can read reviews of people who have already used Emoxipin. Some of them claim that it is these drops that save us from myopia and help eliminate bleeding in the eye membrane. Also after their use, only in combination with other drugs, the flies disappeared.

Many people leave feedback that when Emoxipin hits the eyeball, there is a very strong burning sensation that lasts a few seconds. The procedure is unpleasant, but quite tolerable.

Of course, there are negative reviews. Some people complain that Emoksipin did not help them at all and they did not get rid of the illness. Remember that each medicine affects the body in different ways. Of course, you can listen to the views of the participants of forums and discussions, but it is best to consult with your health care professional.

Wobenzym: instructions for use, reviews

Wobenzym is available in pill form.

Wobenzym is available in pill form. This drug can be considered universal because it is prescribed in combination with other pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of various diseases, including getting rid of the flies before your eyes.

Thanks to the active components of Wobenzym, microcirculation is improved, which prevents the further formation of seals on the vitreous body.

To take such a drug is necessary only after consultation with the attending specialist and in compliance with the prescribed dosage. If you follow the instructions, then adults need to take Wobenzym three times a day, one tablet each. When the disease is severe, the daily dose may increase to 10 tablets.

On the forums, people leave their feedback on the benefits of Wobenzym. This drug is considered an immunomodulator, so it helps not only to build a strong immunity, but also to get rid of many ailments. Almost all people leave only positive feedback. And in addition to eliminating the flies before the eyes, Wobenzym helps to cope with women's diseases, colds, impaired functioning of the heart muscle.

If you are faced with such a thing as a fly before your eyes, you do not need to get used to it or try to heal yourself. The reasons for their appearance can be many. It is better to immediately contact an oculist, especially since the eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also one of the main human organs.