Fibrous fatty involution of the mammary glands

Doctors often say incomprehensible words, but do not always explain their meaning to patients. Not one woman at the reception heard in her address: "fibro-fat involution of the mammary glands," but many probably were ashamed to ask what it is. What is the problem behind the difficult name, what is it threatening with and is it necessary to be treated?

Fibrous fat involution of the mammary glands: what is it?

Fibrous fatty involution of the mammary glands

The anxiety of women is understandable, because "fibro-fat involution of the mammary glands" - this sounds very seriously. But is there a reason for excitement? The answer to this question depends on the age at which the patient made such a diagnosis.

To understand the essence of the problem, you should start with the word "involution". It stands for "extinction." Everyone knows that nature gave the woman the mammary glands is not to look sexy. Their purpose is to feed the baby with breast milk. That is, while the woman is capable of childbearing, her reproductive system and mammary glands are developed and actively functioning. With age, when the reproductive capacity decreases, the age involution begins - the replacement of breast tissue with connective tissue and fat cells.

Thus, no woman will be able to avoid such metamorphoses. Only this can happen at different ages. Normally, when such processes begin after 40-45 years (closer to menopause). If this happened earlier, it is considered a pathology.

Involution starts gradually, from the lower part of the mammary glands, and leads to a decrease in breast volume. Externally, it is manifested by sagging and lethargy of the mammary glands. They lose elasticity, go down.

Causes of Adverse Changes

So, the main reasons for the degeneration of breast tissue are the years that have passed and the hormonal changes in the body. If a young woman who has not yet given birth and who has not even turned 35-40, shows signs of fibrotic changes, it is dangerous, urgent measures will have to be taken. After all, it can talk about problems in the sexual sphere or hormonal disorders.

The mammary glands instantly respond to any change in hormone levels. So, if the hormonal background of a woman remains normal, then the involution may not occur until 60 years. But with an insufficient level of sex hormones, a change in breast tissue develops in 20-year-old girls. The reason for this pathology is gynecological and endocrine diseases.

How to detect involution?

Problems of involution of the mammary glands involved in breast doctor

Problems of involution of the mammary glands involved in breast doctor. Breast diagnosis includes procedures such as ultrasound and mammography. Additionally, the following tests may be scheduled:

  • examination and palpation of the breast;
  • thermography;
  • CT scan;
  • galactography - the study of the mammary channels of the breast with the help of X-rays using a contrast agent;
  • MRI;
  • blood test for hormones.

How much auxiliary diagnostics is necessary, only the doctor decides. It depends on how old a woman is, whether she plans to have a baby, and on the presence of other diseases of the mammary glands and reproductive system.

How is the treatment of fibrous fat involution of the mammary glands?

Since age-related involution is a natural process, no treatment will be needed. But you should regularly conduct breast examinations in time to detect any pathology, and especially - neoplasms. After all, they appear precisely in the period of menopause.

Treatment of fatty involution in young women depends on the cause, which contributed to its development. It is carried out according to the following principle:

  • if the disruption of the activity of the endocrine organs became the main factor in the pathological transformation of the structure of the mammary glands, hormone replacement therapy will be prescribed. This will stabilize the level of hormones and prevent the extinction of reproductive abilities and the proliferation of adipose tissue in the breast;
  • if, in addition to involution, other pathologies have been discovered (cyst, mastopathy, tumors), then, first of all, these life-threatening health problems will be treated;
  • if involution is accompanied by intense chest pains, then the doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory, sedative and analgesic drugs. In some cases, hormonal drugs are also used.

How to prevent premature changes in breast tissue?

How to prevent premature changes in breast tissue

Although the fibro-fatty involution of the mammary glands in old age, like climax, is an inevitable phenomenon, it is quite realistic to delay this process and preserve the beauty of the breast. Prevention measures are of particular importance for young women who are still willing to have children. What will help delay fatty involution? Follow simple rules, which include:

  • physical activity - playing sports or at least morning exercises, jogging and walking, outdoor recreation. If you have a sedentary job, it is helpful to warm up from time to time;
  • positive emotional background;
  • high stress resistance;
  • full night rest;
  • proper balanced nutrition;
  • smoking cessation and other addictions;
  • regular visits to the gynecologist and breast examination.

Age involution does not harm the health of women. She can only slightly spoil the shape of the breast. You can live in peace, but you need to be checked once a year. If such a problem was found in a young girl, you should not panic either. Today, medicine has the means and ways to stop the "reverse development" in the glandular tissues of the breast and give women beauty, health and happiness of motherhood.

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