Violation of blood circulation processes in the brain can lead to the development of a number of life-threatening illnesses. It is possible to improve memory, concentration of attention, and also to normalize processes of cerebral blood circulation with the help of drugs. For this purpose, many take "Fezam". What helps this tool, we discuss in today's article.

We carefully study the annotation

what pills help

Many people are interested in what helps tablets "Fezam" capsules. Let's pay attention immediately to two main points. Firstly, this pharmacological drug is released only by prescription, so you can not take it yourself without prior consultation with the attending specialist. Secondly, this drug is available only in the form of capsules. The tablet form "Fezama" in the pharmaceutical nature does not exist.

"Fezam" should be attributed to the group of combined pharmacological agents that contribute to the improvement of blood circulation in the brain, as well as the normalization of brain metabolic processes. It consists of two active components, in particular:

  • piracetam;
  • cinnarizine.

The first substance belongs to the class of nootropics and has a beneficial effect on the circulation of blood in the cerebral vessels. In addition, piracetam has a protective effect on certain parts of the brain that have suffered as a result of injury.

The second substance increases the threshold of resistance of the vascular walls and connective tissues of the brain to oxygen deficiency. It directly affects the centers responsible for the activity of the vestibular apparatus. Both of these components complement each other's actions.

When will Fezam help?

When will help

As already mentioned, capsules "Fezam" can be taken only after passing through a comprehensive examination and prior consultation with your doctor. The indications for the use of this pharmacological agent are clearly stated in the abstract.

Experts prescribe "Fezam" in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • circulatory insufficiency in the brain;
  • severe intoxication;
  • various ailments of the nervous system, the development of which provoked impaired memory, attention;
  • psychoorganic syndromes;
  • labyrinthropathy;
  • asthenic syndrome;
  • retardation of child intellectual development;
  • Meniere's syndrome.

In many cases, this pharmacological agent is prescribed to patients who are undergoing rehabilitation as a result of stroke of ischemic or hemorrhagic type, traumatic brain injuries of varying intensity, encephalopathy. Fezam can also be taken for the prevention of migraine. This drug is indicated for children of different age categories in the presence of pathologies that slow down intellectual development. Often, doctors advise taking Fezam to improve memory, restore concentration.

The ban on the reception "Fezama": a list of contraindications

If you yourself are taking such a pharmacological drug, then first read the annotation in detail and take into account all contraindications, and especially the maximum permissible daily dosage. It must not be given to children under five years of age. In addition, this pharmacological agent is banned during pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding.

The duration of treatment with the reception "Fezam" should not exceed three months. Dosage should be strictly observed. To avoid the occurrence of side effects, as well as to prevent the development of complicated consequences, it is best to take any medication only as prescribed by a doctor.


According to the pharmaceutical annotation, “Fezam” is contraindicated in such cases:

  • in violation of the functioning of the liver in severe forms;
  • in case of renal dysfunction;
  • in Parkinson's disease;
  • in case of detection of individual intolerance or excessive sensitivity to component substances.

People who suffer from parkinsonism are allowed to take Fezam in some cases, but only a leading doctor should prescribe it.

Features pharmacological drug "Fezam"

Studies show that the use of Fezam improves visual function, therefore, sometimes this pharmacological agent is included in complex therapy for the treatment of various ophthalmological ailments.

People who suffer from renal or hepatic disorders need to take Fezam only under medical supervision. The latter will control the content of liver enzymes. Athletes should also take the described pharmacological agent with extreme caution, since its active ingredients may affect the result of doping tests.

Please note that in case of oral administration of Fezam, it is necessary to completely eliminate the use of any alcoholic beverages. Also, while taking this drug, you need to drive with caution. With particular attention to work with complex mechanisms should be approached by people who use "Fezam".

As medical practice shows, an overdose of this pharmacological agent does not entail serious consequences and does not imply the abolition of the drug. The patient may experience discomfort, rarely pain in the abdomen. In this case, you need to perform a set of measures aimed at removing the drug from the body: flush the stomach, provoke vomiting, etc.

"Fezam": how to choose an analog?

So, we have already learned what helps "Fezam". There are many reviews on the web about the effectiveness of this pharmacological agent. All users are encouraged to take "Fezam" only as prescribed by the attending specialist.

You can also find reviews of other pharmaceutical products that have a similar effect on the brain vessels. Today, Fezam can be replaced by other medicinal substances. Of course, the component composition and the mechanism of action will be slightly different, so self-treatment in this case is also not recommended.

The following pharmacological agents are considered the most popular analogues of Fezam:

  • "Combitropil";
  • "Cavinton";
  • "Piracetam";
  • Mexidol;
  • Omaron;
  • "Cinnarizine".

The lowest price category has a pharmacological agent "Zinnarizin." As already mentioned, this substance is part of "Fezam". To accept such an analogue is allowed for nausea, ear noise, dizziness. The substance cinnarizine has a sedative effect, so its long-term use can cause the development of a depressive state and cause pathological drowsiness.

In the "Fezam" sedative properties of cinnarizine are suppressed by piracetam.

"Piracetam" can also be attributed to the group of pharmaceutical products similar to Fezam. This drug is very versatile: it can be taken by all, without exception, and even children in the age group older than one year. Thanks to "Piracetam" you can improve the processes of memory, get rid of dizziness, as well as restore the functionality of the speech apparatus.

Do not try to study the effect of a pharmacological drug on virtual reviews. Do not forget that, despite the effectiveness of "Fezam", this medicinal substance is released only by prescription, and it should be taken under the strict control of the attending specialist.

Circulatory disorders in the brain can trigger the development of serious pathologies. In order to avoid this, as well as normalize memory and attention, pharmacological manufacturers invented the drug Fezam. Do not forget that uncontrolled pills can lead to the onset of complicated consequences. Be healthy!