Fenistil gel


Gel "Fenistil" refers to the category of drugs that eliminate the external manifestations of allergic reactions on the skin: rash, inflammation, swelling. The result of the use of the drug appears almost instantly, penciclovir acts as the active substance. But both because of the considerable cost and due to the individual intolerance of the components, it is often necessary to look for analogues of “Fenistil-gel”. What to look for?

The only complete replacement, also based on penciclovir, is “Fenistil” in an ointment format, the cost of which is significantly lower than that of a gel, however, the scope is already. It is used as an antiviral agent, eliminating herpes from the mucous membrane and viral dermatitis. The drug is approved for use in children over 12 years old and adults, does not need a doctor's prescription and is considered safe in terms of the absence of side effects. However, he also has analogues in the form of Panavir, Herperforn, Zovirax, which have a lower cost.

But there are no cheap analogues of "Fenistil-gel" for children and adults in terms of the composition and form of the release, but you can choose tablets or syrups with the same antihistamine effect.

"Fenistil-gel": inexpensive analogs of the drug

All the agents listed below have a wider range of applications, since, unlike the “Fenistil” gel, they eliminate not only the skin reaction to the allergen, but also other symptoms.


Its active active ingredient - mebgidrolin - allows you to cope with skin itching caused by eczema, dermatitis and urticaria, to eliminate the symptoms of allergies, both food and medicinal nature. A decrease in edema during rhinitis and conjunctivitis of allergic origin, as well as relief from asthma attacks, was observed.

  • The form of release "Diazolin" - pills in a dosage of 50 mg and 100 mg, while the daily rate for an adult is 200 mg and can be increased only by doctor's recommendation. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to use more than 50 mg per dose. The duration of the course is determined by a specialist.
  • In combination with the sleeping pills "Diazolin" enhances their action, since it itself has a sedative effect. Its combination with alcohol is also unacceptable.
  • Due to its influence on the receptors of the epigastric region, it is recommended to take the drug after a meal, since pain, spasms, nausea and heartburn are possible with irritation of the mucous membrane. In case of overdose or allergic reaction to the components of the drug, swelling or urticaria is possible. Children have a sleep disorder and irritability.
  • The cost of the drug "Diazolin" for 10 tablets ranges from 40 to 80 rubles.


Among antihistamines is considered the most famous, along with "Suprastinom". The active active ingredient, clemensin, acts on a group of H1 receptors, is indicated as an antipruritic and antiallergic drug. In addition to eliminating the skin reaction to the allergen, Tavegil relaxes smooth muscles, reduces capillary permeability. It is effective in allergies of medicinal origin, dermatitis and eczema, rhinoconjunctivitis, urticaria and insect bites.

  • The attractiveness of Tavegil is the absence of a sedative effect, but it can enhance the effect of drugs that depress the nervous system and alcohol. It is metabolized in the liver, completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood, while the highest level of concentration is seen 3 hours after administration.
  • The use of "Tavegila" in pregnant women is permissible after consulting a doctor, in children from 6 years old according to the instructions. The optimal daily dose for children from 12 years of age and adults - 1 tablet (1 mg of the active substance). Course duration is calculated individually.
  • Among the side effects when exceeding the dosage and individual sensitivity noted nausea, weakness, dizziness, signs of dehydration, increased arterial and intracranial pressure.
  • The cost of 10 tablets "Tavegila" is 120-150 rubles.


The active active ingredient is cetirizine, has an effect on the group of H1 receptors

The active active ingredient, cetirizine, affects the H1 receptor group, is able to suppress allergic skin reactions, blocks spasms during asthma attacks, relieves rhinitis and conjunctivitis of allergic genesis, pollinosis, and angioedema.

  • The drug is suitable for use in children from a year, the dosage should not exceed 5 drops per dose, which can be repeated twice. In adults, a single dose - 20 drops, the frequency of administration depends on the specific symptoms. It is not recommended to exceed a dose of 60 mg, which is equivalent to 120 drops. During pregnancy and lactation "Zyrtec" is undesirable.
  • The effect of the reception is noted in 15-20 minutes. after it, the maximum concentration of the active substance in the blood is observed after an hour, the effect lasts for a day.
  • Side effects of the remedy are seen only in the case of hypersensitivity of the body, mild, manifested in the form of dry mouth, intestinal upset, headache and weakness, skin rashes. Without external intervention, the symptoms disappear in a day.
  • The cost of a 10 ml bottle is 300 rubles.


The active active ingredient, loratadine, acts on the same group of H1 receptors. The antihistamine effect is manifested in the reduction of itching and swelling both on the mucous membrane and on the external skin, leveling the burning sensation in the eyes, tearing. Form release - syrup, drops and pills.

  • The drug is approved for use in children from 2 years old, it is undesirable to receive pregnant and lactating women. The optimal single dose for an adult - 10 ml, for a child - from 5 ml. With increased sensitivity of the body, the dosage is adjusted individually.
  • The advantage of "Claritin" over other analogues of "Fenistil-gel" in the absence of suppression of the nervous system, in addition, it does not enhance the effect of alcohol and sedatives.
  • The maximum concentration of the active substance in the blood is reached 10 hours after ingestion, but the primary effect is noted in 30-60 minutes. The action is prolonged for 24 hours.
  • The cost of "Claritin" for 10 tablets is 200 rubles, for 60 ml of syrup - 240-260 rubles.

The above analogues "Fenistil-gel" are much cheaper, if we take into account the average price of "Fenistil-gel" of 320-380 rubles. They can be a substitute only for the spectrum of action, they are omitted without a doctor's prescription, but for their application it is recommended to undergo specialist consultation.