Female hormones estrogens tablets with menopause after 40


The idol of many women - Coco Chanel - argued that youth begins only after 70 years. But after 35-40, some women begin to notice obvious signs of aging: wrinkles, skin wilting, deterioration of health, development of diseases. The means to stop these processes is - female hormones in pills. But what will their use bring - health and youth or cancer and excess weight?

Why drink hormones in pills?

Hormones tablets

A modern woman wants to be young, desirable, attractive, and when her age has passed for 40. Old age and her companions - decrepitude, loss of activity, age-related diseases - are not in fashion now. Today, hormone-containing drugs are used to combat them. What problems do they solve? Female hormones in pills have the following effect:

  • eliminate the deficiency of sex hormones, which means they prolong youth;
  • maintain elasticity and firmness of the skin, reduce the rate of wrinkles;
  • prevent the development of obesity;
  • female hormones in pills after 50 years reduce the risk of diabetes, atherosclerosis and osteoporosis (which leads to excessive fragility of the bones);
  • eliminate diseases caused by atrophy of the vaginal mucosa; itching and dryness in this place;
  • are an element of treatment of chronic cystitis associated with atrophy of the bladder mucosa;
  • eliminates the problem of increased urging to the toilet;
  • normalize blood pressure;
  • pills - female hormones with menopause significantly alleviate the condition, return to work and well-being (reduce the number of hot flashes, reduce sweating);
  • are prophylactic against the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system and stroke.

What role do hormones play and what does their lack lead to?

Female hormones in pills

The main sex gland in the body of a woman is the ovaries. Nature has placed upon them the obligation to excrete sex hormones. They trap moisture in the skin, so young girls have smooth, toned skin, their mucous membranes are hydrated, their eyes radiate a fascinating shine.

But after 40 years, the number of female sex hormones is reduced, which becomes noticeable in appearance: the skin becomes dry, wrinkles appear, the look fades. These are signals of approaching old age. Replenish the supply of hormones just help the female hormones estrogen tablets.

The most important hormone "femininity" 2.

  1. Estrogen They stimulate the formation of bone tissue cells (so their lack turns into brittle bones). Hormones provide healthy blood vessels, prevent fats from building in their walls (eliminate the risk of heart attack and stroke). Estrogens have a positive effect on the arteries, brain, immunity. These substances improve the condition of the skin, increase sexual desire, ensure the growth of the mammary glands, and are responsible for normal sleep. It is simply impossible to describe all the functions of these hormones, since their number reaches 400! Suffice it to say that they are involved in the work of the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs.
  2. Progesterone. It is necessary for the woman to carry the baby, and also participates in the production of breast milk. The hormone prevents excessive growth of the uterus. The decrease in its quantity is accompanied by the appearance of gynecological diseases - endometrial polyps and hyperplasia.

Female hormones estrogen tablets - climax is canceled?


To replenish the amount of estrogen, several types of hormonal drugs have been developed. To delay the onset of menopause and all its unpleasant consequences, the doctor may prescribe female hormones in pills. The names of these drugs:

  • Estreys, Ginodiol, Estradiol benzoate, Estradiol succinal - are taken orally. They are appointed for a long term;
  • tableted vaginal drug - Vagifem. Facilitates the manifestations of menopause;
  • for the correction of the menstrual cycle (which is important for 40-year-old women), Microfollin and Proginova are prescribed;
  • Estrofeminal, Presomen. Tablets in the shell; effective means of improving the condition of women during menopause;
  • Chlorotrianisen (used to treat breast cancer), Tefestrol - stimulates the development of the uterus.

Female hormones in tablets after 40 years of age are prescribed for inadequate ovarian function. They are shown in primary and secondary menopause, sexual insufficiency, menopausal disorders. Such hormone therapy is necessary for the prevention of osteoporosis, the normalization of high blood pressure and the elimination of spasms of peripheral vessels.

Reception of hormonal drugs is prohibited if tumors, venous thrombosis, diabetes, cardiac ischemia, stroke, liver disease (cirrhosis), vaginal bleeding, viral hepatitis, severe headaches of unknown etiology are diagnosed. Treating the symptoms of menopause with estrogen-containing drugs is not suitable for active smokers.

Progesterone - progestogen deficiency no longer threatens!


The age deficiency of the female hormone progestogen today can also fill the pill. Female hormones in menopause are produced by the ovaries in very small quantities. Therefore, a drug such as Progesterone (and its analogues Geston, Ginlyutin, Lutein, Progestin, Lyukorten), effectively replace the work of the ovaries.

Replacement therapy can also be performed with Duphaston and Utrozhestan. These remedies are shown not only to pregnant women: they are also prescribed after the removal of the ovaries, with amenorrhea, cystic-fibrous mastopathy and to soften the manifestations of menopause.

It is not recommended to use drugs with gestagens for those who suffer from renal and hepatic insufficiency, hypertension, bronchial asthma, thrombophlebitis or thrombosis. Serious contraindications are diabetes mellitus, migraine and epilepsy.

What can replace hormonal drugs?

Plant hormones

Although safe female hormones have been developed in pills that can cause a minimum of side effects, not all women agree to such treatment. How, then, to compensate for the lack of age hormones in order to live a full life during menopause? You can try to balance your diet. It should include seafood, cabbage, soybeans, rhubarb, legumes. To put female hormones in the body can the fruits of mountain ash and sage.

Some recommend taking, containing hormones of plant origin. They were found in hop, lemon balm, St. John's wort, oregano. They are harmless, but doctors question the effectiveness of such drugs.

Pharmacists are developing all new drugs that can delay old age and alleviate the condition of women. Why do patients panic fear such treatment? There is a prejudice that their use may adversely affect the character, increase weight and even provoke cancer. In fact, modern hormonal drugs do not have such a detrimental effect on the body and help to bring weight back to normal. But the safety of their use directly depends on how correctly the drug is chosen and prescribed.