Eyes water

Many people face the problem of watery eyes. It mainly arises due to physiological characteristics. Also, watery eyes for other reasons. These include allergies, conjunctivitis, infectious diseases. It is important not only to eliminate the symptoms, but also to figure out what led to abundant tearing.

Why eyes are watering: physiological reasons

Our eyeballs are arranged in such a way that the discharge of tears occurs every second. Fluid circulates around them through special channels. Often we do not even notice this process. This physiological feature allows you to protect your eyes from dust particles and maintains their performance.

Sometimes the process is broken. Tears begin to flow copiously. Most often this occurs due to blockage of the lacrimal canal. It is the fluid that moves through it. It is located in the nasal sinuses, connects the nasopharynx and ducts. When clogged tears instead of flowing down the internal canaliculi, begin to stand out abundantly.

Eyes water: what to do?

Basically, there may be several reasons. These include infections, abnormal septum structure, injuries and tumors. Also, the problem arises in the completion of the tear glands. All this can lead to a health complication. Therefore, it is important to timely contact an ophthalmologist.

Very often, watery eyes in newborns. This is due to the physiology of babies or infections. Many babies are born with blocked ducts. If the doctor has established a birth defect, then this condition of the nasopharynx may eventually pass. Everything disappears by itself within 1 year. Usually the risk of having a baby with problem tearing increases with premature birth and hereditary predisposition of close relatives.

Dr. The reasons why watery eyes are no less dangerous. Sometimes this condition occurs when colds. Therefore, the body can react to the virus. In this case, it remains only to treat the disease. Symptom in the form of lacrimation will pass as recovery.

From this trouble are not insured, many girls. The reason for this - poor-quality cosmetics. Sometimes the eyes of those who are particularly sensitive to the various chemical components in its composition are watery. Such a reaction is possible on the eyeshadow, mascara and even face cream. Therefore, it is important to buy high-quality cosmetics. You can try organic or use only proven brands. At the first symptoms of the product that caused the reaction, it is worth refusing. Also, a similar problem arises in allergy sufferers that react to pollen, dust, cat hair, and citrus fruits. In this case, lacrimation usually disappears after the elimination of the cause and taking antihistamines in the form of tablets and drops. Understand what the body reacts in this way can be using tests. It usually gives blood to an allergen.

Eyes water: what to do?

Eye problems can be a symptom of poor lifestyle and poor diet. They start watering with a lack of vitamin B and potassium. Therefore, it is necessary to enter into your menu milk, cottage cheese, bananas, cucumbers. It is important to observe the regime of the day. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, then there is a huge chance of red eyes and heavy discharge. It is necessary to take breaks, to relax not behind the monitor, but in the fresh air. You also need to properly equip the workplace. The room should not be very dark. Otherwise, the eyes will get tired.

Separately worth mentioning contact lenses. Very often they are used incorrectly. This leads to the fact that watery eyes. Need to know how to wear lenses. The procedure should be carried out with clean hands! Lenses should be worn strictly in accordance with the instructions. Reusable daily should be cleaned with a special solution.

Eyes water in the street - the cause may be a cold gusty wind or bright sun. So the body reacts to changes in temperature and climatic conditions.

Changes in lacrimal canals can be affected by age-related changes. In older people, they are narrowed. Therefore, part of the fluid begins to flow out of the tears uncontrollably.

If you have watery eyes, this may be a side effect of various medications. For example, so are drugs for the treatment of glaucoma, cancer and respiratory diseases.

How to treat?

For a start it is worth understanding that with the slightest symptoms you should consult a doctor. Only he can choose the treatment and determine the cause of the pathology. All methods for solving problems can be divided into several types.

Eyes water: what to do?

  • The use of drugs - is used for various infections and inflammations. Mostly prescribed antibiotics.
  • Surgical intervention is used only in the case when the symptoms do not pass for a long time and medications do not help. Most often, patients undergo a new lacrimal canal. Sometimes a laser is used. With it, remove the blockage of the ducts.
  • Conservative treatment is prescribed only to small children with congenital obstruction.
  • If the eyes are watery as a result of a reaction to cold or bright light, you can get rid of the problem yourself. For this you should use a simple contrast washing. Change the temperature from warm to cold by washing around the nose and under the eyes. You will notice the first results in 4-7 days. After 2 weeks, the problem will be completely resolved.
  • You can use the popular methods. They will help not only to remove tearing, but also to improve vision. Mainly used decoctions of various herbs and foods rich in vitamins A and C. The easiest way is to add carrot salads to the diet. Grate an arbitrary amount on a large grater and be sure to fill with something oily. Without fat, vitamin A is not absorbed and will not have the desired effect on the body. You can use as a dressing fat sour cream, olive or vegetable oil.
  • Excellent helps broth hips. It not only reduces tearing, but also strengthens the immune system. Based on it, you can make excellent vitamin teas. Enough to pour 2 tbsp. l dried fruits 1 tbsp. boiling water. Then the infusion is allowed to stand for 10-15 minutes. It can be drunk little by little or as ordinary tea.

Eyes water: what to do?

  • If your eyes are watering due to overwork, then you should start with a rest. For a start, sleep or take a walk. Try to live at least 1 day without a computer, TV and books.
  • Discomfort will help remove the mask and compresses. Just rub some fresh potatoes and apply the gruel to the closed eyelids. Cotton pads soaked with chamomile or calendula decoction work well. The liquid is prepared very simply. 2-3 art. l herbs pour 200 ml. boiling water and let it brew.

Eye problems in the form of severe tearing can be avoided. It is enough to follow simple tips:

  1. Follow the rules of hygiene. Use good lenses, clean them. Also, do not rub your eyes with dirty hands and use someone else's makeup.
  2. Try not to overcool. At the first symptoms of a cold, take appropriate measures.
  3. Try to avoid communicating with those with conjunctivitis.
  4. Do not wear cheap sunglasses. The quality of plastic directly affects the vision and condition of the eyes. When buying, you should ask for a certificate.

The eyes are a very fragile organ. They respond to stimuli and diseases with redness and tearing. In order to get rid of the last problem, you need to understand the reason. The easiest way to go to the doctor. Most often, tearing occurs due to obstruction of the canals, colds, injuries, abrupt climate change and fatigue. Treatment can be both medical and with the help of folk methods.

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