Eye drops from irritation and redness - cheap and expensive.

The eyes are a very sensitive organ that quickly reacts both to internal processes and to the appearance of external adverse factors. This is expressed in the form of redness, discomfort of dryness, irritation and tension in them. If these phenomena are not caused by serious diseases, you can often get rid of them by using eye drops from irritation and redness.

Eye drops from irritation and redness

In order to correctly pick up the drops, it is necessary to find out what caused the redness, fatigue and eye irritation. These manifestations may result from:

  • allergic reaction (to certain substances in cosmetics, to dust, flowering plants, animal hair);
  • high load on eyesight (long work at the computer, reading, watching TV, working with small details);
  • lack of rest (insomnia, wake at night);
  • exposure to the external environment (cold windy weather, smog, dry air, dust).
  • use of lenses (non-compliance with hygiene when putting them on and taking them off, wearing them too long);
  • increased pressure (the vessels are exposed to a large load);
  • taking alcohol (greatly increases the load on the vessels and capillaries);
  • damage to the eye mucosa (impact, ingress of foreign bodies);
  • viral diseases (cold, flu);
  • pool visits (chlorinated water);
  • eye diseases (conjunctivitis, glaucoma, blepharitis).

Types of eye drops

Even if the redness of the eyes is temporary and you know the reason for it, you should consult a specialist before starting treatment. He will select the most appropriate drops according to your characteristics, because individual intolerance of certain substances, the presence of diseases is important.

Today, in any pharmacy, you can find eye drops from redness and irritation in a large assortment. At the same time, cheap drugs are not always inferior to their expensive counterparts if they contain the same main active ingredient. Eye drops are tonic effects (appointed to prevent diseases and maintain eye health after exercise) and targeted effects:

  • antiallergic. Helps to cope with the effects of both chronic and seasonal allergies (Opatanol, Allergodil, Vizin);Types of eye drops: visin
  • anti-infective. Appointed in the presence of barley, conjunctivitis and other diseases of a bacterial nature (Aktipol, Sofradeks, Floksal);
  • contributing to vasoconstriction. Reduce the symptoms of conjunctivitis, as well as eliminate redness after irritation with mucous dust, smoke (Visoptic, Ocmetil, Montevisin);
  • moisturizing. They are used for dry eye mucosa, for example, due to prolonged use of the computer (Oksial, Sistain);Types of eye drops: oxal
  • antiglaucoma. Improve the circulation of eye fluid (Pilocarpine, Dorzopt, Timolol);Types of eye drops: pilocarpine
  • regenerating and repairing effects. Accelerate healing after injury to the mucous or cornea of ​​the eyes (Taufon, Contrycal);Types of eye drops: taufon
  • vitamin. They are used to prevent eye diseases due to age-related changes or lifestyle (Hrustalin, Okovit, Emoksipin).Types of eye drops: emoxipin

Let us consider in more detail eye drops that have proven to be the most effective.

Eye drops Taufon: instructions for use

Due to the healing function, Taufon is used, according to the instructions, to restore the eye after corneal injuries, as well as in the case of eye diseases of a dystrophic nature. In addition, the tool has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the eyes, which makes it effective for relieving fatigue, redness and dryness of the eyes.

It is necessary to use the drug from 2-4 times a day, burying 1-2 drops in each eye for 3 months. If necessary, the course is repeated after 1 month.

Taufon is not prescribed to children, women during pregnancy, as well as in the event of an allergic reaction to taurine.

Eye drops Aktipol

It is an antiviral agent that promotes the rapid regeneration of eye tissues after infectious diseases, as well as surgery or injury. Actipol eye drops help to remove the discomfort that occurs during the period of adaptation to the lenses, helps to restore normal sensations after prolonged work at the computer. They are prescribed for diseases of the retina and cornea of ​​a dystrophic nature.

Apply the drug in an amount of 2 drops 3-4 times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the condition of the patient and is appointed by a specialist.

Eye drops Aktipol practically have no contraindications, except for the individual intolerance of certain components in its composition.

Sofradex Eye Drops

The presence of 2 antibiotics in the composition makes this tool effective in the fight against infectious agents (staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, etc.). In addition, the drug is prescribed to combat the inflammatory processes caused by an allergic reaction. Sofradex successfully relieves swelling, burning, increased photosensitivity, tearing.

Bury the drug should be 1-2 drops 4-6 times throughout the day. Do not use drops longer than 7 days.

Sofradex eye drops are not used to treat fungal diseases of the eye and glaucoma. Use during pregnancy, lactation, as well as children is contraindicated. Use the tool only under the supervision of a physician, as Sofradex can cause allergic reactions, increased eye pressure and degenerative phenomena in the cornea.

Eye drops - an affordable and effective tool. Do not just use them in a "duet" with contact lenses: the substance of the drug can affect them negatively. It should take at least 15 minutes after instillation before putting on lenses. In addition, it is not necessary to independently select any eye drops for irritation and redness, if vascular diseases, hormonal disorders or diabetes are diagnosed. However, in other cases, it is advisable to first consult with a specialist.

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