Extreme tourism


Do you like to tickle your nerves and like to visit a variety of uncharted places? Then extreme tourism is for you, here two in one connects: you get your adrenaline rush and enjoy the beautiful view of new places. Often the main problem in such tourism rests on finances, but even a person with an average salary can easily afford to visit new places once a year, correctly allocating their costs and saving on many unnecessary things.

In order to engage in extreme tourism, it is not necessary to cross the border of Russia, you can do it within your own country.. At the moment, extreme tourism in our country is becoming more and more popular and actively developing. What extreme sports can you try out right in Russia?

Ground tourism

  • Horse rides- horseback riding is carried out along the mountain paths. These walks are very different, ranging from simple learning to ride a horse to entire tourist travel for several days on horseback.
  • Mountain tourismoccupies one of the first places in its popularity among the extreme tourism in Russia. Mountaineering is very fond of thrill-seekers and are always happy to conquer the highest mountain peaks. As a rule, climbers choose a warm season for this purpose, but the most desperate and risky tourists do not stop for climbing in winter.
  • There are lovers just long hikes and this kind of extreme tourism can be called walking trip. For a certain amount of time, obstacles are overcome by a group of people, and for this, of course, you need good physical training and endurance. Land-based extreme tourism includes overcoming the distance on a vehicle — on a car or on a motorcycle. There are those who prefer the bike and motorcycles, but here you can’t do with a simple bike, you’ll need a powerful mountain bike, which is quite expensive.

Water tourism

For a long time, considered an overseas thing, is gaining momentum in Russia and diving. Being engaged in this water type of tourism you are provided with a sea of ​​emotions - you will see the world of mysterious sea depths, feel like a hero of the film “Blue Lagoon” and just experience an unusual state when you are in contact with the water atmosphere.

Another kind of prominent water extreme tourism - windsurfing. It consists in riding on an oval plastic board on which a small sail is mounted. There are also surfing, but this is skating without a sail. The last types of tourism are not so widespread in Russia due to the high cost of equipment, but abroad this sport is quite a common thing. An alternative to skiing are water skiing, there is more adrenaline here, and so everything is practically the same, only you attach to the boat and go on a water trip.

Very fascinating rafting - rafting on rafts or boats on a mountain river, without special training and instructor to make such alloys is impossible. Rafting has recently been the most frequented tour, and it is allowed even with young tourists. Now they offer a variety of rafting tours: for a few hours, a day, and multi-day trips. During the multi-day tour, tourists observe beautiful mountainous corners of untouched nature, and during stops you can explore the wilderness and make memorable shots.

Air tourism

You can try and air element. Parachuting not for timid natures, and here you can try to jump in tandem with an instructor, and later you can be entrusted with an independent jump, during which the execution of various figures is considered to be the highest aerobatics. It is worth trying once to understand whether it suits you or not, but those who have felt the beauty of an air flight sit down on parachuting as a drug.

Balloon flight - at the same time very romantic and courageous occupation during which you can see the earth from a bird's-eye view.


Speleology - This is the science of caves. Cavers are people who walk in caves with large backpacks. And they do it, because in the caves there are amazing beauties, the caves are a place where the human foot has not stepped, they keep a lot of the mysterious and the unknown. This is where you can really tickle your nerves and get a huge portion of adrenaline! But in order to explore the caves, it is not enough just one desire, often unpredictable situations happen there, and a person with the necessary technical equipment, psychological and physical training can go there.

And this is not all types of tourism: there are many exotic species, for example jailoo tourism. During such tourism, you will be offered life in a nomadic tribe: sleeping on the floor of the yurt, eating freshly prepared meat and koumiss, horseback riding in the mountains. This is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of all the benefits of civilization and enjoy unity with nature. Jailoo tourism is widely developed on pastures of Kyrgyzstan.

Extreme tourism every year finds more and more of its fans, especially many of them among Russians. And despite the fact that many do not allow income, but still the adherents of such tourism always find finances for their favorite activity. In Russia, compared with, for example, East Asia, Europe and North America, tourism is not as widely developed. In Europe and North America, some types of extreme tourism belong to the usual sport.

Do you still think how to spend your vacation? Of course, you can spend it in the country or in the dust of city noise, but you will always have time to enjoy it. But to arrange yourself at least once a year, a good shake-up and adrenaline rush is very useful. If you can not find a suitable company for extreme tourism, then look at the relevant sites or forums, you can find many like-minded people there, or in general, whole tourist groups of thrill-seekers often come together.

Extreme tourism is a great way to test yourself, face your fears and of course get an unforgettable experience.

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