Exercises for the spine

For beauty and health it is necessary that your spine is healthy and your posture is truly royal. To achieve this you will help special exercises for the spine.

The benefits of exercises for the spine

Our overall physical condition depends on the health of the spine. Exercises will help to reduce weight, reduce waist size, form and maintain proper posture. For diseases of the back, special gymnastics will help the treatment, relieve pain. Exercises for the spine will have a preventive effect against joint disease. Exercises will strengthen the muscles of the back. They will become stronger, so that the spine will not experience an uncharacteristic load. Exercises will help maintain your health for many years.

Exercises for correct posture

  1. Try not to hunch. To posture was correct, go to the wall, stand with her back. When this heels, neck, shoulder blades and buttocks should touch the wall. Once the muscles are used, you can move away from the wall. Try to hold out in this position longer. Over time, your muscles will remember what your posture should be. Correct posture will straighten the chest, will draw in the stomach, and even increase by 2 cm.
  2. To strengthen the posture and stretch the shoulder girdle, we get up tightly to the wall with the left side, and pull the left hand back along the wall. Slowly turn the body to the left hand. You should feel the tension in your arm and shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds, then do the same for the right hand.
  3. To maintain the correct posture, we become, fold the arms behind the back into the lock and begin to turn the body to the right and left. In each direction - 20 times.

Stretching spine exercise

Try to do this exercise in the morning, in bed. Starting position - on the abdomen, hands - at chest level. We stretch back, while it is possible, lean on hands. It will be enough 10 times.

To relieve tension in the back, we lay down on our back, bend our knees, try to reach out to them with our head.

Stretching the spine. To the wall we become a person half a step from her. Hands pull up and look at them. Then we put our hands on the wall and try to touch the chest and chin. Do not move to the wall, your legs should be fixed and straightened. In this position, linger for 5 seconds. Then turn your head to the left, your right cheek touches the wall, and vice versa. Useful for those who sit a lot.

Exercises for the spine to strengthen the back

  • For the spine to be healthy, the back muscles must be strong. Starting position - lying on his stomach. We place the right hand on the nape, stretch the left hand to the side, hold the legs together. Raise the torso. Feet do not tear off the floor, stretch the head up. 16 times.
  • The following exercise. Put your hands on the back of your head, press your legs to the floor. We try to climb high up. Start 10 times and bring up to 16.

Exercise for the spine to fight obesity

  • № 1. Starting position - lie on your back. The hands are behind the head, the legs are together and stretched. Do ups. In this case, the blades are detached from the floor. 15 times. After we turn over on the left side, the right leg - on the left, we do 15 lifts to the side. Roll over, without lifting from the floor, on the stomach, lift the torso up 15 times.
  • № 2. Starting position - go to the left side. The body is raised to the right thigh up. The maximum number is 15 times.
  • № 3. Sit on the mat. The legs are extended. With both hands, we try to take the legs by the ankles and, without releasing them, bend in the back. Return to the original position. Do 20 times.
  • № 4. Sit on the mat, legs crossed. Plant hands back, palms closed fingers up. Hands slowly drive along the spine. Shoulders should be straightened.

Unload the spine

In order not to harm your spine after a long load, you need to unload it. Combat step - the first thing that will help to do this. It will be enough for 5 minutes a day. If you regularly just hang on the bar, it will also help unload the spine. Sitting, we strain the muscles for 5 minutes, pick up the stomach, trying to push the legs with force, resisting the arms.

Exercises for the spine from pain

To get rid of the pain, we do the bends forward, without bending the legs, we try to touch the heels with our fingers. We make 30 slopes. This exercise will help maintain the mobility of the spine. In the morning, you can, while in bed, holding the headboard, raise your straight legs 10 times.

Exercises for the prevention of osteochondrosis

We get on all fours on the floor, while relying on the forearm. Keep your back straight. Relaxed down head. We stand up straight, legs are placed shoulder-width apart. Turn the case to the right slowly. The right hand is behind the back and the left hand is under the chin. We repeat to the left side, we change the position of the hands.

Standing on all fours, lower your arms to the level of your belt and flex your back smoothly, like a cat.

Rules of exercise for the spine

  1. To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is important to regularly perform exercises for the spine.
  2. Consult your doctor if you are worried about back pain.
  3. Clothing should be comfortable and light during exercise.
  4. The best time to practice is morning, but any other time of the day will do.
  5. If you experience pain, do exercises 3 times a day.
  6. If the pain occurred during exercise, reduce the intensity of the exercise or stop it completely if the pain did not go away.
  7. It is better to do the exercises slowly, not to hold your breath.

Exercises for the spine are an excellent prevention of diseases of the joints and osteochondrosis. They will help make a beautiful your posture, relieve from back pain and even from excess weight. If you want to feel young and healthy, then you can not do without exercises for the spine.

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